Plant a Living Picture With A Succulent Vertical Garden

Succulents are perfect for beginner gardeners because they're low maintenance. Plus, they look really good inside one's home! Upgrade your wall with this creative succulent vertical garden tutorial from Lowe's Home Improvement.

Plant a Living Picture With A Succulent Vertical Garden

Make A Vertical Garden With These 7 Steps

Vertical gardening is a wise alternative if you have limited space. It allows some beginner gardeners to enjoy the task of gardening even they don't have enough experience. Know how to make your own with these 7 steps!


Step 1

You need a hanging frame that consists of a box that holds the dirt and a frame. You can start by building the box and then assembling the frame using brackets. Attach the box to the frame with the use of brackets. Insert a piece of hardware cloth and finish the back of the hanging frame using a piece of acrylic.

Step 2

When the hanging frame is ready you can now plant. Fill the frame with the potting mix until the wire fabric cloth is covered. You can also make your own potting mix with 2 parts soil-less potting mix, 1 part perlite, and 1 part builder's sand. It should be the dry mix that drains well because the succulents don't want to stay in the water.

Step 3

Pour a little amount of water and let it sit for about 15 minutes.

Step 4

Add another layer of potting mix and water once the soil is compact and settle. The water helps the potting mix to hold a little for planting purposes.

Step 5

Lay your succulents out. Remember to not overcrowd the space because it will grow and will spread out a little more.

Step 6

Once you've got an arrangement, trace around the plant using a permanent marker

Step 7

Cut the wire fabric carefully using tinsnips. Gently bend the wire fabric to make a hole just enough to fit the root ball.

Leave a few inches allowance around the perimeter and between your plants.

And you're done!



Make sure to place your succulent vertical garden in a spot that can help get enough light. It doesn't need to be watered frequently, just a few drops a couple of times, and they're good to go.

Watch this video from Lowe's to see the full tutorial:

This vertical succulent garden is perfect for hanging outdoors and it looks fabulous as a centerpiece on an outdoor table. Maximize your space at home and try this creative vertical succulent!

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