How To Grow An Ideal Garden With Amazing Perennial Plants

Maintaining a garden can be both costly and time and labor demanding. Luckily, we have perennial plants you only have to plant once but will stay in your garden till you decide to call it quits. Although no garden is altogether undemanding, somehow perennial plants make your gardening task easier. Frost, intense heat, even wildfire will not easily rid your garden of perennial plants. They will only fall back for a while, gather strength, and grow again, healthier and prettier. Isn't that great news for those who have so much in their hands?

How To Grow An Ideal Garden With Amazing Perennial Plants

Tips, Ideas, And Guide For Easy Gardening With Perennial Plants

Perennial plants are not only easy to grow but are low maintenance as few rules apply for growing them successfully. Check out these tips, ideas, and guide for a simple and easy gardening with perennial plants.


Perennial Plants 101

Perennials are plants that live for more than two years and goes dormant in the winter season to revive in the spring. However, in the warmer climates, they can grow continuously in their lifespan. Some perennials like delphiniums are short-lived and will only live for three to four years while some may live as long as 70 years like the peonies. Isn't it amazing to grow a plant your grandkids can enjoy? With a bit of planning, you can a grow a perennial garden successfully.


Decide On A Garden Design

As with any project, whether you are starting or adding more to an existing one, planning is essential. This helps you create a picture of what you want, as in this case for your garden. When planning a flower bed or border, do not grow plants because they look good together, they have to grow well together. Not all perennial flowers are long blooming so it would be a good idea to grow perennials with interesting foliage with them.


Selecting Perennial Plants

Selecting which perennial plant to grow can be confusing with all the choices. But you can start with your favorites or those that are easier to grow. You can be exclusive to a group but you can always grow a few varieties in each of the groups. In selecting your plants, you must consider the hardiness zone, bloom time, and their growth form or habit. Grow non-hardy plants in your zones in containers so you can protect them when there's a danger of frost. These are some plant ideas for each perennial group.

  • Perennial Herbs

Yarrow, lemon balm, ginger, and onions are just some of the perennial herbs you can grow. Here are more options for perennial herbs to grow.

  • Perennial Flowers

Coneflowers and flowering bulb like daffodils are some of the easiest perennial flowers to grow. With these choices of perennial flowers, you will never run out of options.

  • Perennial Vegetables

Most garden vegetable varieties may be annuals grown in the summer. Good thing perennial vegetables like asparagus and collard greens grow in a season when few things do, so you can still have fresh harvest after the usual growing season.

  • Perennial Fruits

Grapes is a perennial fruit that's easy to grow more than you think, you can grow it at home on a trellis or in an arbor. Avocado, apples, and strawberries are some great choices too.


Maintaining A Perennial Garden

As I have previously pointed, perennials are low maintenance. They are not heavy feeders and they only require frequent watering during the first stage of their growth, just so they could be established. The most important thing to do when growing perennials is to divide the plant when the growth becomes dense. This will not hurt the plant but encourage good growth instead. It is simply taking out the whole plant, dividing it as you prefer, then transplanting some of it to another area in your garden.


More Tips For Growing Perennials

It is important to prepare your soil first before planting or transferring your perennials as you may no longer have another chance. This is because once they have established they will just grow according to how they have been planted. Not all plants will grow successfully as with any garden. In this case, there is not much you can do but to take them out and add them to the compost. Or the green thumb in you can do some magic. For newly planted perennials, mulching will do a lot of good so no weeds will compete with them in a stage when they need the nutrients the most.


Watch for more ideas to grow perennials plants on this video from Thompson & Morgan TV:

With these tips and ideas, nothing can prevent you now from growing and maintaining a garden. This is one foolproof gardening idea with perennial plants that just grow and grow, saving you time, energy, and money.

Does this make you want to get started on planting perennials? Let me know below in the comments!

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