7 Great Portable Greenhouse Ideas

Why let the changing seasons or lack of space spoil your fun? Enjoy gardening (and your harvest) all year round with these portable greenhouse hacks.

7 Great Portable Greenhouse Ideas

Extend your harvest with these ingenious portable greenhouse designs

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener looking to outsmart the changing of the seasons or a noncommittal newbie dabbling in gardening as a spring project, a portable greenhouse could be helpful. These structures primarily stave off the cold, helping your veggies and herbs thrive a little longer. Here are eight ideas to try.

1. Wooden A-Frame Greenhouse

This netted wooden frame can fit over your raised garden beds. While lots of styles are for sale online, you can easily construct this frame yourself with scrap wood.

2. Plastic Bin Greenhouse

Consider grouping together your similar plants into one plastic bin for easy handling and organization. The clear plastic walls make sure your plants get a lot of warm, but indirect, sunlight.

3. Leaning Cold Frame Greenhouse

An ingenious way to use up old windows if you have them—simply prop up against the soil to create a lean-to.

4. Box-Type Greenhouse

Get creative with materials when constructing this treasure chest with thriving plant life. Use scrap wood, old windows, or even plastic sheeting, to build the perfect portable greenhouse.

5. Water Bottle Greenhouse

Would you believe that a portable greenhouse has been sitting in your pantry all this time? Simply cut off the bottom half of a gallon-size plastic bottle and remove the bottle cap for a small greenhouse that you can place directly over your plants, effectively controlling the temperature.

6. CD Case Greenhouse

image via megacrafty

Take advantage of all those CDs you rarely listen to anymore. The clear plastic and hinged mechanism of the cases offer great protection and insulation for your plants.

7. Umbrella Greenhouse

image via alittlebitwonderful

A clear plastic umbrella fitted atop your raised gardening area can provide the necessary protection and temperature control your plants need to thrive. A little tweak to the umbrella handle and you have yourself a handy and cost-effective portable greenhouse.

With a little ingenuity and elbow grease, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get the most out of your garden, regardless of weather, space limitations, and skill level.

Ready to make your own portable greenhouse? This video shows one way how:

Do you have any other ideas for greenhouse gardening? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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