26 Gardening Tools Every Green Thumb Should Never Be Without

A gardener is nothing without their tools.

Gardening tools will not only make your workload lighter and faster, but can provide protection for you too. Check out this list to find out if you’re missing an essential gardening tool or two!

23 Gardening Tools Every Green Thumb Should Never Be Without

23 Gardening Tools Every Green Thumb Should Never Be Without

Must-Have Gardening Tools In Your Tool Shed

Can you imagine gardening without the best gardening tools? I'm sure you can't. Gardeners fill the world with love in the plants and greens that they grow. To spread the love, they need the assistance of simple gardening tools to aid them along the way. Here are the gardening tools that should fill up your tool shed.


1. Trowels And Soil Scoops

Trowels And Soil Scoops | 23 Gardening Tools Every Green Thumb Should Never Be Without

Don't take what these cute garden tools can do too lightly. They come in handy for keeping your garden soil healthy. They also make everything convenient when it comes to the actual planting. Trowels and soil scoops are perfect for transplanting and digging small holes to plant seedlings or seeds.


2. Garden Forks

In keeping up with your garden's growth, you'll need the help of this little garden tool. It helps loosen the soil around your plants to let air and moisture through.


3. Garden Trimmers [Limb Loppers, Pruning Shears, And Hedge Shears]

Garden Trimmers [Limb Loppers, Pruning Shears, And Hedge Shears] | 23 Gardening Tools Every Green Thumb Should Never Be Without

Don't ruin your household scissors or bruise your very own hand just to cut through thick branches. Use the limb lopper for tall tree branches, the hedge shears for trimming your hedge, and the pruning shears for cutting smaller branches.


4. Sprinkler Or Soaker Hose

Sprinkler Or Soaker Hose | 23 Gardening Tools Every Green Thumb Should Never Be Without

This amazing tool has hundreds of tiny holes through the hose where water is slowly released. It can also water more plants at the same time. The soaker hose is ideal for raised bed gardens and will save you water, time, and money.


5. Watering Can

Watering Can | 23 Gardening Tools Every Green Thumb Should Never Be Without

Used for generations by planters, this reliable watering garden tool is one you can't do without in your garden. The sprout, with its many holes, allows water to be released from the can like rain. This helps avoid garden soil run-offs.

6. Water Wand

Water wands are perfect for watering plants in hard-to-reach places. They’re available in all lengths, so you can get a long one to easily reach your higher-up plants, and a shorter one for plants that are at ground level but are a bit harder to reach.


7. Digging Shovels

Digging Shovels | 23 Gardening Tools Every Green Thumb Should Never Be Without

Digging and scooping larger amount of dirt or soil will be hard to do without the shovels. If you're transplanting small trees or shrubs, use the square point shovel. The rest you can use for scooping up larger amounts of soil and plants.


8. Wheelbarrow or Garden Cart

Wheelbarrow or Garden Cart | 23 Gardening Tools Every Green Thumb Should Never Be Without

Gardening will require you a lot of hauling. For areas with limited space like your greenhouse, use the wheelbarrow. Its one-wheel design can fit through smaller spaces. For carrying tools or transferring plants use the steadier two-wheels or four-wheel garden cart.


9. Plant Markers

Plant markers should help you with identifying your plants, especially if you have lots of them or if they're still in their seedling stage. You can make plant markers by yourself.


10. Soil Knife

Soil knives are Japanese garden tools that the American gardening scene has not fully adopted yet. They’re incredibly useful, though. The shaft of the knife is forged into a scoop shape to help with digging, and the end of the knife is sharp on both sides to make weeding easier. The knives are also lightweight, which makes them great for slipping into your toolbelt.


11. Step Edgers

Like pizza slicers, the half-moon shape of this useful garden tool cuts through shrubberies and grass lawns. You can prevent grass from invading your special plants with a garden edger. This tool is also a huge help with landscaping.


12. Paving Knife

Weeds are stubborn, they will invade even your pavement and rock walkways. The solution? Paving knives which are specially designed to uproot weeds found in crevices and cracks.


13. Garden Rakes

Garden Rakes | 23 Gardening Tools Every Green Thumb Should Never Be Without

To help clear falling leaves in autumn or gather grass clippings, your tool shed has to have these sweeping tools. These trusty tools are cheap and easy to use.


14. Border Forks Or Pitchforks

Whether you are working in a small garden or a bigger farm, you will surely need a garden fork. This will help you in loosening the soil for planting, hay for your mulches and manure for your compost.


15. Garden Pickaxe And Mattocks

If you are starting a new garden, pickaxes or mattocks are the tools to use. You can take out rocks and deep roots with this simple but durable tool.


16. Hand Clippers

This cool tool is best for small clippings like your rose bushes or bonsai plants. It's very simple to use and is much cheaper than the specialty pruners used for small trimmings.


17. Weeder

There are different ways to get rid of weeds, both organic and non-organic. We like this triple-claw weeder best. You won't have to bend or kneel to take those pesky weeds out.


18. Weeding Hoe

I originally had a “gardening hoe” as one item, but I opted to split it into these two entries because different styles of hoe are better-suited for different types of garden.

Weeding hoes, which are thinner and more precise, are best for delicate flower gardens that require a light touch. Carefully push the hoe back and forth just below the soil to cut through weeds and other topgrowth.


19. Flat Hoe

Garden Hoe | 23 Gardening Tools Every Green Thumb Should Never Be Without

A flat hoe is broader and has less finesse than a weeding hoe. It is perfect for hacking into the soil of vegetable gardens and tilling rows for planting.


20. Utility Bags

For the leaves that gathered in the fall or the mulches to be applied in your plants, you'll need more than just your garden cart. These utility bags will be of much use in your garden.


21. Gardening Stool

Many gardening tasks are best done kneeling down, but getting on your knees in the dirt is not fun. It’s also bad for your back. The solution is a stool that comes only an inch or two off the ground, allowing you to keep your knees clean and improve your kneeling posture.


22. Garden Trugs

Trug comes from the anglo-Saxon word, ‘trog' which means, “wooden vessel.” This handy carrier will keep your harvest nicely snug and fresh, just in time for meals.


23. Gardening Hat

A nice tan from working under the sun is nice but too much can be really bad. Use a good garden hat to protect you from the harmful rays of the sun. Or, you can go for the screened ones to protect you from insects too.


24. Gardening Apron

Gardening Apron | 23 Gardening Tools Every Green Thumb Should Never Be Without

Get away from the hassle of carrying your tools around your garden, with a garden apron. This protective gear not only keeps your clothes from wear and tear but makes a good carrier for your small garden tools and seeds.


25. Gardening Boots

You can get away with the messy soil or the wet mud with this garden gear. It also provides your feet extra protection from accidents common in the garden.  Dropping something on your feet won't be too much trouble anymore, with your boots on.


26. Gardening Gloves

Gardening Gloves | 23 Gardening Tools Every Green Thumb Should Never Be Without

This is one trusty garden gear you shouldn't do without. It will protect your hands when handling tools or dirt, and anything sharp and thorny.


Watch This Video From Howcast Recognize Your Garden Tools And Their Uses:

Although the burdens of gardening cannot be entirely avoided, you can make it lighter and faster with gardening tools. If you want the complete list of gardening tools, download it here for FREE by clicking the bar below. Happy gardening!

Checklist | Gardening Tools Every Green Thumb Should Never Be Without

If you're checking the garden tools, you can also learn to use them properly here.

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