Top 10 Stunning Perennial Flowers Around The Globe You Can Grow

Perennial flowers definitely hold some of the most beautiful flowers in the world. Although beauty is subjective, these perennials are undeniably some of the most popular flowers. Help yourself to this list and check out if your favorite flower made it to the top 10!

Most Popular Perennial Flowers Around The World

Personally, nothing is as beautiful as flowers which can induce wonderful feelings in us. Although I find all flowers beautiful, these flowers are the stuff of poetry, romantic stories, and love songs. Most of them are even regular in flower shops and for well-deserved reasons. While annual flowers are equally lovely, you'll find perennial flowers easy for flower gardening. Check out which of your favorite perennial flowers made it to our list to grow in your flower garden.


1. Dazzling Dahlias

If you're looking for flowers with big flower heads and a large color collection, choose dahlias. These lovely perennials are a native of Mexico, it's their nation's flower symbol. You can grow dahlias from seeds in this easy growing guide!

2. Lustrous Lilies

Lilies are an important flower in many cultures and literature around the world. A native of the northern hemisphere, lilies are usually found in temperate and sub-tropical flower gardens. Plant lilies in late fall for lovely blooms in late spring through to summer.

3. Adorable Amaryllis

Make a dull room light up with a potted amaryllis bulb! These incredible flowers are becoming quite popular as indoors decorations. It's amazing how they develop flowers after all the leaves have withered. They can look like cut flowers you can take indoors as a decoration.

4. Exquisite Orchids

Some of the rarest and most expensive flower varieties come from the family of orchids. These amazing flowers grow as high as the canopies of tropical rainforest and hold one of the largest selection of flower species. It's no wonder true blue gardeners get hooked to collecting these amazing flowers.

5. Exotic Hibiscus

If there's one flower you identify with a sunny tropical beach that would be hibiscus. Like most flowers, hibiscus has an extensive selection of variety with different forms and texture, from flowers with five petals to varieties with lovely multiple petals. The color selection is extensive as well, and my favorite is purple which is quite unusual.

6. Elegant Tulips

The most famous flower parks in Europe take pride in their extensive collection of Tulips which is probably next to roses in beauty and prominence. While they are a common flowering perennial bulb, tulips are some of the widely marketed flowers in the world. Well, why buy them when you can easily plant them in your flower garden?

7. Delicate Calla Lilies

Although calla lilies are a native of Africa, they're commonly found in flower shops and nurseries now. These pond plants definitely earned the curiosity and admiration of flower enthusiasts with their unique form. Besides the pond, calla lilies make great indoor ornamental plants.

8. Lovely Lily of the Valley

If Kate Middleton prefers lily of the valley as her wedding bouquet, this humble woodland flowers has definitely something to show up for it. While they are commonly found in the woodlands of the northern hemisphere, they make great flowers for a bouquet. Their dainty tiny bell-like flowers look cute and pretty in a flower arrangement.

9. Charming Hydrangeas

With velvety pastel florets, hydrangeas is definitely a flower with ten times the charm. Don't think these old-fashioned flowers are just for your grandmother's garden. Besides their beauty and their unusual form, hydrangeas make great flowers for arrangements. Hydrangeas are great flowers to preserve and I've even got pressed hydrangeas as of now.

10. Gorgeous Roses

Arguably, the most beautiful among the perennial flowers are definitely the popular roses. Depending on the variety, roses are one of the most fragrant flowers in this list. They may be thorny, but most gardeners grow roses in their garden despite the challenge.


Find out how to start a perennial flower garden in this video:

Flowers are certainly stunning, we spend big bucks to have them growing in our garden. We even spend more when we buy these popular flowers in shops. Knowing you can have them easily in your garden, make room for these awesome perennial flowering plants in your garden!

Did I miss out on your favorite perennial flower? Tell me all about it in the comments section below.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in April 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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