39 Inspiring Backyard Garden Design And Landscape Ideas

Don't waste valuable backyard real estate by keeping it drab and neglected. Check out these amazing backyard garden design ideas for inspiration in your backyard garden landscape!

Backyard Garden Design Ideas From Around The World

I admit that when it comes to my front yard landscape, I usually conform to whatever is generally considered pleasing curb appeal. My backyard is a totally different story, however. It's where I can totally be myself and disregard traditional rules or trends. I'm always open to inspiration and new ideas, so if you're like me, always looking for ideas for your backyard garden landscape, check out these amazing backyard garden designs I've had my eye on!


1. Tropical Mediterranean Backyard Garden Landscape

A Mediterranean garden design is characterized by stone structures and an arbor. But in this design, it incorporates a tropical plant selection. You'll love this backyard design with a swimming pond for a refreshing retreat.

2. Australian Coast Backyard Garden Landscape

Take this design inspiration from across the ocean for a garden landscape overlooking a coastal view. A plant selection of drought-resistant plants will be ideal for a rocky and arid landscape.

3. Backyard Beach Garden Design

You don't need a wide beach front house to create a backyard beach garden design. This design idea will do even with a small and secluded area. Maximize your space and play with lines for a backyard you can take a vacation in!

4. Bohemian Backyard Garden Plan

Whimsical garden furniture, comfortable details, and knee-deep flowering plants best describe a Bohemian garden landscape. Check out these garden wind chimes to amp up your bohemian garden design.

5. Coastal Backyard Garden Landscape

Feel the sea breeze in a coastal garden-inspired backyard design with ground-covering ornamental plants and swaying grasses. Use landscaping materials available around you for a practical design.

6. Colonial Revival Backyard Garden Landscape

Get back to your roots with this colonial revival garden landscape in your backyard. Lovely flowering plants and vegetables protected by a whitewashed fence will bring you back to the good old days.

7. English Contemporary Backyard Garden Landscape

A garden design popular during the Victorian era deserves a comeback. You don't need an extra spacious garden to pull this design off. This is perfectly suitable for an urban backyard or even a front yard garden landscape.

8. Cottage Flower Garden Meets Greek Backyard Design

Why limit yourself to just one design idea when you can have two in a Greek and English garden design? You'll have both the elegant clean lines of a Greek design and the loveliness of an English cottage flower garden.

9. Dutch Backyard Garden Style

We all know the Dutch are big on their tulips. So you know how a garden design is inspired when the lovely flowering bulbs dominate the landscape. If you love your garden with bold and colorful paint on the structures and furniture, then this design is for you.

10.  Edible Backyard Garden Landscape

If you want both ornamental plants and vegetables but lack the space, then an edible landscape will suit your garden best. Find out more about how to blend edible landscaping with ornamentals here.

11. English Backyard Garden Landscape

A garden in the temperate North would do well with an English design. Get more ideas for designing an English backyard with perennial plants here.

12. English Cottage Flower Garden Design


Grow a lovely garden in the backyard where the butterflies and bees hover over flowers running riot. This list of perennial flowering plants will give you more ideas for an English cottage flower garden.

13. French Meets Greek Backyard Garden Landscape

Columnar trees and well-defined borders in the edges of a lawn will describe a French garden design. On the other hand, a garden arbor and large stone vase or planters are descriptive of the Greek design. And I think the designs blend and compliment each other quite well!

14. French Tropical Backyard Garden Landscape

French gardens are also characterized by well-defined lines and shape patterns. For a tropical landscape, this design will work best with tall tropical plants placed along the borders. You'll love this refreshing yet low-maintenance garden design.

15. Greek Mediterranean Backyard Garden

Columns for pillars in a garden arbor is characteristic of a Greek design which fits perfectly in a sunshiny Mediterranean landscape. Grace the stylish pillars with any of these climbing plants for a picture-perfect backyard garden design.

16. Traditional Italian Backyard Garden Design


Traditional Italian garden landscape prioritizes balance between design and a native plant selection. Create your own outdoor space with this easy and laid-back garden design for your backyard.

17. Italian Renaissance Backyard Garden

If yours is an urban backyard garden set-up, then an Italian Renaissance -inspired garden is for you. All you need are well-trimmed plants, an arbor, stone structures and pottery for garden decor.

18. Japanese Meets Greek Backyard Aquascape

Mix-and-matches can sometimes be a mismatch but I find this combination of Greek and Japanese garden design a hit. After all, both designs use a lot of stones in their landscape for a natural look in a backyard garden.

