10 Flowering Shrubs Perfect For Your Garden

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Flowering shrubs are a great addition to your garden. They provide an astounding design to your space with all the colors that bloom with it. What's more amazing is you can use them as hedges and groundcover to separate spaces in your yard. Here is a list of plants you can use for your garden.

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Flowering Shrubs to Put in Your Garden for the Entire Year

1. Lilac (Syringa Vulgaris)

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Lilacs are spring-growing shrubs and provide purple flowers. It blooms late April until May and reblooms during summer.

This shrub is great as a hedge and is also perfect for places with a cool climate. This plant has a great scent which is a welcome addition to the garden.

2. Rhododendron


Another spring-flowering shrub is the Rhododendron. The flowers of this plant bloom April to June and provide sorts of colors. Different varieties produce red, purple, yellow, and white blooms.

Some variety grows high and great as a shade plant. Meanwhile, some grow low and are often used as groundcovers.

3. Forsythia (Forsythia Spp.)


Forsythias are also great for springtime. Its flowers bloom during the first few weeks of April. This plant shows out big full flowers considering the short time it has for blooming.

This shrub produces yellow flowers and you can use them as accent plants.

4. Limelight Hydrangea (Hydrangea Paniculata)


Limelight Hydrangeas are summer-blooming plants that show their flowers from July to September. It produces green round flowers and turns from white to pink as time pass.

Limelights are common accent bushes and are great for groupings and borders in the garden. This shrub is used for floral arrangements, too.

5. Roses (Rosa Spp.)

Red Roses Garden In Bloom | Flowering Shrubs Perfect For Your Garden

Roses are the most popular flowers in this list. These flowers bloom during the summertime as well as the fall and give out a good scent all year round.

Aside from the usual red bulb, other varieties have white, pink, and yellow flowers. You can plant and place roses anywhere in the garden as long as it receives adequate sunlight.

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6. Cinquefoil (Potentilla Fruticosa)


Cinquefoils bloom during the summer. It gives out yellow, pink, orange, and white flowers from June to September. Some varieties start blooming in spring and eventually stops in the early weeks of autumn.

It is best when planted in places with cooler climates. Because of its wide-spreading foliage, you can normally see the Cinquefoil as a groundcover.

7. Spiraea (Spiraea Japonica)


Spiraeas are summer-blooming plants that give out beautiful pink and purple flowers from June to August. This shrub is great for those who have a smaller garden because it is low-lying. The Spiraea can grow up to 2-3 feet only and you can normally use it in butterfly and cottage gardens.

Just a note: extra caution is needed when you plan to have this in your garden. This shrub is invasive especially to the southern and eastern parts of the U.S.

8. Butterfly Bush (Buddleia)


A Butterfly Bush is a summer-flowering shrub. Although it can extend its blooming period in the early months of fall. It gives out flowers from July through October.

This plant is commonly placed along pathways or entryways because of its fragrance that attracts butterflies. However, this plant spreads too much and must be given enough space when planted near other shrubs.

9. Abelia (Abelia Grandiflora)


Abelia is a fall-flowering shrub and usually blooms in the late part of summer through autumn. It produces white and pink flowers. These are commonly placed near porches and patios because of the light and attractive colors of its flowers.

These shrubs are normally seen in butterfly and cottage gardens.

10. Camellia (Camellia Japonica)

Pink Petaled Flowers | Flowering Shrubs Perfect For Your Garden

Camellias are winter-flowering shrubs that bloom around November through April. It grows up to seven to twelve feet tall and gives out red, white, and pink flowers.

Most varieties of Camellias are found in the southern US where there are milder climates because it cannot withstand extreme temperature.

This shrub grows wide and may need space when you're planning to add other plants near it.

Watch this video from Proven Winners ColorChoice Flowering Shrubs to know about reblooming shrubs for the entire year:

Whether it is for spring, summer, winter, or fall, these flowering shrubs will look great in your garden to give the space beauty and color. These flowers may also make your yard smell great because of the fragrant flowers.

Do you have some of these flowering shrubs in your garden? Show it to us by leaving a photo in the section provided below.


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