How To Keep Plants Alive In The Summer Heat Wave | 11 Tips

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The changing season is starting to have us think about how to keep plants alive in the heat of the Summer. But there's no need to worry! You can do a lot of preparations to ascertain your beloved plants make it through the heat.

Here's a list of 11 foolproof care tips on how to keep plants alive in the Summer.

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Summer Gardening Tips: How to Keep Plants Alive and Healthy

Tip #1: Get to Know Your Plant


First and most importantly, understand the needs of your plants. As you may have realized, all plants are different, thus they require unique care. Some basic information you must know include:

  • Do they prefer direct sunlight or shade?
  • Do they like humidity or would they thrive in dry condition?
  • Are they drought-resistant or are they thirsty plants?

Remember, even if you water your plants regularly, they will only thrive if they're living in the right conditions.

Tip #2: Water Deep

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Train your plants to grow their roots deep in the soil. This way, during the hot Summer, they'll be able to get the water lodged deep down. Regularly check your soil's moisture by sticking your finger at least 1 inch from the top. If it's dry to touch, it's time to soak the soil in water.

Remember, infrequent deep watering works better than daily light showers.

Tip #3: Water Timely and Properly

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With #2 comes a warning, do not overwater your plant as well. It's the most common reason why plants don't survive.

To retain the much-needed moisture and avoid evaporation, water your plants early in the morning or in the evening especially for areas with dry climate. For humid zones, it's advisable to water in the morning to avoid diseases that come with watering plants in the evening.

Avoid watering at noon or when the heat is extreme. Plants tend to absorb water less when they’re experiencing heat stress.

Tip #4: Increase Humidity


Most equatorial plants love humidity. If you're growing them indoors, maintain a 40-60% humidity. You can put them in the bathroom to do this.

To increase humidity, you can mist spray the plants during hot days. Alternatively, you can create your own humidity trays with some pebbles.

Tip #5: Mulch Around the Base


I've mentioned this several times in previous blogs, mulching doesn't only keep unwanted weeds from growing. Mulch helps retain water moisture in the soil. Additionally, a good enough layer of mulch can also keep the roots of your plants cooler.

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Tip #6: Choose Your Containers

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Surprisingly, planters and pots can make or break plant health. Here are are few things to consider:

  • Smaller pots need more watering than bigger ones because they lose water more frequently.
  • Dark-colored pots absorb heat more, thus evaporates water faster.
  • Even when it's hot, plants in a poor-draining pot will still drown in standing water.

Tip #7: Use Drip Feeder

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Plan on going out for a while? Your plants can survive for a week with drip feeders. To make one, dip one end of a rope in a gallon of water and stick the other end in the soil.

Tip #8: Fertilize Sparingly


Though Spring and Summer are usually the growing seasons for most plants, it is advisable to refrain from applying fertilizers to your plants on very hot days.

If you need to feed your plants, however, avoid using salt-rich fertilizers. The sodium content contributes to faster evaporation.

Tip #9: Avoid Repotting When It's Hot


It's a healthy habit to transfer plants to different pots. However, do not do it when there's a heatwave going. Why? Repotting always cause your plants to get stressed and this heightened stress could cause it to die during extreme heat.

Tip #10: Prune Cautiously

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While pruning generally helps your plant grow more robustly, you might be tempted to snip off those wilted and discolored leaves when the heat is extreme. Don't! Wait for the temp to get back to normal, the foliage might be able to rebound back to its health.

Tip # 11: Try Drought-Resistant Plants

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Lastly, if you often experience extreme Summer heat in your area, why not give drought-resistant varieties a try. For flowers, try butterfly weed, tickseed, blanket flower, and lavender.

Eggplant, pepper, corn, and summer squash will do great in your summer vegetable garden. These plants for Summer will thrive even in the heat.

Watch this video from Jugaad on how to make self-watering systems for plants:

If you keep these tips in mind, you have one less thing to worry about this coming Summer. With a ready reference on how to keep plants alive, you'll more likely have a successful gardening experience.

Ultimately, you'll be spending more time admiring your plants rather than stressing yourself about problems you could have solved easily with proper planning.

Did we miss any tip on how to protect plants from extreme heat and how to keep plants healthy in the Summer? Let us know in the comments below.


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