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The sweet-tasting and crunchy brussels sprouts can be grown from seeds pretty easy, much like their cabbage cousins. Here's how to grow brussels sprouts this cool season for fresh and tasty vegetables in winter.

How To Grow Brussels Sprouts The Fun And Easy Way

It's such a fulfillment to eat the vegetables I and my family have excitedly grown. We all know nothing gets healthier than that. But come winter, we go back to buying vegetables most probably treated with chemicals to keep shelf life longer. It cannot be entirely avoided but you can always extend growing season. With vegetables from the brassica family like cabbages, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts to grow well into the first frost. Find out how you can raise them in the cool fall season or in early spring as you scroll on.


When To Plant Brussels Sprouts

When To Plant Brussels Sprouts | How To Grow Brussels Sprouts From Seeds | Garden Season Ideas

Brussels sprouts are an ideal vegetable crop for fall gardening. Just like their cousin cabbages, broccoli, and cauliflowers in the brassica family, they require the cool season to grow. You can start seeding indoors, 4 months before the first fall frost.


Brussels Sprouts Plant Varieties

There are approximately a hundred and ten varieties of brussels sprouts. You can grow the ‘Oliver' which is an early type or the ‘Jade Cross' which is disease resistant. If you want to grow for flavor then take on the ‘Albarus' or ‘Brodie'.


Starting Seeds Indoors

Starting Seeds Indoors | How To Grow Brussels Sprouts From Seeds | Garden Season Ideas

Seeds of vegetables from the brassica family all look the same, therefore can be started pretty much the same too. You can start seeds indoors using indoor grow lights.


Seeds Ready For Transplant

Seedlings are ready for transplant when their roots have filled their seedling cell. Plant them 12 to 24 inches apart in your plant bed. You can bury your seedlings up to the leaves when they are leggy to support growth.


Ideal Soil And Soil Bed

Growing vegetables in a raised bed is ideal for cool weather crops. A raised bed warms faster than its surroundings and allows water to drain quickly.


Brussels Sprouts Plant Care

In learning how to grow brussels sprouts, remember to water regularly in the early stage of growth and lessen as the plant matures. You can fertilize the soil before planting and mid-season with natural fertilizers. Then side dress with regular compost or vermicompost. Do not cultivate as the roots are shallow but aid their growth instead with stakes.


Growing Brussels Sprouts Season Extenders

What's even great in growing in raised beds is that you can apply season extending tools such as homemade mini greenhouses or row covers. Mulching will also protect your plants from early frost.


Dealing With Pests And Diseases

Vegetables from the brassica family can be prone to pests and diseases. You can hand pick worms eating the leaves or apply natural pesticides.  Growing brussels sprouts with alliums like onions and chives and herbs can also help prevent pests. Potatoes and beets also make great brussels sprouts companion.


Pruning Brussels Sprouts

As the buds appear and start to grow, you will need to concentrate the soil nutrients into them. Cutting the lower leaves will help, which you can also eat as greens like collards. You will need to cut the tip off 4 weeks before the harvest for optimum growth and to harvest them at the same time.


Brussels Sprouts Ready For Harvest

Brussels Sprouts Ready For Harvest | How To Grow Brussels Sprouts From Seeds | Garden Season Ideas

Brussels sprouts are at its best when the buds are tight. They are ready for harvest when they have reached at least an inch in diameter. Buds mature from the bottom unless you cut the tip off for a uniform harvest.


Storing Brussels Sprouts

Don't wash the brussels sprouts until right before you use them. Before storing them, make sure to remove discolored and loose leaves. They store well in the refrigerator but pickling is another way to keep and enjoy them longer.


More Tips On How To Grow Brussels Sprouts

Don't grow brussels sprouts in the same spot two years in a row to keep the soil healthy and to avoid pests and diseases. Another tip when preparing this veggie is to avoid overcooking them or else they'll smell of rotten eggs. It is best to have them roasted, grilled, or sautéd for a nutty and sweet taste.


Watch this video from Hollis & Nancy's Homestead for more tips on how to grow brussels sprouts:


With these fresh ideas on how to grow brussels sprouts, you too can grow these veggies successfully. Give it a try and have your family love it as much as you do. Now that you know all it takes is the right variety and a pretty cool season.

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You can also grow onions for the brussels sprouts' companion.

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