Indoor Grow Lights: Start Seeds Best With This Easy DIY Guide

To start seeds and grow the best seedlings indoors, make use of a DIY indoor grow lights. Learn how to build one by following these easy steps.

Build DIY Indoor Grow Lights In Just 7 Steps

Starting seeds is not a very complicated gardening task. In fact, you can just scatter seeds on the ground and they’ll grow, or not. So don’t leave seed starting for your garden to chance. If you want the best in gardening then make sure you do it right from the start, from growing your seeds with the aid of indoor grow lights. It doesn’t need to be expensive and complex as you will find out in this procedure here. Don’t just take my word for it but find it out for yourself in this simple DIY indoor grow lights to start seeds for your garden.

Here’s how you can make a DIY indoor grow lights to help grow your seeds anytime and anywhere under a roof or in the confines of your home.


Here's What You Need:

  • 5 1″diameter and 2′ sections PVC Pipes
  • 2 PVC T Joints
  • 2 PVC elbow joint
  • Ordinary Fluorescent Lamp
  • Seeds Starting Kit
  • eye screw with bolts and washers
  • 4′ chain
  • cutter
  • pliers
  • measuring sticks


Here’s How To Do It:

Step 1: Prepare Materials For Grow Light Stand

First, take out a 1-inch diameter PVC pipe and remove the writings by using a sand paper. Measure a foot of the PVC Pipe and cut to make 4 1-foot section of the PVC pipe.

Take out a PVC T-Joint and connect 2 of your 1-feet PVC pipes to make the base of your light stand. To make the legs, stick the 2-foot PVC pipe sections in the T-Joints.

Step 2: Making A Grow Light Stand

Now, attach the elbow joints across the top of the legs. Then stick in the joints the last 2-foot pipe to simply finish your light stand.

Lastly, take the PVC caps and attach them on each end of the base for a nice finish.

Even experienced gardeners make mistakes, so novice gardeners shouldn't be the least bit intimidated.

— Garden Season (@GardenSeason) December 5, 2016

Step 3: Preparing Light Fixture

Prepare your lights with a typical fluorescent lamp you can easily get at the hardware store. Take the light plate off and the light bulb out of the fluorescent lamp.

You’ll find two screw holes in the bottom of the lamp where you can attach eye screws from which to hang your lamp. Take a piece of eye screw and slip it underneath the lamp in the hole then secure it with the screw bolts and washers. Do the same with the other one.

Step 4: Attach The Lamp

Slip back the light bulb in the lamp as well as the light plate back in place. Now, take your 4-foot chain to hang the lamp in. Cut the chain into 2 pieces, one for each eye screw, or simply cut one of the links to separate from the other piece.

You will have to make a cut on the links in both ends of the chain to serve as a hook that you will attach to the eye screw.

Step 5: Start Seeds From A Starting Kit

Take out your seed starting kit which you can get from garden supply stores. Set aside two batches of biodegradable seed planter and place it side by side your seed tray. Scoop out some seed starting mix which comes along your seed starter kit, into the planters. Then take out your seed packets, for this batch, we are using tomatoes and pepper. Then drop 2 seeds per box and cover it with more of the soil mix to start seeds with. Water your seeds with just the right amount to make it damp.

Step 6: Assemble Your Grow Lights And Seed Starting Kit

Let your lights hang from above your seed tray for a few inches, adjusting it’s length to your plants as they grow in height. You can do that with the links in your chain that’s cut so you can easily slip it in the other links to adjust the height. Cover your seed tray and place it underneath your grow lights, then turn your grow lights on and wait for your seeds to sprout.


Indoor Grow Lights Done


Now, there you have it, indoor grow lights of your own! Watch your plants grow beautifully in your indoor garden and enjoy your harvest!


Want to see how it's done? Follow the whole process in this video from The Home Depot:

To start your seeds indoors is to ensure you only get the best seedlings for an excellent harvest in the future. Using indoor grow lights will definitely help you with that. It doesn’t need to be costly, it just has to be effective.


You can also do this DIY indoor grow lights for starting your seeds indoors.

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published in December 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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