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Have you had some troubles with your indoor plants lately? Learn how to care for indoor plants from plant lovers who have gone through hit and miss, got frustrated but came up winners in indoor plant care. Check out how they have wrestled with these lovable plants and came up as indoor plant tamers.

Caring for indoor plants will always require you to know a little bit of the character and personality of a certain plant. Some indoor plants, for example, that were originally tropical plants prefers the shade as they have been protected by the canopy of trees in their habitat. Cactus on the other hand, as you may already know, will require full sun or at least a window sill where the sun can shine through. Anyone can plant but it will always take an extra TLC to make plants grow well.

Plant By Plant Guide to Caring for Indoor Plants

It could take you a forest full of plants before you can really learn how to care for indoor plants. Good thing that those who came before us have taken the trouble or the satisfaction of learning how to care for them, plant by plant. Now they can share with us their experiences and give us tips for a home that look like had been done by an interior decorator with a stylish indoor garden. The amount of sunlight and water that goes to your indoor plants will be the main object of discussion as both are absent indoors. Find out the needs of each plant for these essential elements in plant growth.


Indoor Plant Care Guide

How To Care For String Of Pearls

This plant is an interesting succulent that's perfect for indoor hanging planters. Considering that this kind of indoor plant is a succulent, they are drought-tolerant that can stand infrequent watering. In fact, too much watering can cause them to rot, so watering of once in a week or two will do. You just have to watch for and take out dead stems in your plant to keep it looking nice.


How To Care For The Zanzibar Gem

You can place these plants in the shadiest corner of your house and this tough plant will still grow. It doesn’t need much watering, at most would be twice in a month. Over watering may just cause the roots to rot. Its hardiness is owed to its waxy leaves that stores water in, much like the cactus. Wipe the leaves once in a while to retain gloss or shine in the leaves.


How To Care For Golden Pathos

These are plants that are popular now in offices and hotels as they can be at home even in artificial lights. They don't require frequent watering but they can just as well grow in a vase of water. If they are grown in soil, avoid keeping the soil wet as this can cause the roots to rot. These are some of the easiest indoor plants to grow.


How To Care For Cactus Plant

Cactus are plants that do require a good amount of sunlight that they fit right in window sills. They don't need much watering, that excessive watering could even lead them to expire. A spray mist could do them good as their thorns or thistles serve as water catcher for the whole plant. You can water them just once a month during winter.


How To Care For Mother-In-Law's Tongue (Snake Plant)

They are also called snake plant with their elongated form. This may be the most foolproof of all indoor plants as they are the easiest to grow and care for. They can go for up to a month without water and they can thrive whether in the full shade or sun. Remember that over-watering can be the demise of these super drought-tolerant plant.


How To Care For Fiddle Leaf Fig

These indoor plants have shorter or larger varieties. The later can have a half a liter for watering of once a week, while the shorter can have a little less. These indoor plants that can develop large foliage love bright, indirect sunlight, so keeping them by the window will do it well.


How To Care For Split-Leaf Philodendron

Want of sunlight will keep the distinctive holes or slits in this plant from forming. They still need a good amount of sunshine although indirect. You will notice the leaves of this plant will turn yellow if you're watering it in excess or the leaves will turn brown if you water them less. Watering the plant every 7 to 10 days is ideal.


How To Care For Rubber Plant

The rubber plant doesn't like to be moved around, so find it a nice spot and let it stay there. A large terra cotta or ceramic pot for a planter will let your plant feel at home and will not be easily moved around. As long as the soil is well-draining, watering your rubber plant once or twice a month will do. A bright, shaded light will also do good for your indoor rubber plant.


How To Care For Jade Plant

Water-wise and sunlight-wise, this plant will need a bit more being a succulent. They can be a tough plant that doesn't die easily. If your plant sheds leaves or has brown spots, this simply means that it's thirsty. Keep the soil in your planter moist but not wet during warmer days. While you can water this plant once every two weeks during the winter.


How To Care For Bird Of Paradise

This is an interesting plant with an interesting flower that resembles a tropical bird, thus, it's namesake. Being a tropical plant, it needs plenty of both water and sunlight. It prefers areas with a normal humidity and loves being sprayed on with water that gives a rainwater-like effect. You will need to water this plant regularly, twice in a week, during hot summer days. During the winter, you can allow the plant to dry before watering.


For more indoor plant care tips, this video from expert village can help:

Indoor plants are inexpensive yet beautiful house decorations. And aside from that, they purify the air inside our homes. NASA says these indoor plants can keep the air inside your home fresh. So keep your indoor plant well taken care of for a fresh, cool, and relaxing look inside your home.

Were you able to pick ideas for your own indoor garden? Which of these ideas are you excited to try out first? If you're already practicing these tips, how do you keep your indoor plants lovely and healthy all year long? Let me know in the comments below.

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