How To Grow Mushrooms At Home | Garden Season Guide

Want to know how to grow mushrooms? Then you've come to the right place because instead of giving you basic mushroom harvesting tips, what I've got here is more…closer to home.

Did you know growing mushrooms can be done fairly easily at home? I didn't think so at first since they're such an important culinary item in restaurants. But mushrooms have become quite costly so I researched all about how to grow mushrooms in my own personal garden. And now, it's become one of my favorite gardening skill.

So get ready to learn a new and practical gardening hack. All you need are the proper tools, and this easy guide on how to grow mushrooms.

How To Grow Mushrooms At Home | Garden Season Guide

It's always our goal to feed our family healthy and tasty food. Yet tasty can mean costly at times, so I got myself to growing our own food.

Mushrooms didn't come across my garden until recently, and I can tell you it's there to stay. And with this equally easy mushroom growing guide, even you'll be ready to take on the challenge of growing different mushroom varieties at home.

This fall season is just right for growing mushrooms. So let's start growing this tasty vegetable with great health benefits.


You Will Need:

  • Mushroom spores
  • Growing area
  • Nutrient-rich soil
  • Growing bed
  • Hot water
  • Substrate
  • Temperature and humidity control


  • Basement or crawl space
  • Humidity tent

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How To Grow Mushrooms

Step 1. Choose A Mushroom Variety To Grow

First of all, pick a mushroom variety. Mushroom growing beginners are advised to choose Button and Oyster mushrooms. But if you want, and prefer, Morrel and Shiitake mushrooms, then you'd better be up for the challenge.


Step 2. Choose A Growing Area

Ideally, areas in your home that are cool and dark are preferred for mushroom growing. Most of all, it has to be pest- and dirt-free to avoid contaminating the mushrooms. A crawl space or basement would be great.

But this fall season is ideal for growing mushrooms, so your garden bed with mulches will be ideal too.


Step 3. Prepare The Growing Bed

Spread a dark and nutrient-rich soil (ideally a well-decayed compost) evenly over a level mushroom growth bed, with a thickness of about two inches.


Step 4. Prepare The Substrate

Now sterilize your substrate by pouring hot water on it until soaked. This gets rid of harmful bacteria present in the substrate material.

Substrate materials can be straw, sawdust, newspaper, and cardboard, depending on the mushroom variety.


Step 5. Apply Substrate On Growing Bed

Apply the appropriate substrate for your mushroom variety over your soil. They will consequently serve as food for your nutrient-hungry mushroom spores.


Step 6. Apply Mushroom Spores On Growth Bed

Inoculate or implant the mushroom spores afterward, over your prepared growth bed. Next, fine-tune the temperature and humidity level based on your mushroom variety.

Some varieties may require higher humidity which a humidity tent can help regulate .


Step 7. Monitor Your Mushroom Bed

Lastly, monitor your growth bed by looking out for mushroom sproutings. They may appear after about three weeks.


Mushrooms Ready For Harvest

Your mushrooms will start to pop out in no time. In just a month, you'll be able to harvest your mushrooms.

They can be stored in the vegetable section of your fridge for up to two weeks.


Enjoy Your Mushroom Harvest

Enjoy Your Mushroom Harvest | How To Grow Mushrooms At Home | Garden Season Guide

You don't probably have to be told there are countless ways to prepare and eat mushrooms. They're even taking over meat as a healthy substitute.

We can have them as a pizza topping, in soups, stew, and even grilled. Try these mouth-watering mushroom recipes for more ideas.

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For a more in-depth mushroom growing guide, watch this video from Howcast


Mushroom growing is a gardening interest slowly sweeping across the region. With this easy guide on how to grow mushrooms, you can enjoy more mushrooms at home.

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