29 Relaxing Outdoor Garden Benches Perfect For Your Summer Garden

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Looking for garden benches for your summer staycation? Here are some awesome garden benches where you can sit, relax, read a book, be lazy, and just enjoy your garden this summer!

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Most-Liked Garden Benches You'll Surely Love

1.  Rustic Garden Bench

[instagram url=https://www.instagram.com/p/CDbUXeOH-f3/ hidecaption=true width=600]

You'll totally get comfy in this rustic garden bench made from pressure treated 4×6 redwood. You can decorate with cute outdoor cushions and pillows.

2. Half Log Garden Bench

Don't let that fallen tree in your yard rot away, instead make this charming piece of garden furniture for your outdoor pleasure.

3. Stacked Stone Slab Garden Bench

Oh, I'm just breathless at this charming outdoor bench that's fitting for fairyland. A few more shade garden plants, lots of flowering bulbs and it could be very well out of this world.

4. Concrete Garden Bench

[instagram url=https://www.instagram.com/p/CDeIMrxhW5K/ hidecaption=true width=600]

Few materials endure harsh weather like stone or concrete. What better garden furniture than a concrete outdoor bench to last generations in your garden.

5. Wooden Garden Bench And Planter

Frankly, I've never seen a cooler garden bench with a raised planter. Whether you a have a small garden space or a substantial one, this garden bench just rocks!

6. White Washed Wooden Bench

Turn your landscape into a charming cottage garden with a whitewashed picket fence and garden bench. You can build this DIY wooden outdoor bench then paint it white for a cozy and snug cottage garden repose.

7. Mosaic Garden Bench

@babasgarden ♬ original sound – babasgarden

You'd think this garden bench is way over your budget, but you can make a mosaic garden bench by yourself. If you've got leftover tiles from a house renovation, then you can do this one.

8. Artisan Garden Bench

Isn't this a great idea? Now you can really sit back and relax with those old chairs neatly propped up on the garden bench.

9. Repurposed Old Chairs Garden Bench

This used to be two separate chairs without seats that were smartly transformed into one cute garden bench. Isn't it a smart idea?

10. DIY Repurposed Metal Headboard Garden Bench

It's fun to go to thrift shops sometimes, you never know what you'll find–it's like treasure hunting. This metal headboard, for example, could have been headed for the junk, but look how neat an outdoor bench it is!

11. Wagon Wheel Garden Bench

[instagram url=https://www.instagram.com/p/CB6D0xHDO4h/ hidecaption=true width=600]

This is why we never throw some stuff away. Imagine what they could into before you let things end up in the dump. Isn't this wagon wheel outdoor bench awesome?

12. Weathered Garden Bench

[instagram url=https://www.instagram.com/p/BSs6HRnFVuh/ hidecamption=true width=600]

It's not always ‘out with the old, and in with the new' because old things can always make a comeback. The wear on this old wooden bench definitely adds charm.

13. DIY Circle Bench Around The Fire Pit

Turn your backyard into one large outdoor living room with this circle bench around a fire pit. Imagine the wonderful hang outs and get-togethers on this side of your garden.

14. Romantic Swing Garden Bench And Arbor

Do I hear some ‘ahhs' for this charming and lovely garden swing bench? Some climbing plants over it will definitely make it more romantic.

15. Bold And Lovely Painted Garden Bench

[instagram url=https://www.instagram.com/p/BmNhBYXgY2C/ hidecaption=true width=600]

Did you know that the latest trend in garden design is inclined to bold colors in garden furniture and decor? This garden bench certainly got my attention.

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16. DIY Outdoor Bench With Table

Isn't this idea for an outdoor bench just brilliant. This garden bench idea could definitely work in a small space yard and garden.

17. Sunny Yellow Garden Bench

A bright yellow outdoor bench against a backdrop of green? I totally dig it! It makes my garden all the more bright and cheery on a warm summer day.

18. Distressed White Picket Fence Garden Bench

Even your old whitewashed picket fence deserves a comeback in this repurposed garden bench.

19. Williams Sonoma-Inspired DIY Outdoor Bench

[instagram url=https://www.instagram.com/p/CAw6O8pgpk2/ hidecaption=true width=600]

The latest in garden furniture trend calls for minimalist design–less is best, they say. Well, don't you think so too? I sure do!

20. Repurposed Bed Frame To Outdoor Bench

This is one other amazing idea for re-purposed furniture. Surely, your leisure will be all the more relaxing with a bed turned into a bench.

21. DIY Pallet Outdoor Bench

@kirstenwubs ♬ ily (i love you baby) – Surf Mesa

Want to make this DIY garden bench practically for free? Find out where to get pallets for free here to make this nifty garden bench at a minimal cost.

22. Revamped Edwardian Outdoor Bench

Don't be disheartened over an old and rusty wrought iron outdoor bench. It's a chance to transform it into this uber-charming outdoor bench.

23. Easy DIY Cinder Blocks Outdoor Bench

[instagram url=https://www.instagram.com/p/B7DinHVJwF5/ hidecaption=true width=600]

Make an instant garden hang out with this quick and easy outdoor bench from a few cinder blocks and woods.

24. Repurposed Picket Fence Outdoor Bench

Isn't this outdoor bench made from a picket fence also charming? Bring out its natural beauty with some wood lacquer finish.I'm seeing a trend here!

25. DIY Burnt Wood Garden Bench

@mindful_goddess ♬ original sound – mindful_goddess

Whether on your porch or garden, The burnt effect adds rustic yet elegant finish to this garden bench!

26. Outdoor Bench With Danish Woven Cord Seating

Add extra comfort to your outdoor bench with this woven seat idea. Make sure to use an extra sturdy rope if you're planning to make an outdoor garden bench with this Danish cord seating.

27.Repurposed Door Outdoor Bench

You're doing your garden a great favor when you add this regal and classic beauty! Imagine how this would be the center of everyone'sattention.

28. Roundabout Steel Bench

If your garden has trees, this outdoor seat is what you need. You'll be able to enjoy reading and resting under the shade.

29. Coil Outdoor Wooden Bench

@woodfluent ♬ Lottery – K CAMP

The flexibility of this incredible wooden bench will sit perfectly in any garden and landscape! This is a must-have!

Watch this video for an easy and simple DIY garden bench:

There you have it, gardeners! Design ideas for garden benches that are perfect for your outdoor repose.

Your garden benches don't need to be expensive and all-out luxurious. They just have to be functional, cozy and comfy for you and your family to enjoy!

Which of the garden benches did you like best? I’m interested to hear all about it from your comments below!


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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in July 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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