29 Most-Liked Wind Chimes For A Sparkling Garden Year-Round

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Take your imagination and skills to the next level and craft your own lovely wind chimes today.

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Fab Wind Chimes for a Lively and Lovely Garden

DIY Wind Chimes

With my tendency to repeat myself, I've probably said this before: I'm a sucker for wind chimes. Wind chimes are a common garden decor or fixture that I never allow my garden to be without.

I'm constantly on the lookout for wind chime ideas to keep up with what is unique or simply just pretty.

I have one in the porch, the backyard patio, and in a tree somewhere in the garden. I just love the sound they make along with the rustling leaves when the wind blows in.

It's pretty natural and calming. If you love wind chimes in your garden just as I do, I'm sure you'll find one or two in this list to inspire you.

So whether you want wind chimes for the home or wind chimes you can DIY for gifts, you'll find inspiration here in this lineup. Help yourself to these pretty amazing wind chime ideas!

1. Steampunk Wind Chime


If you love collecting trinkets and are old-fashioned at heart, you'll love this wind chime idea. This one's pretty unique with lace, gears, and embroidery supplies.

You can include any of your favorite items if you like. Find out how to make this steampunk wind chime here.

2. Crafty Wind Chime


You need about 10-12 book rings students often bind index cards with. Your kids can do this project with you, or you can just be a kid at heart and take on this crafty wind chime project.

3. Natural Wood Chime


This one's made of a piece of driftwood and organic clay chimes. Purchase the materials from your favorite craft store, spend a little time making this DIY wind chime, then listen to the beautiful melody it creates.

It adds natural beauty to your garden too!

4. Colorful Metal Washer Wind Chime


Who would have thought some manly thingamajigs would turn out this pretty? Those metal washers are so colorful you'd hardly recognize them.

Get yourself this lovely metal washer wind chime project here.

5. Nature Sun Catcher Wind Chime


Let the musical sounds of nature reverberate around your garden. This nature suncatcher wind chime will do the job perfectly.

6. Sea Glass And Pebbles Wind Chime

Take a stroll along the beach and you'll be surprised at the treasures you'll find underneath your feet. Display your colorful sea glass and pebbles in this lovely wind chime inspiration.

7. Butterfly Wind Chimes


Who doesn't love butterflies? Even your plants adore them.

The trick is to make good use of your recyclable materials and not just throw them out. Check this guide out on how to make a butterfly wind chime.

8. Dream Catcher Wind Chime


Catch some garden daydreams in this dreamcatcher wind chime inspiration. It's fairly easy to make but may consume a few hours of your time.

Your patience will be rewarded for sure.

9. DIY Sea Shell And Bead Wind Chime


Seashell crafts offer a different kind of elegance and tranquil vibe. If you live close to a beach you'll be lucky enough to pull this seashell wind chime off.

10. Wine Bottle Wind Chime

[instagram url=https://www.instagram.com/p/B7Xmz_cnUQu/ hidecaption=true width=625]

Bottles are some of the common trash around your home. Don't throw these treasures away but craft them into a great garden decor.

11. Sea Glass Wind Chime


Driftwood, sea glass, and pebbles, plus some copper wire, will make this pretty wind chime without having to drill holes. It's very easy to make and a wonderful project for your sea glass collection.

12. Glass Cube Wind Chime


This glass tile wind chime is really simple. Just drill holes on each of the glass tiles where the line goes through.

Connect them to a small branch as the base then listen to the lovely sound it makes after a small movement of air.

13. Coiled Copper Wind Chime


Interested in copper wire crafts? This coiled copper wind chime turns into a beautiful three-dimensional shape that stands out in your garden area.

Learn how to make one on your own here.

14. Chain Heart Wind Chime


Thinking about a nice project for Valentine's Day? You can use an old unused chain at home to make a rustic chain heart wind chime.

It's a little different from the other wind chimes on this list but certainly deserves a second look from passersby.

