The Garden Season List: Mushroom Growing For Beginners

If you're only getting your supply of mushroom either in cans or packed at the supermarket, then you'll be surprised to know mushroom growing is fairly easy. You can grow them right at your home with the varieties I'll be listing down for you. You'll find they're easy to grow and delicious enough to make you want to try your hand on mushroom growing. Mushrooms are fascinating, as well as delectable in its own exotic way. With fall season fast approaching, the ideal time for growing mushrooms, you easily can grow your own supply of any of these fresh mushroom varieties. Don't worry, they're almost fuss-free. Perfect for beginners like you.

The Garden Season List: Mushroom Growing For Beginners

Mushroom Growing With 7 Easy To Grow Varieties For Beginners

One of the most expensive food in the world is a mushroom. The Mattake or Matsutake mushroom can cost up to a thousand dollar a pound. Mushrooms are also considered a popular low-calorie food. It is practically a staple at home, my kids think they're great. It's got a lot of health benefits too, that homegrown mushrooms have become a gardening trend. I am actually preparing to grow again this fall. So don't get left behind in mushroom growing, and take on this fun yet practical gardening venture. Read on to know how you can have your own homegrown supply of this culinary delight by finding out what varieties can be handled by beginners.


1. Portobello Mushroom

Portobello Mushroom | The Garden Season List: Mushroom Growing For Beginners

Portobello mushroom is a variety common in Europe and in North America. When immature, they're commonly called “button mushrooms” or “champignon mushrooms”. You can simply grow this variety from a mushroom kit selling below $50. But if you want a cheaper way, you can buy spores from which mushrooms are grown. You can set up a tray with compost, peat, and the spores, and grow your mushroom indoors.


2. Wine Cap Mushrooms

This variety is preferably grown outdoors, from late in the winter to early in spring. If you have mulches from your summer gardening, then you have yourself a perfect environment for growing wine cap mushrooms. Your kids will surely love this variety that has a meaty and flavorful taste.


3. Shiitake Mushrooms

Shiitake Mushrooms | The Garden Season List: Mushroom Growing For Beginners

Aside from the culinary uses of this variety, Shiitake mushrooms have also long been used for medicinal purposes in Asia. They're believed to have anti-oxidant properties and are rich in vitamin D when exposed to the sun. Growing this variety can be costly, but the spores can be easily bought. And with proper monitoring, you have yourself a never ending supply of spawn. It's preferable to grow this variety in tree logs and stumps for higher nutrient content.


4. Oyster Mushrooms

A beginner in mushroom growing will do well to grow this variety that can be grown even in laundry baskets. They're tasty and are highly nutritious, making them a good substitute for meat and poultry products. Although easy-to-grow mushroom kits are available for this variety, you can grow this for less in laundry baskets using straw as a medium.


5. Lion's Mane Mushroom

Good news for those who live a long way from the coast, and would love crabmeat and lobster more often. This mushroom's got a taste just like crabmeat and lobster. They usually grow from oak and maple. But to grow this at home, you simply have to get yourself a mushroom kit from suppliers.


6. Maitake Mushroom

This is also called the hen of the woods for its form, resembling a fluffed hen's feathers. They have a woodsy, meaty taste, with a rich aroma. They can be prepared in many different ways. And they easily grow or sprout in oaks and elms. However, maitake mushroom kits are also available for easy growing at your home.


7. Blue Oysters

This is a variety that needs fresh air. That means it's ideal to grow Blue Oyster mushrooms in a shaded area outdoors. It's commonly found all over North America, growing in tree logs and stumps. Certainly, a variety versatile enough for beginners to grow them in just a bucket. With its unique and delicious flavor, you can easily turn any dish into a gourmet meal.


Watch this video from Howcast for a step by step guide to growing mushrooms:

Mushrooms are so easy to grow, you can harvest them in as little as one month; depending on the variety. Start growing mushrooms with these easy to grow varieties perfect for beginners.

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