Rose Gardens 101: How To Grow Roses You’ll Be Proud Of

Growing rRose Gardens 101: How To Grow Roses You'll Be Proud Ofose gardens can be intimidating. Many growers will tell you that Roses can be such prima donnas that need continuous watering, dusting, fertilizing, pesticide spraying and pruning. Well, the truth is not actually far from this but there are certain ways you can do to get around the difficulty of growing roses. Once you get the hang of it, it will be easy peasy growing rose gardens afterward. 

Rose Gardens 101: How To Grow Roses You'll Be Proud Of

A Basic Guide To Growing Rose Gardens Successfully

Without a doubt, Roses are the most popular flowers in the world and is widely used as a symbol of love. It is famed for its beauty and fragrance that it's used in perfumes, toiletries, and cosmetic products. More than these, they are loved because of the beauty they bring to gardens–an arbor with rose vines trained on it, or simply in a vase as your table centerpiece. Experience the joy of growing this beautiful flower and have a garden that will rival other rose gardens.


Step# 1. Selecting The Best Variety In Your Area

Of course, the choice is yours to make of what kind of Rose to grow. You can choose a variety of rose for its color, size and fragrance. You may want to choose a more challenging kind, though it is somewhat difficult in your region because it is unique. But if you are a novice at growing roses, better go for ones that grow best in your area. Knockouts are a popular variety in North America and Grandma's blessing are some of the easiest roses to grow.


Step# 2. Selecting The Best Area To Plant Roses

Roses love the sun, so it is best to plant them in an open space unshaded by trees or taller bushes and shrubs. Roses will need at least six hours of full sun. Roses need space for good air flow and to reduce risks of getting diseases from other plants. Your soil should be loamy and well-draining. You can make arrangements, however, to prepare your soil for planting rose like adding fertilizers to your soil.


Step# 3. Selecting The Best Method For Planting Roses

You can grow roses from seeds, cuttings, bare roots, grafted, or potted from garden stores. Potted roses are the easiest and fastest to grow. Just take a grown rose plant from the pot and plant it where you like it. But where's the fun in that? Try rooting rose cuttings or grafting to really see the beauty of being able to grow something yourself. You can even root rose cuttings in potatoes too. Just stick your rose cutting in the potato and bury it in the soil to grow.


Step # 4. Water Your Roses Well

When planting your roses, make sure that they are soaked in water before and after planting. They will need plenty of water in the first stage of their growth.   A weekly watering is good once they have taken root and are well-grown. When the weather is dry, watering the leaves can be good but not during the wet season. Your roses will be prone to blacks spots when the weather is moist, so you'll have to water your roses in the roots during this time.


Step# 5. Feed Your Roses

There are a lot of fertilizers out there that you can buy for your roses but you can feed your roses with minerals that can be found in your home. Roses needs nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium for good growth. You can mix a tablespoon of Epsom salt with one gallon of water then spray on your roses for 10 days for magnesium. Banana Peelings are a good source of potassium, so you can cut up banana peels and bury it around your roses.


Step # 6. Pruning Your Roses

If your roses have now grown nicely and has taken good roots, it's the time to start pruning. Get yourself a good pair of pruning shears suitable for pruning roses like a bypass pruner to give your roses a nice clean cut. You can cut out dead branches and dead flower heads to make your plants healthy and free from diseases. Pruning can encourage your rose into having flowers and will ensure good growth, the way you like it.


Step #7. Taking Care Of Your Roses

Roses, like other plants, can be attacked by insects and get plant diseases. If you use roses for culinary purposes other than just for show, you should use natural means to rid of insects and protect them from diseases. Spray the good old homemade chili and garlic pesticides on roses. You can also plant companion plants near or around your roses that can deter insects like herbs or bulbous plants like garlic.


Watch This Video To Know How You Can Grow Roses In Containers:

Roses, being a woody perennial plant, will grow for a long time with proper care. It is well worth it to grow and care for a flowering plant that will give you beautiful blooms in the long run.


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