17 Practical Garden Ideas For Winter For A More Productive Season

Garden ideas for winter are quite considerable, more than you probably think they are. In fact, I'd stake my green thumb and say you'll be surprised at how productive this usually dull season can be. Take a peek at these garden ideas for winter and put your winter garden plans on a roll!

Garden Ideas For Winter That'll Make The Season Green

Winter may be the least favorite of the seasons among gardeners, even if it promises a break from the dirt (but personally, I don't want to part with rich and lovely-smelling soil). But winter really is a lovely season, we just have to find ways to work with it. Amazingly, there are actually a lot of garden ideas for winter you can get busy with besides doing an inventory of your garden tools. Without further ado, find out what garden ideas for winter are waiting to make it to your checklist as you read on.


1. Garden Planning

Garden Planning | Practical Garden Ideas For Winter For A More Productive Season

The most important step in any project is garden planning. In the lazy days of winter, you can sit by the window to your garden and imagine what you would want for your garden when the next outdoor growing season begins. List down all those imaginings so you can have a checklist of what you want to be done for your garden next season.

2. Indoor Vertical Gardening

Space can be scarce for growing herbs and greens indoors this winter season. For this, you can count on vertical gardening to maximize every space there is indoors or in your greenhouse. There are many ideas for DIY vertical gardening but using materials you can get for free or less is best. Use mason jars, wood pallets and make vertical gardens this season.

3. Give Your Indoor Plants More TLC

Give Your Indoor Plants More TLC | Practical Garden Ideas For Winter For A More Productive Season

Get a breath of fresh air from indoor plants which are sure winners in purifying the air inside the home. During the winter, you will need and love indoor plants more than in any other season. You are bound to give your indoor plants tender loving care anyway this winter. Since few greens are around to remind you of the peak season for gardening, your indoor plants may be in danger of being smothered with your care. Give them enough sunlight they can get and water them thoroughly. However, lessen watering frequency, but keep them humid. Remember, the air indoors is drier during winter. Learn more about how to properly care for indoor plants here.

4. Grow Food From Scraps

Grow Food From Scraps | Practical Garden Ideas For Winter For A More Productive Season

Growing food from scraps might not be satisfying for your green thumbs but it is sure a fun project to do with your kids in winter. Using water and indoor grow lights or your south-facing window, you can regrow greens from the tops of onions, lettuce, carrots, garlic and many more vegetables and herbs.

5. Grow Fruits Indoors

Why settle for purchased fruits manipulated into long-storing when you can have them fresh and organic. Yes, you can grow fruits indoors in containers and with extra TLC. You can grow lemons in large containers, strawberries in hanging baskets, and blueberries in a greenhouse. Get your dose of natural sweetness and vitamin in winter with fruits you can grow indoors.

6. Grow Yourself A Chef's Indoor Herb Garden

Grow Yourself A Chef's Indoor Herb Garden | Practical Garden Ideas For Winter For A More Productive Season

Few fresh and organic greens can be had during the winter season in the frozen North at least, but this shouldn't discourage you. There are herbs which grow perfectly well indoors in the cold season. Growing herbs in the winter season should be a must in your garden when you'll be needing plenty to add flavor to your holiday recipes. Most herbs have health-boosting properties too, a much-needed element this season. It may be freezing outside but your herbs will be warm and snug inside.

7. Fool Seeds Into Growing Like It's Summer

Fool Seeds Into Growing Like It's Summer | Practical Garden Ideas For Winter For A More Productive Season

All plants need water, soil nutrients, and sunlight to grow. The latter can be quite scarce during the winter and coupled with the freezing weather, makes it impossible for seeds to take root. However, light can be supplied artificially. Using grow lights, you can start seeds indoors in late winter to get a head start on your spring vegetable gardening. This is an essential gardening activity especially if you are growing cold-hardy crops like the broccoli and cabbages which must take advantage of the cool season.

8. Decorate For The Holidays

Decorate For The Holidays | Practical Garden Ideas For Winter For A More Productive Season

It's really not that hard to pull off a great outdoor decoration, especially during Christmas. The garden has endless materials for decorating. There are perennial cold-hardy plants which are handy for decorations in Christmas. If you have evergreens and some hollies, they're enough to make your yard festive. These great Christmas garden decoration ideas will provide you with inspiration. Then add some garden lighting to spruce it up.

