9 Mudroom Ideas Worth Trying For Every Smart Green Thumb

Honestly, room organization is not my forte. I'm looking for mudroom ideas to organize this shabby yet essential part in my home. It's essential to me as it's a place that connects me to my sanctuary and hobby, an entryway to my home and garden.

But, I think, many of us neglect this particular part of our home. So I went ahead and find myself some great ideas to explore the possibilities of a mudroom.

What I found are quite practical and pretty which I'm excited to share with you. So here are 9 smart mudroom ideas you'll surely love as a gardener.

Nifty Mudroom Ideas For A Green Thumb To Love

A mudroom is not just another room at home. In fact, I spend a lot of time in the mudroom too. It's all clutter but it's a place where I find most things I forgot about. Sometimes when I'm juggling home chores with garden tasks, I leave things all over the place.

With the wet winter months, this has become an essential room for keeping my house neat and free from the moist outdoors. The cold weather will just emphasize its importance. So I'm jazzing up this humble room to make it dainty and cozy. Find out how you can spruce your own mudroom with these ideas.


1. Multi-Purpose Mudroom Ideas

As a gardener, I really love the idea of a mudroom with a classroom element to it. I take gardening seriously and with a lot of tasks at hand, I tend to forget a lot. It would be a great idea to be reminded while I'm cleaning up in my mudroom.

Besides this great idea, even a small space mudroom can be a host to any gardening-related activity. It would be a great room to extend gardening activities like re-potting or starting seeds and for keeping gardening implements.


2. Maximising Space In A Mudroom

Most mudrooms are not exactly spacious – just enough to move about and store things. Using your space wisely will best apply here. Every space whether it's under a roof beam or under a bench will be essential. Don't let any space be kept idle.

Spaces under sinks, benches, or table tops are hard to reach spaces. Some baskets with handles will make these storage spaces accessible. Plus, it adds a rustic charm to your mudroom.


3. Mudroom And Tool Shed

Forget about installing a separate area in the house for tools. Personally, I find them unbecoming, as it usually looks like a private room of the olden days for you know what.

With organization and a well-managed storage space, a mudroom can also serve as a tool shed. Check this DIY garden tools rack project to help you organize your garden tools pretty well.


4. Boot Box Idea In A Mudroom

Garden boots are usually covered with thick mud and dirt after a day's work in the garden. Not all dirt can be taken off after scraping. So this idea can be perfect for you. A resting box for your boot where the dirt and mud can drop and settle can be a great addition to your mudroom.


5. Trendy And Bold Mudroom Paint Colors


A mudroom doesn't need to be all shabby and dirty despite the name. It doesn't need to be plain and boring too. With some old farm implements and a bold paint color, give a modern look with a bit of a rustic charm to your mudroom.

Don't worry about the old design principle of keeping a small room painted with light colors. Those were the bygone days. As a matter of fact, the latest design trends encourage bold colors like red, black, and royal blue to give a small garden or room a statement.


6. Mudroom Decor Ideas

As I've said, your mudroom doesn't need to be dull and shabby. It could use some decor to spruce it up. Take this garden hose and watering can wreath. Fill the watering can every now and then with fresh blooms from your garden. Isn't it charming?

It would be ideal to decorate your mudroom with decor items appropriate for the room theme. Sort of a meeting with the outdoor and indoors. Since a family picture wouldn't exactly fit in the room nor would a pinwheel. Find some great ideas to decorate your mudroom here.


7. Indoor Gardening In A Mudroom

Since the mudroom makes a good storage space for garden tools, you might as well extend your gardening tasks in it. Like some indoor gardening. You may use it as an area to care for indoors plants.

You may even start seeds in the mudroom. This DIY indoor grow light doesn't take much space so you can start seeds in the mudroom.


8. Sink Ideas For A Mudroom

It's in the mudroom where you clean up before going in your house. So it's only fitting to set up a sink to do your washing.

Why not set up a mudroom and a laundry room in one? Then you can do all the cleaning and washing in one room.

Take an inspiration in this sink idea for a vintage look with a modern appeal. This galvanized steel sink with the modern washer seems a marriage between old and new in one room.


9. Bench Ideas For A Mudroom


A nice and soft seat or bench would be comforting while you're taking your work clothes or boots off. The nearer the seat or a bench in the door or along the entryway, the more ideal it would be.

The empty space under the bench would also be a great storage space.


Set up your own mudroom bench using this tips from Lowe's Home Improvement video:


A mudroom is an area where you can take comfort after a busy and exhausting day. Whether in the garden or other outdoor activities, it's an area to tidy up. Since it's an area where you are most likely to leave things from the garden, why not set it up for this purpose. With an intelligent use of space and smart space organizing, you may likely to spend more and more time in the mudroom. These mudroom ideas will surely help beautify the room to make it cozier and easier on the eyes.


Did you like the article? Which among the mudroom ideas do you like best? I would be excited to know how you are going to try them in your own mudroom. Do share your ideas by posting them in the comments section below.

You may want to try this DIY garden tool rack too. This will help you better organize your garden tools in your mudroom.

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