Grow A Four Season Vegetable Garden With 37 Veggies In Season

Who doesn't want veggies picked in the garden and cooked all in the same day? So grow your own vegetable garden with this list of vegetables for every season including winter. Check them all here for fresh vegetables four seasons long!

How To Start A Vegetable Garden And What To Grow Every Season

A few years back in my vegetable gardening rookie days, I would hail springtime with a hallelujah. While fall was such a dismal and gloomy garden season for me, all the way through winter. Well, now I know better and every season is growing season and not just summer. You too can learn how to start a vegetable garden with these smart vegetable garden ideas and tips. And to top it all, fresh, hand-picked vegetables straight to your table all in the same day!


Spring Vegetable Garden Ideas

Halleluiah! It's springtime and vegetable gardening just can't wait till frost is over. Luckily, these vegetables just can't wait too. Learn how to start a vegetable garden in spring with these vegetables.

1. How To Grow Artichokes

How To Grow Artichokes | Grow A Vegetable Garden With In Season Vegetables

For the health conscious, this is one vegetable reported to have the highest antioxidant content. You'll enjoy this vegetable in springtime being the peak season for harvest.

2. Growing Asparagus

Growing Asparagus | Grow A Vegetable Garden With In Season Vegetables

Asparagus is one vegetable that signals the frozen days are over and springtime has come. They grow best in cold regions but does not take well to a soggy ground. Better check here for more details to growing asparagus.

3. How To Grow Fennel

How To Grow Fennel | Grow A Vegetable Garden With In Season Vegetables

Fennel is an aromatic vegetable which is not only enjoyed for its bulb-like base but as an added bonus, it bears seeds that smell of anise. They're perfect in your baked goodies for your little tea parties this spring time.

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4. How To Grow Morel Mushroom

Although cultivating this mushroom variety is somewhat difficult, springtime is the season to forage for this prized mushroom. This is one food item to look forward to in the springtime.

5. Growing Rhubarb

Growing Rhubarb | Grow A Vegetable Garden With In Season Vegetables

Only the stalks of this vegetable are edible considering the leaves are poisonous. Growing from rhizomes, they are some of the first vegetables to be harvested in the springtime.

6. Growing Spinach

Spinach grows best in moist soil with a rich nitrogen level just as how the soil is during the springtime. You can grow spinach even with the frost and can harvest them before the end of springtime.

7. How To Grow Carrots

It takes four months for carrots to fully mature. So the earlier you grow carrots in spring, the better. Carrots grow well in sandy loam soil in full sun to partial shade.

8. How To Grow Spring Onions

Spring onions or green onions belong to the same family as onions although they lack the fully developed bulbs. However, they are altogether just as tasty but easier to grow. In fact, you can grow spring onions from scraps or the lower part.

9. Growing Lettuce

Growing Lettuce | Grow A Vegetable Garden With In Season Vegetables

These leafy greens are generally cool season crops which can be grown throughout the cool seasons. You can sow batches of lettuce seeds indoors, 2 to 3 weeks apart starting in fall for a steady supply and grow lettuce until spring.

10. How To Plant Kohlrabi

Although kohlrabi may not be your usual brassica as cabbage and broccoli but they make a great addition to the spring garden. With both the bulb and greens edible, planting it in your spring garden may prove to be a great vegetable gardening idea.

11. Planting Celery

Celery is enjoyed for it's healthy and spicy fibrous stalks and for the greens. You can grow celery even in early spring with the soil moist and marshy considering it is originally a marshland plant.


Summer Vegetable Garden Ideas

Summer is the prime time for vegetable gardening with most varieties being annual plants. There is a wide variety you can choose from and you can check them all here. But you can also learn how to start a vegetable garden in summer with these vegetables.

12. How To Grow Bell Pepper

How To Grow Bell Pepper | Grow A Vegetable Garden With In Season Vegetables

Grow some nice, healthy bell pepper by starting seeds indoor in late spring. Pepper grow best in the warm weather of summer being an annual plant. But you can also grow bell pepper in containers indoors in the cold season.

13. Growing Peas

Growing Peas | Grow A Vegetable Garden With In Season Vegetables

Peas are a climbing annual vegetable and can be planted in early summer. A frequent picking will encourage more pods to fruit.


14. How To Grow Shallots

How To Grow Shallots | Grow A Vegetable Garden With In Season Vegetables

Shallots have both the flavors of onions and garlic in its small size goodness. They don't take well to a wet soil so it is best to grow them in the dry summer weather.

15. Growing Winged Beans

Though this vegetable is a native of the Asian region, you can make room in your garden for this interesting vegetable that grows well in the summer season. It is usually prepared stir-fried in sesame oil with tomatoes, shallots, and a bit of a soy sauce.

16. How To Grow Zucchini

If fresh vegetables are what you want, then grow zucchinis and continue producing while you are picking a few for a dish. Good thing, since there are a lot of ways to prepare this vegetable, it is best grown in the warmth of summer.

17. How To Grow A Pumpkin Patch

To harvest a pumpkin just in time for the Halloween, plant pumpkin seeds in late May to Early July. Make sure to grow a pumpkin patch in full sun for a good fall season harvest.

18. Growing Runner Beans

With the attractive red flowers in most varieties, runner beans will definitely be great for your edible landscaping. Grow them in trellis or you can do the sister plants gardening by growing them with corn and squash for practical vegetable gardening.

