How To Grow Spinach | Complete Fall Vegetable Growing Guide

Picking spinach in a home garden | How To Grow Spinach | Complete Fall Vegetable Growing Guide | featured

Knowing how to grow spinach may be your stepping stone to growing more vegetables this season. Considering it's one of the easier greens to grow, in addition to being a healthy veggie.

Grow your own spinach with this complete growing guide.

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The Ultimate Guide on How to Grow Spinach

When to Grow Spinach

Sprout of the spinach | spinach growing time

It's important to remember spinach is a cold-hardy vegetable that prefers cool temperature. That's why growing spinach down south can be a challenge.

Since it's colder this fall, you can try your hand at growing spinach. While people in the Northern areas can simply overwinter them.

What Spinach Variety to Plant

A variety of different types of spinaches | growing spinach

Spinach varieties pretty much taste the same. They can be identified from each other depending on the plant structure and leaf form.

Savoy leaves are crinkly, semi-savoy has slightly crinkly leaves, and flat-leaf spinach has broad and flat leaves.

How to Grow Spinach from Seeds

Frontal landscape view of human hands one with the seeds | growing spinach

Spinach is grown from seed directly on the ground because they don't transfer well. They also don't mind being planted close to each other.

Follow the simple instructions below:

  • Dig out a trench in your soil bed with a small trowel, or even with your bare hands.
  • The trench has to be an inch deep. And if you are planting more, the trench rows have to be 12 inches apart.
  • Take out your spinach seeds, and sprinkle some in the trenches.
  • Fill back the trenches with soil to cover the seeds.
  • Water the seeds to aid in the germination process.

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How to Care for Spinach

Spinach bed in the greenhouse | grow spinach

Spinach may be cold-hardy, but some protection and season-extending devices will ensure its growing success. You don't need an expensive greenhouse to do this because you can make an easy DIY homemade greenhouse.

Although spinach is easy to grow, make sure to take these tips to ensure growing success:

  • Mulching after planting the seeds can help with moisture retention, and prevent weeds and pesky pests.
  • Make sure to mulch light with materials free from seeds to compete with the spinach.
  • Spinach likes moisture, so never let your plants dry out, especially in the early stages of growth.
  • Spinach can be grown in containers or pots too.

How to Keep Pests off Spinach

Spinach plants in the garden some leaves have holes | fall gardening

Companion planting is the natural way to keep pests off your vegetable plants. Growing onions and other alliums like chives with your spinach can help.

However, pests and diseases can be persistent, so make sure you only use natural pest repellent and fertilizers.

When to Harvest Spinach

Farmer harvesting spinach | How To Grow Spinach | Complete Fall Vegetable Growing Guide | fall gardening

Early harvest is better than late, or else you'll be tasting some bitter spinach.

You can pick out the whole plant, or you can take the lower leaves first to allow more inner leaves to grow.

Find out more tips and ideas in this video from MIgardener | Simple Organic Gardening Sustainable Living:

Growing your own food is satisfying because you know naturally grown food is healthy and chemical-free. Growing your own spinach will ensure your vegetables are clean and healthy. So get to growing spinach now with this easy growing guide.

Did you find this spinach vegetable growing guide informative and helpful? Let me know what you think by posting your comments below.

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