Indoor Herb Garden | How To Successfully Grow Herbs Indoors

Thinking of growing an indoor herb garden? That's just perfect, especially now with the cold weather. With an indoor herb garden, you can still have some fresh herbs even in the cold of winter.

Considering herbs are easy to grow, growing them indoors will prove to be rather successful. With the right tools, some helpful tips, and the ideal herbs, even the budding green thumb can do it. So cross out that outdoor herb garden for now as your choice of herb for transplanting. And check out this quick guide on growing an indoor herb garden.

Indoor Herb Garden Tips and Tricks

Herbs are such amazing plants. They're easy to grow, and they make good ornaments too. With the right planters and a little TLC, your thriving potted herbs will make your kitchen or any room for that matter, cool and attractive.

Although herbs are mostly planted near the kitchen, I like to grow mine inside the kitchen, on the windowsill. The profusion of the sweet and pungent aroma in my kitchen is just nice and calming.

Now you know why most chefs keep a little herb collection in their kitchen. So get yourself a chef's kitchen by growing an indoor herb garden.


The Ideal Planters

Any planter will do for your herb garden, but if you're also growing herb indoors for their ornamental value, then you might as well grow them in nice planters. Six inch deep planters made from breathable materials like clay, wood, and bamboo or plant fibers would be perfect.


The Ideal Soil

Any rich, light, and well-draining soil or potting mix will do for transplanting or growing your herbs. It's important to note that one way to kill your herbs would be to overwater or drown them.

It's also highly advisable to mix pumice or perlite for drainage.


The Perfect Herbs For Indoors

Most herbs can adapt to being grown indoors. At least these herbs listed below do:


Growing Herbs From Cuttings

If you're growing herbs from cuttings, it's ideal to grow from the cuttings of herb grown outdoors. Herbs with sturdy or woody stalks like sage, lavender, oregano, rosemary, and tarragon are some of the herbs best grown from cuttings.

TIP: Get cuttings from herbs that already grew steadily. Cuttings from herbs growing steadily have the highest chance of rooting.


Growing Herbs From Seeds

For herbs like basil, parsley, and chives, growing them from seeds would be ideal. If you have previously started herbs from seeds, the plant is ready for transfer when the roots have filled the planter.


Light Your Herbs

Light is essential for herbs. You'll have inferior herbs when sunlight is absent from them. That's why it's ideal to grow them on a windowsill positioned south or southwest.

Winter will deprive your plants of sunlight, so it pays to do this simple DIY indoor grow light. An hour's worth of indoor grow-light is equivalent to two hours of sunlight.


More Tips And Ideas For Your Indoor Herb Garden

Feed your herbs once every two weeks with a water-soluble fertilizer or compost tea. With the heater on during the cold winter months, your indoors would be too dry for your herbs. You can mist your plants or place a saucer with gravel and water underneath your pots.


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Check this video from GrowOrganic Peaceful Valley for more details on growing an indoor herb garden:


Growing an indoor herb garden is really easy, not to mention that herbs are one of the most foolproof plants in gardening. With the ideal herbs for indoor planting, you'll find your kitchen will rival those of the cooking experts' kitchens. Wouldn't it be just awesome? So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to make your very own indoor herb garden now!


Checking out your garden now for any of the herbs listed here? Let me in on that amazing indoor herb garden by giving your comment below!

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