19. How To Grow Corn

The amazing corn is not only a great summer crop but it is also known to be drought-tolerant. A most trusty crop in times when water is scarce. For a small vegetable garden, you can grow corn with squash and beans and they'll benefit from each other for a great corn harvest.

20. Growing Tomatoes

Tomatoes are one of the most foolproof crops to grow in the garden. Whether indoors, in containers, or as a companion plant, tomatoes grow well. Tomatoes are great when canned too, so no worries for an ample harvest, better even.

21. How To Grow Eggplants

Eggplants are originally tropical annual vegetables so it's no wonder it grows best in the summer with the full sun. You can directly sow the seeds in beds in warmer zones. In the temperate regions, it would be better to sow them indoors first and transplant them once danger of frost is over.

22. How To Grow Sweet Potatoes

With the nutritional value of sweet potato in both the tubers and the young leaves, you will want to grow this in your garden. They grow best in the summer with the full sun and warm nights and doesn't tolerate frost.

23. Growing Cucumber

Like most vegetables from the gourd family, cucumber is drought tolerant best grown in the warm summer season. You can either directly sow the seeds in garden beds or sow them indoors to transplant outdoors once danger of frost is over.


Fall Vegetable Garden Ideas

The fall season isn't only for clean up activities in the garden. Vegetable gardening in autumn is possible with cool season crops. Plan how to start a vegetable garden in fall with these vegetables.

24. Growing Broccoli

Growing Broccoli | Grow A Vegetable Garden With In Season Vegetables

Oh, I love broccoli! Don't we all? Broccoli is best grown during a time when fewer vegetables are grown which is fall through winter. Good thing they're cold-hardy so you can have fresh vegetables in the colder seasons.

25.  How To Grow Snow Peas

Snow peas are a climbing vegetable variety so make sure a trellis is already in place upon planting. They don't grow well in hot climates, so it's best to plant them when the temperature is around 60 degrees.

26. Growing Cabbages

Growing Cabbages | Grow A Vegetable Garden With In Season Vegetables

Being closely related to cauliflowers and broccolis, it is best to plant them all at the same time. It would be a good 100 days before the first fall frost. Find out all about growing cabbages in the cool fall season here.

27. How To Grow Cauliflower

How To Grow Cauliflower | Grow A Vegetable Garden With In Season Vegetables

Cauliflowers, although a relative of cabbages, will not do well if grown side by side broccoli. They are heavy feeders and can attract insects and diseases.

28. Growing Mushroom

Growing Mushroom | Grow A Vegetable Garden With In Season Vegetables

If you can forage under the fallen leaves of autumn for mushroom, good for you. But you can grow mushroom on your own in the cool fall season. The straw mulches you've used in the summer is perfect for growing mushrooms in.

 29. Planting Onions In Fall

For fall planting, it's best to grow onions from sets so they'll stay dormant in the soil during winter and grow to maturity in spring. Learn more about how to plant onions in fall here.

30. How To Grow Garlic

If you're looking for container vegetable gardening ideas, then grow garlic. Growing garlic suits well both in the ground or in containers. Find more about growing garlic here.


Winter Vegetable Garden Ideas

Maintaining a vegetable garden in winter is possible with cold-hardy vegetables that defy the cold temperature of winter. It's never too late to learn how to start a vegetable garden in winter. Vegetable gardening in winter is possible with season-extending tools such as raised beds, mulches, and high tunnel.

31. Growing Beet

Growing Beet | Grow A Vegetable Garden With In Season Vegetables

Beet greens are a special vegetable with lots of health benefits. With both roots and greens edible, nothing goes to waste. A thrifty mother like you can add beet to your container vegetable gardening for a winter harvest.

32. How To Grow Brussel Sprouts

How To Grow Brussel Sprouts | Grow A Vegetable Garden With In Season Vegetables

If your kids are not a fan of Brussel sprouts from the supermarket, then try to grow your own and harvest them on winter. The cold frost of early winter will improve the taste of this mini cabbage-like vegetable.

33. How To Grow Collard Greens

How To Grow Collard Greens | Grow A Vegetable Garden With In Season Vegetables

These vegetables are a cold hardy variety and can tolerate frost. In fact, they improve in taste and flavor when harvested in the early frost of winter.

34. Planting Winterbor Kale

Planting Winterbor Kale | Grow A Vegetable Garden With In Season Vegetables

You can plant kale in late summer so you can have them fresh in early winter before the ground freezes over. Being closely related to collard greens, they are also cold-hardy vegetables which tolerate the early frost in winter.

35. How To Propagate Rosemary

Rosemary is a well-loved perennial herb which you should grow in your garden. Good thing rosemary propagates well from cuttings and is pretty cold hardy.

36. How To Plant Lavender

Lavender isn't only grown for ornamental purposes. The essential oil in this perennial herb is also used for culinary purposes in tea and as a natural flavoring. Grow lavender in your winter garden for a steady supply until late in the season.

37. Growing Chives

Like all alliums, chives are cold hardy tolerating the light frost of winter. Keep your greens fresh and organic for your healthy and tasty recipes.


Get more tips and ideas for a year-round vegetable garden from this video:

 Don't you agree, no vegetables taste as fresh the ones that go straight to your table from the garden all in the same day? Now that you know which vegetables to grow in which season, freshness is guaranteed in your veggies all year long!

Which of these vegetables will make it to your vegetable garden this season? Share your answers in the comment section below. 

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