13 Perennial Flowers For Growing A Secret Garden

It's no secret perennial flowers are some of the most magnificent and astonishing flowers in the world. They've been the subject of literary pieces, as well as of every gardener's dream garden. With perennial flowers, you'll find your garden just sleeping away in the cold winter season, growing and flourishing again in spring. To top it all, perennials are low maintenance so you won't stress yourself over having to plant and fuss over them again and again. Find out the stunning perennial flowers that made it to an endearing children's book, and which would be perfect additions to your own garden.

13 Perennial Flowers For Growing A Secret Garden

I've dreamt of growing my own secret garden in my youth, especially after reading the book, The Secret Garden. However, like most mothers, taking care of the family became the number one priority. For most of us, vegetable gardening was the more practical option. But did you know you can actually be practical in flowering gardening too?

So don't deny yourself that garden where you can relax, and simply take in the beauty of the flowers you've always dreamt of. Growing perennial flowers lets you have a garden that almost always tends itself. Read on to find out more about them.


1. Satiny Poppies Of All Tints

Create a bed of dancing flowers in your garden with these perennials that look like the ballerinas of the flower world, with their graceful height and dazzling colors. What's more exciting is they grow in almost any soil condition, and are super easy to grow. You'll surely be able to witness “satiny poppies of all tints dance in the breeze by the score” in your garden come spring.


2. Climbing Roses

Roses are some of the oldest flowering plants in the world. This makes them not only magnificent but mysterious too. The rambler and climbing type of roses will definitely make your garden dramatically interesting. It may take a little effort to grow them, but once they've established themselves, they'll last in your garden for many years.


3. Crocuses Of Royal Purple And Gold

These creeping plants that seem like pixies dancing in the fields make a good cover for that rich yet bare ground in your garden. Watch them spring from the ground in winter like magic. They're not really hard to grow, but make sure they're planted in well-draining soil. They also need to receive a lot of sunlight for healthy growth.


4. White Lilies

White Lilies | Perennial Flowers For Growing A Secret Garden

In The Secret Garden, “White lilies rose out of the grass in sheaves.” Can you imagine these flowers with large, attractive heads growing in your garden? They also make attractive flower arrangement subjects in your home. However, make sure to keep them mulched and moisturized during winter.


5. Tall Delphinium

Get lost in the beauty of these tall and lovely flowers. Any garden will look grand with these perennial plant, with all the flowers its got.

If you have a larger area for a flower garden, they're perfect for you. What makes these plants grow so well is the protection from decaying foliage it sheds. So if you're growing this plant for the first time, mulching will do them a lot of good.


6. Columbines

It's no wonder this flower made it to a literary artwork, it's art in itself. What's more important is growing and caring for them is simple. Columbines can be easily grown from seeds. They grow best in when exposed to sunlight, and in a well-drained and fertile soil.

These star-shaped perennial flowers will spread easily once they've established itself.


7. Canterbury Bells Or Campanulas

The name is taken from the Latin word for little bells. This flower does resemble tiny bells, which makes it lovely and interesting. They're common in cool climate areas, and thrive in sunlight.

However, you can also grow these perennials in warmer climates. Just make sure they're shaded in the afternoon.


8. Blue Larkspur


These upright perennial flowers captivated our Secret Garden heroine, and my imagination too. Although Larkspur is another name for Delphinium, the latter is much taller as described in the book. You can sow your seeds this August through September in a well-draining, clear, and loose soil.

Mulching your plant bed would be a great idea when your seedlings have grown a little bit taller.


9. Mignonettes

These extremely fragrant perennial flowers are also called Reseda. They're even used in perfumes with their fragrant flowers, hinting of jasmine. Isn't a garden more lovely with a pleasant aroma in the air?

To grow these amazing perennials, your soil has to be rich and moist. Also note that they prefer a cooler climate. Another tip is topping or cutting the top portion of a young plant will encourage more branches and flowers.


10. Snowdrops

These tiny yet lovely flowers won't wait till frost has passed. They'll pop up in the snow, so if your area has longer winter days, these are the perfect flowering perennials for you. These must be some of the easiest flowering bulbs to grow.

And don't worry when they don't give a lot of flowers in the first spring. Once they've been established, you will have abundant blooms in the next springs.


11. Iris Or Purple Flags

Whether the color is purple or blue or bright yellow, Iris will add form and color to your garden for a wonderful effect. Watch them bloom year after year and never tire of these brightly colored perennials. They thrive in cool and moist areas, which makes them regulars in pond gardens too.


12. Daffadowndilly or Daffodils

Also called narcissus or jonquils, it can't be denied that Daffodils are some of the loveliest perennial flowers. Any garden will look dazzling and interesting with them.

And being herbaceous perennial bulbs, they're easy to grow in the garden and will continue their life cycle for years and years.


13. Lily Of The Valley

Lily Of The Valley | Perennial Flowers For Growing A Secret Garden

They look like white, tiny bells, and they smell pleasant too. This popular flower is common in the cold Northern Hemisphere where they grow in abundance in valleys, and are common in gardens. Although popular in flower shops, it's nicer and easier to grow them by yourself.


Watch this time-lapse video from Planet Earth to see the life cycle of the magical perennial flowers:

Can you now imagine how the secret garden in the book looked? Wouldn't you like to grow your own magical flower garden with these equally magical perennial flowers? You'll surely wouldn't want it kept hidden, but exposed for everyone to admire.

You'll find more about perennial plants here. And if you know more perennial flowers not in this list, drop us a comment below!

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