5 Essential Gardening Tools

Your Must-Have Gardening Tools  

As any avid gardener knows, you need well-chosen tools to garden effectively. Not only do they make life easier, but they enhance the gardening experience altogether! Choosing the right tools is a difficult challenge for the new gardener, so we've outlined the garden tools that you shouldn't live without.

Shovel and Spade

At the top of any list of must-have gardening tools is a good shovel and spade. Your shovel is crucial. It helps with digging holes for planting fresh saplings, moving soil from one place to another, and shaping the garden landscape. Similarly, a high-quality spade is ideal to root out difficult weeds, loosen up the soil for planting seeds, and dig holes for transplanting flowers and veggies. It's important to get a good shovel and spade to make your life easier!

Weed Puller

You need a simple-to-operate weed puller to help eliminate weeds that constantly pop up in your garden. A purpose-built weed puller is more efficient than pulling by hand since these tools are designed to grab the entire weed including the root structure.

Garden Cart

A garden cart or wheelbarrow helps transport gardening supplies from one area of the garden to another. A decent garden cart will certainly increase the efficiency of a landscaping project. Garden carts are highly versatile and perfect for transporting saplings, flowers, or vegetables as well as moving all your hand-tools from place to place.

Storage Container

Rather than haphazardly placing your gardening tools in a shed or garage, use a storage container. This purpose-built box holds a complete collection of garden tools, from small hand-held tools to large rakes and shovels. Most of these boxes are manufactured in a resilient plastic material that is waterproof to make sure the garden equipment is protected from all elements. Leave this box right next to your garden so that you can easily grab your gardening tools when you need them!

Pruning Shears

You need a selection of pruning shears in many different sizes to help with trimming wild shrubs and bushes. Hand shears are perfect for taking care of the rose bushes, while a larger set of shears is necessary for clipping the overgrown bushes in the garden and trimming the low hanging tree branches.

All in all, a wide-range choice of the best gardening tools will certainly help increase any gardener's ability to efficiently maintain the usability and appearance of the outside space.

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