DIY Garden Storage Shed Ideas To Save Money

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Just by organizing your garden storage you can save a lot of money. Instead of reconstructing an entire space, you can maximize every inch of your yard to keep everything in place. Here are some ideas you can do for your backyard and your outhouse.

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Great Garden Storage Ideas to Save You a Lot of Money

1. Rake as Key Holder


Saving money to maximize your garden storage can relate to recycling things you already have. Part of it is using old gardening tools and repurposing them for other uses.

An old rake can be recycled and become a key holder. Hang an old rake on the wall and use its tines to hold your keychain rings.

2. Use a Palette to Hold Tools


Looking for a place to store large garden tools can be a challenge. They take too much space and they're long.

You will need a stand to put them all together in one place. Use a palette to hold your rakes or shovels together.

Stand it sideways and use the space in the middle to store your long tools.

3. Use Hooks to Hang Everything on the Wall


Hooks are inexpensive and can be very useful when organizing your garden storage space. If you can't think of a place to put your hand tools and garden apparatus, you can always use a hook and hang them on your wall.

It will be easy to take anything you need, saves a lot of space, and cost you very little money.

4. Bench Storage


If you plan to DIY a bench for your garden, consider adding a storage space underneath it. It can serve multiple purposes and give you a lot of space for your area.

5. Bike Cabinet


In line with maximizing space for everything in your yard, consider a sliding bike cabinet mini shed. It will keep your bikes safe and hidden. Plus, you can use the top part as a planter or even a small storage box for your tools.

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6. Old Mailbox


Use an old mailbox as a mini toolbox. It is a great way to use up every space you have, recycle old stuff, and make it convenient for yourself. It will make the tools easily accessible as well.

An old mailbox can be a great design to your garden especially if you put it next to your shed. This will save you some money rather than buying a new toolbox for yourself.

7. Planter Box Storage


A garden planter and storage for your hose can be added to your garden and be a great space saver. You can DIY a wooden box where your plants can be placed on top and the bottom portion can be a cabinet for your gardening tools such as a hose.

8. Outdoor Storage Table


Saving up money and space is important and maximizing every inch of your space can make a tiny area look big. Just like if you add an outdoor storage table.

It is easy to build. A simple hollow concrete box will do.

Just add wood covers on top to make it a table. This is a great idea if you always have picnics in your yard.

9. PVC Tool Storage


Very simple, efficient, and budget-friendly. Creating a tool holder for your rakes, shovels, and other garden tools with stick out of PVC is a great idea.

All you have to do is cut the plastic pipes to small pieces, attach one end to the wall of your shed, and you just have to slide everything into the tubes. It is really simple.

10. Maximize the Use of Shelves

Flower Pot Shelves | DIY Garden Storage Shed Ideas To Save Money

Maximize the use of shelves in your garden shed. Shelves are a great way to put a lot of things in one place and become very accessible whenever you will need them.

This may be the most cost-efficient way of organizing your garden storage since most shacks have shelves. To make it neat, place the most used tools in the bottom where you can easily reach them, and those you rarely use on the top shelf.

You can add a small curtain to hide the messiness of it all.

Watch this video from Eric Sorensen to learn more about keeping a tight budget when making a garden storage:

Here are some garden storage ideas you can try to make use of all the areas you have and at the same time save money. Just use what you have and organize it well to maximize your garden's space. It's time to put these ideas in real life and start working on your backyard.

Do you have other garden storage ideas you want to share with us? Leave your thoughts in the comments section provided below. 


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