9. Get Some Black Gold Production Going

Your kitchen scraps don't stop in the cold winter season. Find some great use for them by transforming them into rich black gold. You can do this by composting even in the cold winter season. Come spring, you will surely appreciate the helpful benefits of the product of your composting to your garden.

10. Vegetable Garden Ideas For Winter

It's no secret nothing taste as great as fresh and organic vegetables, but then winter becomes an exception for not eating fresh and organic veggies. Well, this shouldn't be the case because you can have fresh vegetables even when the snow flurries. First is to determine your hardiness zone and what vegetables grow best in the cold winter season. Next is to build growing mediums and season-extending tools such as raised beds with mulch and inexpensive greenhouses. You can also grow vegetables indoors with grow lights if you have the space to spare.

11. Love Your South-Facing Window

Love Your South-Facing Window | Practical Garden Ideas For Winter For A More Productive Season

Of course, you can always use grow lights, but what's stopping you from using free energy from the sun. It may be freezing cold but the sun is never absent even in winter, which makes indoor gardening possible. A south-facing window with a ledge to place potted plants would be an ideal way to grow plants indoors. It comes with an extra benefit too, with the plants becoming an excellent light screen for your glass window.

12. Mudroom Garden Ideas For Winter

Get yourself a gardener's workplace this winter season where you can have all your garden planning done. If you have a greenhouse, well and good, but you can extend your mudroom into a sunroom, store room, and a greenhouse almost. While I have my gardening activities, I have some house chores too and I don't want to work in an area detached from my home. I can grow and take care of some indoor plants in this area as well as store my seeds and gardening tools. It's here where I do my inventories and recordings as well. Pretty nifty right?



13. Flower Gardening In Winter

Flower Gardening In Winter | Practical Garden Ideas For Winter For A More Productive Season

Like a true blue gardener who insists on extending the growing season, there are flowers just as stubborn. Flowers like the hellebores, snowdrops and winter-hardy lilies just won't back down from the cold. So don't think you can't have a flower garden even in the snow because these flowers flourish in the cold. Always have a variety of perennial flowers and annual flowers in your garden so you always have some flowers blooming in every season.

14. Arrange A Winter Container Garden Like A Pro

Don't get gloomy and sulky over your barren containers and planters. They can be just as vibrant as they were during the spring and summer. With the help of your resilient winter plants decorate your white garden with a splash of color. A few fir, spruce, or pine branches, some hollies or firethorn and a bit of your imagination. You can make container gardens worthy of your front yard. What's best is you won't have to be watering them at all. Plus you can also compost the materials since they are organic.

15. Spouting Seeds For Food

Spouting Seeds For Food | Practical Garden Ideas For Winter For A More Productive Season

Every gardener's simple pleasure is to see seeds sprout little by little. Whether you love Asian food or not, you'll love sprouts from seeds like mung beans, alfalfa, fenugreek, peas, and even beet should you try them. This winter, you can still find joy in growing things by sprouting seeds you can use as healthy and nutritious food. All you need for sprouting seeds is moisture and healthy seeds and you won't be buying this hot item from the grocery again.

16. Grow Microgreens

First off, microgreens are different from seed sprouts which are sprouted seeds, eaten seed, shoot, and all. Microgreens, also known as “vegetable confetti”, are harvested by cutting with scissors after a month from germination. Microgreens can be expensive, but it's a good thing you can try growing microgreens this winter. Some of the most common seeds grown as microgreens are sunflower seeds, chia seeds, buckwheat, broccoli, and cauliflowers.

17. Give Birds Love

Give Birds Love | Practical Garden Ideas For Winter For A More Productive Season

One of the joys of gardening is seeing delightful creatures as birds, butterflies, and bees enjoying your garden too. This winter, give birds back the love by making the bitterly cold winter less hostile in your garden. Built a birdhouse and provide them food with DIY bird feeders. You won't miss out on their lovely chirping even in winter.


Take this brilliant garden idea for winter in this video by Garden Answer:

Gardening in winter can be difficult but not entirely impossible. In fact, gardening in winter can be a great way to break the monotony of the rest of the seasons. While we love gardening, it's nice to have a break sometimes. Only don't take a break from productive gardening as growing fresh vegetables and herbs. Find worthwhile use of your time with great garden ideas for winter for a productive season.

Are you up to any of these garden ideas for winter? We’ll be glad to hear all about it in your comments below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in December 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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