13 Essential Perennial Herbs For Easy Herb Gardening

Two or three planters of your favorite herbs are good, but it's high time you consider adding a few more. I'm sure you thought right away of the hassle, so I have here these perennial herbs you only have to plant once and will keep on growing for years.

Being self-sufficient, you want the food served to your family to be both delicious and nutritious. It can be frustrating while you have these goals, time is not on your side. These here, are perennial herbs you can depend upon to make your life easier. If you want a steady supply of natural food enhancers for your family's favorite dishes then grow perennial herbs. You won't get frustrated by having to grow another herb every year as these herbs may die in the winter but will grow right back in the spring. Amazingly, they will stay in your garden for a long time so you won't have much trouble in growing herbs in every few months or so.

13 Essential Perennial Herbs For Easy Herb Gardening

Make Gourmet Meals Out Of Your Simple Dishes With These Amazing Perennial Herbs

There are more than two dozens of perennial herbs but I have listed here for you the most cold-hardy herbs for your convenience. Here's a rundown of the best perennial herbs, plus evergreen perennials that will supply you with fresh herbs in the cold winter days.


1. Chives

Chives | 13 Essential Perennial Herbs For Easy Herb Gardening

This is one perennial herb that always make it to the amazing plant list and it really is. It makes a great ornamental plant with its unique purple flower head that attracts beneficial insects like bees while driving off the undesirable ones. You would love to have this both in your garden and in your dishes.


2. Chicory

Much like its close relative, the dandelions, some variety of this perennial herb have been considered as a weed. But they have a lot of uses more than I credit them for. It is also called cornflower, blue dandelion, coffee weed, and wild endive. This herb can be used as a substitute for spinach, its roots baked, ground and used as a coffee substitute.


3. Hyssop

This evergreen perennial herb although commonly used in cooking in its fresh form is more prominent for its medicinal uses since the ancient times. If you are keeping a bee farm, then having a good supply of hyssops is good for you as it is used by beekeepers to produce rich and aromatic honey.


4. Fennel

You know how Mediterranean cuisine is just exquisite? Well, a lot of herbs are common in such places including fennel. From the stalks, leaves, and seeds, all have a place in the culinary world. You sure could use some fresh fennel in your cooking for your picky family.


5. Lavender

Lavender | 13 Essential Perennial Herbs For Easy Herb Gardening

Why buy lavender scented soap when you can make your own with lavender that's homegrown? Although this perennial herb is also used for cooking, it's more commonly known from the essential oils that can be extracted from the plant and used as ingredients for soap, shampoos, and perfumes.


6. Marjoram

Although this perennial herb is somewhat sensitive to cold, it can tolerate a hardiness zone of 5. It is closely related to the oregano and is bests in stews, soups, and sauces.


7. Mint

Mint | 13 Essential Perennial Herbs For Easy Herb Gardening

There is a wide variety of this herb as a result of natural hybridization and are mostly perennials with a few exceptions of some annuals. They practically thrive in a lot of soil conditions and can tolerate shade or full sun.


8. Oregano

Oregano | 13 Essential Perennial Herbs For Easy Herb Gardening

Sometimes called the wild marjoram being closely related, oregano is used in cooking to improve or complement meat dishes. Although this is a perennial herb, it is grown as an annual plant in colder regions but you can grow this indoors in winter.


9. Rosemary

Rosemary | 13 Essential Perennial Herbs For Easy Herb Gardening

Another excellent evergreen perennial herb you can depend on to grow for a long time for your tasty recipes. Although it's the leaves that are used in cooking, its tiny blue flowers are just dainty and looks good in your flower garden. Plus, it is pest and disease resistant.


10. Sage

Sage | 13 Essential Perennial Herbs For Easy Herb Gardening

Also known as kitchen herb or the common herb and is commonly used for cooking to flavor red meats. It is also used for medicinal purposes with the tea believed to improve memory and has a caffeine-like effect.


11. Tarragon

As a perennial herb, it naturally goes dormant in winter and revives in spring. This is considered by the French as one of the four essential herbs in French cuisine along with parsley, chives, and chervil.


12. Thyme

If you are a homesteader who makes your own cheese, you could use this evergreen perennial herb to flavor your cheese as how the Romans do. They make good stuffings in the pillows for their scent believed to keep you from having nightmares and surely the pleasant smell does.


13. Winter Savory

Do not cut away your dormant winter savory though they may look dead. Leaves will grow back in spring just in time for mushroom foraging as they go well together.


Watch this video from ehowgarden on how to design a perennial herb garden:

As a self-sufficient homemaker who only wants the best for your family, you deserve to give yourself a break. Make your gardening life easier by growing perennial herbs one time yet enjoy using it for a longer period.

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