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If you want to know how to grow beets, then you're in the right place! Growing beets are not only simple, it's also ideal at this time. Beets are adaptable to the cool temperature of Spring and Fall. You can even overwinter this crop as it can tolerate light frost.

How To Grow Beets In Containers The Garden Season Way

Beets are a vegetable with tons of health benefits but their best trait for me is that they're easy to grow. Even those who are lazy to grow a garden can do it in just a beat. Growing beets in containers is even easier. It eliminates weed problems, as well as pesky rabbits or deer that love beets.

Beets are such a treat since both the beet greens and the beetroots are edible. If you love beets and eat them a lot, why not grow them too? Think of the money you'll be saving by growing your own food.


Three Elements For Growing Beets In Containers

There are three things you need when growing beets in containers. These are:

  • Sunlight – full exposure to sunlight is required for beets to grow. Six to eight hours of direct sunlight each day would be ideal.
  • Soil – rich, loose, well-draining, with no pests and weed seeds is great for growing vegetables.
  • Containers – different sizes with drainage holes will do. The larger the container, the more beets you can grow.


How To Grow Beets

Step 1. Poke Holes In The Soil

To start planting, poke holes in the soil. The holes should be an inch deep. Ensure there's proper spacing with about three inches apart around the container.


Step 2. Drop Seeds In The Holes

Once the holes are ready, pour a few seeds into your palm. Drop in two to three seeds in each hole. In this way, you'll have more options to choose from after germination.


Step 3. Cover The Seeds

When your seeds are ready in their planting holes, gently cover them by brushing in some soil on the holes.


Step 4. Water The Seeds

Water the soil to let the soil and seeds settle. This is also to aid in the germination process.


Step 5. Pick A Seedling

Once the seeds have sprouted, check the seedling groups for the healthiest-looking seedling. Using a pair of scissors, snip the weaker looking seedlings to maximize the growth of the better group.


Your Own Homegrown Beets In No Time

Did you know beet juice is packed with anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, and energy-boosting compounds? Beets in itself is just as nutritious too. And this is what's waiting for you come harvest season. Happy planting!


Watch the full tutorial in this video from Burpee Gardens:

Beets have this sweet and earthy flavorful roots packed with nutrients and all things nice. If you love spinach too, then beet greens are for you. This marvelous vegetable is even tastier when they're organically homegrown. So learn how to grow beets at home now!

Ready to try this? Download this FREE printable and keep track of your plants easily.

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Are you excited to start this garden project? I'm excited for you too and would like to hear about it in the comments section below!

Try growing onions too for your beet's companion.

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