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15. Beautiful Beaded Wind Chime


This crafty beaded wind chime adds extra sparkle to your backyard. Anyone can do this beautiful handmade project in just an hour or two.

Find out how to DIY this pretty beaded wind chime here.

16. Rainbow Button Wind Chime


I'm not 90 years old but I love collecting buttons. Or, you can visit your local craft store and pick all the colors of the rainbow.

There are actually tons of things you can do with them, like this playful and nifty DIY wind chime.

17. Bottle Caps Wind Chime


This may not be a jaw-dropping artistic wind chime but it is pretty unique and definitely eye-catching. You can either leave the bottle caps with their original design or try something more colorful by painting them.

Customize the bottle cap wind chime however you want it and revel at your creation.

18. Bamboo Wind Chime


There are tons of beautiful bamboo crafts you can make and this wind chime certainly belongs to that category. If you live in a place where bamboo grows then it's your lucky day.

The trick is to begin with lighter colors when you paint them then gradually position the darker ones as you progress.

19. Spindle Wind Chimes


Have you come across spindles made into wind chimes? Now is your chance to see one and surely you will love the idea.

You will only need simple drilling and painting skills to complete this project. Find out all about the project here.

20. Chic Chandelier Wind Chime


There's a certain classic beauty to skeleton keys that I love. And they're even more gorgeous in this fancy chandelier wind chime idea.

The design is just so elegant you can place it anywhere in your home.

21. Owl Grater Wind Chime


Now, this owl grater wind chime is definitely one of the most creative I've seen. If you love anything owl-themed especially in the garden, you'll love this one.

Learn how to recycle old home stuff to make a nifty garden decor here.

22. DIY Sun Catcher Wind Chime


One can never get enough of shiny stuff for garden decor. How about a wind chime and a sun catcher in one?

This project involves melting plastic cups, so be careful not to inhale or breathe in the fumes. Apart from that, it's another beautiful wind chime craft.

23. Wood Stump and Spoon Art Wind Chime


Take this inspiration for a stylish wind chime made with stuff you can find around the home and garden. Old spoons and a wood stump make for a pretty unique wind chime.

24. DIY Beaded Rainbow Wind Chime


Find some uses for colorful beads lying around in this pretty girly easy DIY wind chime. It's nice how the craft sticks are incorporated here.

I also agree that rainbow colors are most suitable for this wind chime project.

25. Playful Kid-Made Wind Chime


Want your kids to have a wind chime project they can enjoy? Let them have some fun painting and hammering cans to make a cool art craft for your backyard.

It's cheap entertainment and your kids will love it!

26. Retro Tea Pot Wind Chime


Repurpose that old china to make a vintage teacup handicraft hanging in your terrace. Position the teacup upside down then attach the string to a small object.

This object must have just the right weight so that it will make a nice chime when the wind hits it.

27. Flower Pot Wind Chime


What best wind chime material for the garden can there be other than flower pots? Take this flower pot wind chime project for a true gardener's decor.

It's quite similar to the teacup project in this list but makes use of colorful glass shells for the chimes.

28. Copper Tubing Wind Chime


The sound of copper tubing clinking together is so relaxing! You can buy this type of wind chime in most home decor stores but if you have copper tubings at home, it's a fun way to spend some time crafting things.

It's way less expensive too than buying ready-made copper wind chimes.

29. Pressed Penny Wind Chime


If you want a high pitched sound wind chime for your garden, then you'll be inspired by this one. This quick treasure will be great for your garden area or your front porch if you feel like showing it off.

Learn how to press pennies for a wind chime here.

Here's another quick and easy key wind chime you can make in minutes from Better Home and Gardens:

Every garden could use a bit of decoration. What best garden decor can there be than the humble wind chime?

I'm pretty sure you'll love the tinkling sound of these garden knick-knacks. Happy crafting green thumbs!

Which of the wind chimes did you find most adorable? I'd be excited to know if we had the same choice. Share it by posting in the comment section below.

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