15 Summer Flowers To Plant Now For A Blooming Garden

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Summer flowers are one of the best ways to make a standout garden. Their vivid colors attract good energy.

I love a blooming garden, and in this article, I am going to share with you some of my favorite garden flowers. Each bloomer is so unique, you'll want to plant them in your garden right now!

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Easy-To-Grow Summer Flowers for a Blooming Garden

1. Sulfur Cosmos

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Also known as yellow cosmos, this species is considered a half-hardy annual plant with the height varying from 1 to 7 feet. These stunners are often seen along roadsides, but it would definitely be great to grow some in your yard. What I love about this summer flower is its bright colors of yellow, orange, and red.

Take note, sulfur cosmos love the full sun, but partial shade is also tolerated.

2. Canna

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Cannas are vibrant perennial plants that will give an immediate tropical vibe to your garden. Aside from their architectural shapes and flamboyant colors, the banana-like leaves also do their job in stealing the spotlight. Cannas bloom from mid-Summer until the first frost.

During the growing season, provide consistent moisture and don't let the soil dry out.

3. Lantana

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If your goal is to attract more butterflies, hummingbirds, and insect pollinators, this cheerful flower cluster is the best flowering plant to grow. Lantana, also known as the Spanish flag, blooms greatly in hot and dry weather.

During the Summer season, you'll probably find these beauties in seaside landscapes because they are tolerant of salt and sandy soil.

4. Poppy

Poppies | Summer Flowers to plant now for a blooming garden | annuals that bloom all summer

Poppy is an ancient flowering plant said to arise on battlefields. This classic bloomer has been used for culinary and medicinal purposes. If you didn't know, red poppy symbolizes and commemorates Veteran's Day in the United States.

Growing poppy plants can be very easy and simple using average soil with direct exposure to sunlight. But always remember not to overwater them to experience their full bloom and remarkable appearance.

5. Lavender


Who doesn't want lavender in their garden? Right? I have always been a huge fan of herbal plants and lavender is one of my favorites. I can put up a bed dedicated to lavender exclusively!

Aside from its therapeutic properties, its gorgeous color and the pleasing scent will make you want more of these flowering plants in your garden.

6. Begonia

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Begonias can tolerate more sun in cooler areas, that's why a little afternoon shade is perfect. Tuberous begonias will give you the most colorful flowers amongst begonia types. They are beautiful in containers and in baskets.

If you are planning to grow begonias, please keep this in mind: Begonias are toxic to pets and can be dangerous if your furry friends accidentally eat or bite their tubers! I advise you to plant them in hanging baskets instead.

7. Daylily

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This carefree flowering perennial plant grows quickly and can survive a long time. Daylilies are perfect for beginners since they are low-maintenance. They thrive in any type of soil and are rarely disturbed by insect pests.

For the best flowering result, daylilies require full exposure to the sun.

8. Portulaca

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Portulaca flowers love the full sunlight. This plant is well-suited in containers placed in your house decks and patios. But you can also display portulaca indoors in a sunroom or in a sunny windowsill.

With blazing sun, portulaca flowers will be in full bloom, giving your front yard a cheerful vide.

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9. Marigold

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This glorious summer flower can instantly bring happiness and warmth into your garden. It comes in stunning colors such as bold orange, brilliant yellow, rich gold, bright white, and warm red tones. No wonder it's a crowd favorite among annual flowering plants.

10. Sunflower

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It is agreeable that the sunflower is possibly one of the most popular summer flowers that ever existed! It symbolizes faith, happiness, optimism, and unconditional love.

With proper care, this flowering plant can last from 6 to 12 days. If you're planning to grow sunflower, find a perfect location facing the sun. And, you're welcome!

11. Yarrow

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This dainty herbaceous flowering perennial will add elegance to your blooming garden. Yarrow, also known as milfoil, thousand-leaf, woundwort, and nosebleed plant has been used to stop wound bleeding.

For sure, this Summer flower loves a bit of shade, but they do best with full sunlight.

12. Daisy

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Daisies are those charming white flowers with yellow centers we used to pluck while whispering “He loves me, he loves me not!” Memories we enjoy looking back to now. Aside from the classic white blooms we're all familiar with, daisies also come in so many varieties with pretty colors.

These summer flowers are easy to grow from seeds with a full amount of sunlight, especially in the cold season.

13. Peonies


Peonies are said to rival the classic bloom of roses. Herbaceous peonies are the most common type which bloom in the late Spring to early Summer. If you are looking for fragrant Summer flowers, this type of peonies is the best choice!

14. Iris

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Iris flowers will make a beautiful accent in your garden. Irises come in so many colors, but their most striking hues are blue and purple. The best time to plant irises is during the late Summer to early Fall.

15. Dahlia

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This mandala-like Summer flower will give the most eccentric look to your garden. The patterns are extraordinarily gorgeous coupled with vibrant colors. Dahlias thrive in a sunny location.

Morning sunlight with a bit of afternoon shade would be perfect.

Watch this video from Garden Up to know the best flowering plants for indoors and outdoors:

Make the most out of the Summer season by putting up a garden full of stunning flowering plants. With proper care, these summer flowers will give you an extravagant view throughout the season. The colorful bloomers above are so therapeutic and they'll surely take all of your stress away!

What summer flowers do you adore the most? Let us know in the comments section below.

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