19 Fun Garden Ideas That Will Make Your Kids Love Outdoors

Got tiny budding green thumbs in the family? Let those tiny green thumbs grow and boost them with these fun garden ideas!

Fun Garden Ideas For Kids To Enjoy All Seasons

There was a time in my own childhood when mom had a hard time keeping us indoors. We had playhouses, our own makeshift playground, and so much fun outdoor activities. With technology taking over most homes, I must admit that I am having a hard time keeping my kids off gadgets and into the yard. In all fairness, technology helped me with ideas as I found these 19 fun garden ideas online for kids. I'm sure these fun garden ideas will help you all seasons, all year round.


1. Teeny Weeny Gardening Tools

With your common and everyday gardening tools, your tiny gardeners will definitely take them as machines or old folks implements. So if you want to enjoy gardening, start with cute gardening tools that are just right for them.

2. Cutesy And Almost Cuddly Planters

For younger kids, you can certainly paint planters and make them look like bugs or animals. This, way the plant you'll grow in it can actually be like your kid's pet, they will take care of it dearly. What a fun garden idea, don't you think?

3. Growing Tiny Green Things From Scrap

Some kids will definitely find dirt or soil messy. So introduce them to gardening in this practical and exciting experiment, growing plants from scraps. Start with the easy ones like spring onions and graduate to more vegetables you can grow from scraps.

4. Fun Fairy Garden Party


Whether you're a real kid or a kid at heart, you'll love these teeny weeny fairy gardens. Let your kids discover their gardening skills by starting with these dainty gardens. Check these tips to make your own fairy garden or to help your kids make their own.

5. Artsy Little Hands Plant Markers

Don't let labels be boring! A fun garden idea to solve this problem is to make these garden markers with your kids. These stones create a playful environment if you use bright colors and handwritten fonts. The sillier and more personalized they are, the lovelier they will be.

6. Cool And Cute Wind Chimes Craft For Kids

Cool Tin Can Wind Chime For The Boys

Let your boys in on the garden fun with wind chimes made from tin cans. Although they don't relate fun with tin cans anymore, introduce it to them. Some of the wind chime ideas here can be interesting for your boys.

Cute Beaded Wind Chimes For Girls

For your girly little one, this beaded wind chime project will make her excited. Help her with her button and shiny beads collection and make this easy DIY wind chime. Check more wind chime ideas here for your girls.

7. Crafty Kids Flower Experiment

Roses aren't the only flowers you can change magically into rainbow flowers. Flowers like daisies or whatever is in-season will do for your kid's experiment. Help them to this amazing and fun garden experiment.

8. My Own Little Veggie Patch

Give your kids a sense of ownership with their own little corner of the garden. These tips for growing plants can help every gardening beginner. Kids can be picky with food especially towards vegetables but seeing how these tasty greens grow can have them eating them anytime soon.

9. Cool Golf Ball Lady Bugs Garden Decor

These cute ladybugs made from golf balls are simple yet cute and will definitely get the kids excited with their own DIY. They will make great garden decorations for kids and oldies alike to appreciate. Put them in your vegetable garden to make it more interesting.

10. My Lovely Little Flower Garden

I think most girls dream of their own flower garden just like I did. Give them their own pretty flower corner complete with a prettily painted fence. Start with bedding plants so they'll learn to appreciate the flowers earlier.

11. Refreshing PVC Lawn Sprinkler And Shower

Lets your kids love outdoors even on a hot summer day with this inexpensive PVC lawn sprinkler and shower. In the hot summer days, nothing will make kids enjoy the outdoors than coolers like water sprinklers. Your lawn grass will love it too.

12. Summer Garden Party Water Balloons Piñata

Whether you're having a kids outdoor party or it's just a hot summer day, this water balloon piñata will make their day. And your dried up lawn will surely enjoy the water while the kids are playing.

13. Upcycled Tires For Backyard Playground Ideas

I was totally shocked at how ready-made kids playground sets cost. It could totally pay for a family vacation. So flex those muscles and gather those old tires and have your kids beaming with joy in this DIY playground set for your kids and their friends.

14. Plastic Bottle Waterfall

We all know, plastic has become a big problem to our environment. Find ways to make them useful, productive, and fun with this waterfall idea. This should make a fun garden idea on a rainy day. Look for more recycled plastic bottle ideas you can do in your garden for your kids.

15. Easy DIY Bird Feeder For Kids

Kids love birds and the sight of them in the garden just excites them. When the temperature starts to drop in autumn, birds will have food shortage. Help your kids feed the birds with this easy DIY  bird feeder. Or you can make your own bird feeder too.

16. Fun Fall Garden Clean Up

Fall clean up shouldn't be a dull and tiresome activity even for kids. It should be something fun and enjoyable, something to look forward to in the garden during autumn. These fall leaf activities should help you make garden clean-up fun for kids. Check here for more fall leaves arts and crafts ideas.

17. Kids Frozen Garden Art

To pull this frozen arts and craft with your kids, winter hardy plants should be available in your garden. The more colorful the foliage and the more varied the structure are, the better. Check these winter garden plants for ideas.

18. Colorful Winter Balloons


These colorful frozen balls should make great Christmas garden decorations. But whether it's a regular winter day or a holiday, they're sure to transform your garden into a winter wonderland. Check how these kids do this simple and easy colorful frozen balls in this video from livedan330.

19. Silly Tumbledown Snowman

You'll be singing, “do you wanna build a snowman?” to your kids with this snowman idea for winter garden decor activities. On the other hand, your kids will be falling and rolling over this snowman idea with a twist or should I say, a tumbledown!


Watch this guide to making fairy gardens for your kids in this video from The Kids Next Door:

There you go, cool Mom and Dads! Wholesome and fun garden ideas for your kids without spending big bucks. Kids are only kids once so don't let them (or you) miss out on it. Help them grow productive in the fashion of a true blue gardener. With these 19 fun garden ideas, I'm sure getting them into the garden will be no trouble at all!


Like these fun garden ideas for your kids? Which ones are you gonna give a try? I'd be delighted to know about it in your comments below.

Running out of garden ideas for winter? Check these winter gardening ideas here so your garden will still be productive even in the dead of winter.

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