Fun and Easy DIY Cement Planter For Frugal And Creative Gardeners

Looking for creative DIY planter ideas for your garden? Whether you want planter ideas for an outdoor or indoor garden, this amazing DIY cement planter is perfect for both. Read on and get ready to get crafty!

Give Your Garden An Edge With This DIY Cement Planter

What makes gardening easier and more fun these days are the tons of ideas you can easily get your hands on online. I've come across this pretty smart and nifty DIY cement planter idea from The Sorry Girls, and my hands itched to get to work right away. Luckily, my husband was doing repairs on the patio, so I went and raided his workshop for some leftover cement to get started. Now, I've got cement planters of all sizes and shapes, including garden decor made from cement. Help yourself to this DIY idea to jumpstart your creativity too.


Let's Get This Started!

Tools And Materials For A DIY Cement Planter:

  • Empty juice boxes or milk cartons
  • Empty ice cream cups
  • Sand concrete
  • Water
  • Stick
  • A weight
  • Chalkboard paint (optional)
  • Kraft paper tape

Step 1. Mix Cement

  • Take an empty ice cream cup and fill it with concrete sand.
  • Pour the concrete sand into an empty 1.75 liters juice box with the top cut off.
  • Fill the ice cream cup with water, which you will mix with the cement. Use the ratio of 1 part water to 4 parts cement, so if you have a cup of cement, you will need to add a fourth of a cup of water in the cup for the mixture.

Step 2. Mix Cement Mixture In Improvised Mold

  • Stir the mixture in the container using a stick until you get a buttery consistency to your mix.
  • Get another juice box and empty contents of the previous container into the box.

Step 3. Mold Cement Mix

  • Get a paper cup and squeeze it down into the cement mixture to create a hollow in the mixture.
  • Take a glass and put it inside the cup as a weight to keep it stable. You can also create different sizes and shapes using the same procedure with different empty milk cartons or juice boxes.

Step 4. Take Out Cement Planter

  • Leave the cement molds to dry for 24 hours. You can even dry them out in the sun to harden it quicker.
  • Take out your cement molds and rip off the cartons off from the hardened cement planters.

Step 5. Designing Cement Planter

  • Get a strip of Kraft paper tape and stick it on an angle around the planter. Make sure that the tape is at the same angle on both sides.
  • Cover the side of the planter you don't want to be covered in paint.
  • Take your spray paint, preferably a chalkboard paint for a matte finish, and spray all over the part you want to be painted.

Let's Get Planting!

For these cute and dainty cement planters, equally cute plants like cactus and succulents are perfect. Follow the simple steps below for transplanting cactus and succulents in your new cement planters.

  • Layer the bottom of the planter with pebbles or perlite for added drainage.
  • Fill the planters with soil or compost leaving an inch of space from the brim.
  • Take out your plant and gently transplant it.
  • Scoop more soil using a spoon around the base of the plant to set it.


Follow the step-by-step guide to make this DIY cement planter in this video:

Although I'm lucky enough to have sufficient space for gardening directly in the ground outdoors, I still do a lot of container gardening both indoors and outdoors. Container garden plants are simply endearing–they're like pets you can take care of without the fuss. With this DIY cement planter idea, I won't have to buy planters and I get to create planters with a personal touch. Now, isn't this amazing?

Got innovative DIY planter ideas of you own? I'd be delighted to hear all about it in the comments section below.

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Editor's Note: This post was originally published in April 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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