Creative Indoor Gardening Ideas You Can Do For The Holidays

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The cold season is here and you need to bring some of your plants inside your house and take your indoor gardening game up a notch to match with this festive season.

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Indoor Gardening Ideas You Can Try for the Winter Season

Indoor Gardening Ideas

Decorating your home is just way too fun for me, especially when it's the winter season and the holidays are about to come.

When Christmas time is coming, I usually spruce up my home not with ornaments but by using plants to decorate the house and make it more festive indoors. Try out these indoor gardening ideas you can try to decorate your house for the winter season.

1. Vertical Garden

Plants Inside Living Room | Creative Indoor Gardening Ideas You Can Do For The Holidays

You can never go wrong with a vertical garden. It is always fun to do and very nice to see. Do you have an empty wall in your house? Why not try creating a vertical garden on it?

What makes it more fun is you can decorate it however you want. For the winter and Christmas season, add some Poinsettia in your indoor vertical garden and mix it with green leafy plants, like rosemary, to make the green and red theme.

What I would do is I would do alternating colors — red plants on the first row, green on the second, red again on the third, and so on.

2. Christmas Tree Indoor Garden


Trying to get a Christmas tree for the holidays? Why not try a Christmas tree plant pyramid that would be a substitute for a real tree to showcase your different plants and be more creative.

You can create or DIY a pyramid stand shaped like a tree and put plants to fill it up with color. You can also add ornaments if you want but you can also add more color and texture by adding different kinds of holiday plants like poinsettia, azalea, Christmas cactus, or snowdrops in a pot. That's a new way of making your own Christmas tree.

3. Vase Ornaments


Using winter jewels or orchids, create vase ornaments you can scatter around your house to bring out the festive season inside your home while still using the plants we all love.

Put a blooming flower in a vase and decorate the rest of the vase with Christmas ornaments. You can use small Christmas stars, Christmas balls, or even snowflakes ornaments to decorate the vase and add more design to the vase ornament, leveling up your indoor gardening game for the holidays.

Also, put your vases away from direct light to prolong the plant's life.

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4. Rolling Cart Succulent


What better way to decorate your house and create an indoor garden by making a rolling cart succulent planter? It is so easy to make and can liven up your home with its simple yet elegant design.

Just get a bar cart that you usually don't use or can put to good use, you can color it up with whatever color you like, then put your succulent plants in it. Just remember to place a mesh underneath the plants for drainage then also fill the gaps in between with soil.

5. Corner Garden


Make a corner garden — it is simple but can still bring a whole new life to a room. You can transform a boring corner of a room and make it one of your most favorite part of your house.

Although, you need to pick a spot that gets plenty of light. You can transform an industrial metal cart to your indoor gardening corner. Just place your beautiful plants on the top shelf and you can store watering cans on the second shelf.

6. Green Wall


Stepping out from the usual container indoor garden, try a green wall designed garden. Keeping a wall garden usually requires low-maintenance plants not sensitive to light.

It is a great way to still keep an indoor garden, especially during the winter. In addition to that, you can turn a boring wall in your house to a live one.

7. Bedroom Garden


Fresh clean air in your bedroom sounds great, right? Create a mini garden inside your bedroom to liven up your room more.

You can place pots and plants on floating shelves. This is perfect for small spaces and adds a great design to a minimalistic designed room.

8. Succulent Terrariums

Person Making Terraniums | Creative Indoor Gardening Ideas You Can Do For The Holidays

Small succulent terrariums can be added to your home and create a mini indoor garden. This idea works well not only in winter but for the entire year as well.

Can't get enough of these indoor gardening ideas you can try for winter? Check this video from Organic Gardening Lover for more ideas:

There you have it, different ideas you can try in your home to bring the celebration of the holidays indoors. When trying these ideas, it is best to consider the positioning of your plants if sunlight will be able to reach it.

Have an indoor gardening idea of your own? Share it with us by leaving a comment in the section provided below.


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