19. Japanese Zen Garden Backyard Design

You don't need a large space for a Japanese zen garden design. In fact, it fits more perfectly for a small garden since Japanese garden design concept is to create a natural landscape in a minimalist way.

20. Minimalist Backyard Garden Landscape

If you want it clean and functional, then the minimalist design is perfect for you. This garden design has no fuss, no clutter, and is just easy on the eyes.

21. Scandinavian Backyard Garden Landscape

Although this design looks edgy, Scandinavian garden style values simplicity and functionality in its design. White colors dominate the landscape and use simple and clean garden structures preferred today in urban settings.

22. Modern Tropical Garden Design

A tropical and modern design seems incompatible for garden landscapes but they surprisingly work well together. Modern garden furniture will help tone down a wild tropical plant selection making opposite elements attractive.

23. Northeastern Highlands Garden Landscape

In a landscape dominated by greenery, you'll love a break in the monotony with bold colors in your garden furniture and structures. It's also ideal to create levels in your garden design, especially for sloping terrains.

24. Northwest Highlands Backyard Garden

Make use of the cold-hardy native plants in your area for a practical garden landscape in your backyard. Create a rustic pathway through an informal garden for a whimsical and natural look to your design.

25. Oriental Backyard Garden Landscape


Work with a wet and humid environment or landscape using this oriental garden design. Creeping vines and moss-covered walls will create mystery and add an exotic beauty to your backyard garden.

26. Persian Backyard Garden Landscape

You can create a Persian garden design by creating an exotic focal point. A simple tiled well or wall will do the trick while choosing bold colors for the painted structures.

27. Modern Backyard Garden Landscape

A modern garden landscape finds its roots in Scandinavian architectural design which work on clear-cut lines and flat surfaces. You'll prefer this design in an urban setting for privacy and elegance.

28. Small Cottage Flower Garden Design


English cottage gardens are characterized by a domination of different kinds of flowers in an explosion of colors. But if you're not up for the hassle of maintaining it, you can create the same effect using ground-covering and low-lying flowering plants.

29. Southeast Backyard Garden Design

There's a wide array of plants you can grow in a sub-tropical or tropical climate. Take this chance to design a tropical garden in your backyard with a collection of exotic plants.

30. Southwest Backyard Garden Landscape

If you want to do away with a maintenance cost, create this Southwestern-inspired landscape idea for your backyard. Using drought-resistant plants and a rock or gravel pavement will do the trick!

31. Spanish Backyard Garden Design

Love outdoor family gatherings? Then this Spanish backyard garden landscape is perfect for you. An outdoor portion devoted as an extension of the house defines this garden design.

32. Traditional Meets Mediterranean Garden Design

A traditional garden with the usual selection of plants placed on the edges of a lawn will need some amping up with Mediterranean outdoor structures.

33. Traditional Backyard Garden Landscape

Change is good but if you like it the way it's always been, then go with your traditional garden landscape. There's nothing like the good ol' days when everything was stress-free and laid-back.

34. Transitional Backyard Garden Design

If you like both modern and traditional elements in your garden design, then you're going with the transitional design style. Traditional plant selection and modern garden furniture sure make an interesting contrast.

35. Tropical Aquascape Backyard Garden Design

Take the tropics into your backyard with this garden pond and tropical plants. To save on your utility bills, collect rainwater for use in the pond instead.

36. Tropical Contemporary Garden Landscape

Go big on design even in a small space backyard garden. Using curved and straight lines in a contemporary design and an exotic plant selection will make a small garden stunning.

37. Tropical Minimalist Garden Design

Sometimes we picture a tropical garden to be a tangled mess of greens. But you can have a tropical garden in a small backyard with a careful plant selection and light outdoor furniture.

38. Tuscan Backyard Garden Landscape

A small fountain, artistic wrought iron garden furniture, some stone slab mosaic, and voila! You've got yourself a Tuscan garden design for a great time outdoors.

39. Xeriscape Backyard Garden Design


A grass lawn can be hard and costly to maintain especially in an arid or desert terrain. Luckily, xeriscaping is a practical alternative using drought-resistant cactus and succulents in a garden design.


Find out more backyard garden design ideas and tips in this video:

Do you find any of the backyard garden designs inspiring for your own landscape project? I hope you'll find a design idea which fits perfectly to your needs, terrain, and budget. Pay attention to your landscape and what you want to find the right design. Have a great time designing your own backyard garden sanctuary!

I'm totally in on the Mediterranean garden design. How about you? I'm excited to find it out in the comments section below.

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