17 Summer Landscape Ideas And Tips For Your Summer Garden

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A summer landscape will give your garden the chance to stand out and be the talk of the town. But choosing which design to recreate is harder than you can imagine especially if there are so many options to choose from.

To make it easier for you, I’ve listed some of my favorite garden ideas and tips to help you out!

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Best Summer Landscape Ideas You Can Recreate

1. Walkway

A walkway or pathway is very functional and easy to achieve. This can also be a great garden hack to keep everyone from stepping on your newly cut grass.

2. Edge Pathway

Edge pathways will provide a uniform and clean architectural design to your summer garden. The most common option for pathway edging are bricks and cinder blocks.

3. Climbing Plant

You can easily create a beautiful climbing wall to hide an ugly space in your garden. Blooms like clematis, roses, and bougainvillea are some of the prettiest flowering trellis plants for this idea.

4. Water Fountain


Are you looking for a stunning centerpiece to put in your garden? We got your back with this water fountain suggestion! It will add an elegant Mediterranean look to your garden.

For sure your guests would love to spend a day in your place.

5. Succulent Planter

This planter is excellent for that charming succulents display. It’s a clever design which requires little care since succulents are low maintenance and very easy to grow.

6. Tiered Planter

You can build one and grow varieties of flowering shrubs to give your summer garden an extravagant view. Tiered planters are very functional and best for a garden with limited space.

7. Plant Hanger

You can use a signpost or a mailbox to hang your planter and make it more creative. I highly recommend you to try this idea with varieties of flowering plants like petunias to add more colors to your yard.

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8. Rose Arbor

Make your visitors feel like they just entered a secret garden with a rose arbor. A white arched climbing arbor with a lush of roses will surely stun your neighbors and guests.

9. Pond

During summer when the weather is extremely hot, a water element in your garden will help to provide a cooling breeze and a refreshing vibe.

A glass-tiled water wall and DIY pond are just some of the many summer landscape ideas with water features.

10. Picket Fence

Create an impressive display with a picket fence. It’s a decorative boundary for your garden especially with lavish flowering plants around.

11. Gravel Garden

If aesthetic is your thing then a gravel garden is what you should do! A gravel garden has this serene look that will give your place a spa ambiance.

12. Cinder Block Planter

The key to making this landscape design work is by laying out the blocks neatly so you’ll have a synchronized cinder block planter design.

Plant it with hostas, evergreen, succulents, or any flowering plants.

13. Dry Garden

Touches of succulents like ghost plant, golden barrel, agave, and bunny ear cactus will make this summer landscape idea work for an impressive garden.

Adding stone and gravel here and there will add up to its dry garden look.

14. Wheelbarrow Planter

Turn an old wheelbarrow into a clever garden planter. This classic design will make your summer garden look merrier and more attractive especially with colorful flowering plants.

15. Potted Border

Potted flowers or plants make beautiful accents for your garden. This idea is perfect for those neglected spots in your front yard.

You can use flowering plants or shrubs to give your borders a colorful touch.

16. Fire Pit

A fire pit never goes out of style! Aside from giving your summer garden a dramatic design, it is also an excellent spot for friends and family affairs.

Make sure your pantry is packed with graham crackers and marshmallows!

17. Garden Seating

Adding garden seating gives your yard more for you to enjoy intimate time for yourself, a little chit chat with friends, or spare time doing crafts and some DIY projects.

Watch this video by SlideHouse for some cheap landscaping ideas for your small backyards:

Now you are equipped with great ideas to achieve a dreamy summer landscape. These are straightforward garden design so you and your family can easily build a beautiful outdoor space perfect for gatherings and summer affairs.

These summer landscape ideas will give you more reasons to spend your time with your loved ones in the comfort of your home, extending to your yard.

Which is your favorite summer landscape among the list above? Let us know in the comments section below.

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