21 Awesome Potting Bench Ideas You Can DIY

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Using a potting bench in your gardening routine provides you with more than just a cool place to work on your beautiful planters and plants. You also get to save yourself from back and knee aches while giving yourself ample and organized storage for your gardening gears.

Check out this roundup for some amazing potting bench ideas you can DIY.

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21 Beautiful Potting Bench Ideas to Elevate Your Garden Experience

1. Wire-Backed Potting Bench

You will love this gardening bench most if you are into clematis plants. The wire will look amazing when taken over by the healthy and colorful foliage.

2. Decorative Bar Potting Bench

Who said a gardening bench has to be boring? Make it the focal point of your yard or deck with a stunning design, some beautiful pots, shelves, and decorative pieces. And of course, you get a rustic touch when you are not actively potting.

3. Wooden Table Potting Bench

This table bench is the epitome of simplicity and sophistication. With this, you get a rather large working and display top and an equally large open shelf below.

You can use this potting bench as an extra table to hold snacks and drinks for your garden parties.

4. Cross-Leg Potting Bench


Get more out of your garden with this functional potting bench that has a cross-leg design. It lacks the usual space for storage, but that only means you get more room to display your plants.

5. Bench With Hidden Garbage Can Enclosure

This beauty will help you keep anything grim completely out of sight, while availing plenty of working and display space. The side panel can be used to hang your gardening tools.

6. Multi-Shelves Potting Bench


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This multi-shelves gardening bench will come in handy if you have a considerable number of pots you need to display. The two shelves have full grid panels to keep your pots from falling over.

7. Simple Potting Bench With Hooks


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This sturdy but simple bench will add a touch of order and elegance to your patio or shed. You'll have enough display space for your planters, hooks for your gardening gears, and an open shelf for stashing away unused pots.

8. Rustic Garden Potting Bench


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This garden potting table is one of my favorites. Nothing is more surreal than having a simple rustic bench with beautiful colorful flowers amidst the dense greenery of a garden. It's definitely a must-have for gardeners with large gardening space.

9. Window Extension Potting Bench


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Sometimes a genius wood extension from your window is all the potting bench you need. This will add an edge to your patio and will be a beautiful site from inside the house.

10. Deluxe Potting Bench

Having a sink to fill up with soil, water, or even compost in your potting bench is handy and can perk up gardening. This wooden bench also features a drawer and two open shelves for storage and side hooks for hanging your tools.

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11. Shed Potting Bench


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Potting benches are beautiful indoors as they are outdoors. This shed potting table is a simple way of ensuring the space is convenient and does not compromise working, display, and storage.

12. Leftover Wood Gardening Bench

With a bit of creativity, leftovers can be up-cycled into something elegant and functional. I especially love the layered design on the wood. Not to mention, the top shelf allows for decoration and pots.

Depending on the amount of leftover wood you have, make as many shelves as you can.

13. Repurposed Potting Bench

Storage will no longer be an issue with such a long repurposed bench. Can't find one to re-purpose? Don't worry, all you have to do is get enough wood and nails, and you will have one in no time.

Go all out on the paint or choose a color that blends well with your landscape.

14. Reclaimed Wood Potting Bench

This reclaimed wood gardening bench is functional, as it is beautiful. With three open shelves, you have a roomy working top and all the storage you need for your pots and other gardening essentials.

15. Ergonomic Height Potting Table

Though small, the ergonomic height of this bench will save you from all the pains of gardening. At the same time, it boasts a metal sheet working surface and two open shelves to display your plants or store your potting essentials.

The shelves have grid pattern panels at the back to keep your gardening tools and pots from falling.

16. Cable Drum Board Potting Bench

This 48.5-inch high cable drum board comes with a 60-inch diameter built-in potting table. It is a great out-of-the-box idea for a potting bench. It's a unique and welcoming view in your porch, especially with healthy greenery or vibrant and bright flowers.

17. Garden Bench Potting Table


Put that idle wood bench sitting in your yard into good use by laying beautiful planters and flowers on it. It offers a roomy working space. The room under the bench makes a good storage space for your pots.

18. Tiered Hardwood Potting Bench

With a tiered design from the bottom-up, this potting bench will suit you best if you have many large pots you want to display. Add that to the wood's natural color which blends with any mulch color in your yard.

19. Gardening Bench With Cabinet


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Functionality doesn't get better than this gardening bench that features a drawer to store away your seeds, a cabinet for larger supplies like potting soil, and an open shelf to display your plants, and another for your storage. Not to mention, it also has a roomy iron coated working space and side hooks.

20. Lattice Gardening Bench

You will get the best of both worlds with this gardening table – a stylish lattice design and corbels for aesthetics, shelves to store your pots, hooks, and a grated top to catch excess soil and dirt in the compartment below.

21. Gardening Table With Drawers


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This oak potting table will serve as a great focal point in your indoor garden. The drawers will help you store away your small gardening gears while the bottom open shelf is a great space to display more plants.

Store your bigger planting pots away to keep your living room orderly.

Watch this video from Anna White on how to make a DIY farmhouse potting bench:

There you go, dear gardeners. Your gardening this season will be anything but boring with these stylish and functional potting benches.

Which of these did you love the most and will be trying to create? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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