Garden Season DIY: How To Make A Compost Bin

Composting shouldn't be a backbreaking job with continual loosening, mixing, and aerating. Most of all, it shouldn't be expensive since you're composting to cut down on your gardening expenses. You can do this easy DIY compost tumbler, and learn how to make a compost bin that's convenient and easy.

You can either dig into your compost with both hands, or use a garden fork when loosening or aerating your compost. But I have here a practical solution that will allow you to loosen and aerate your compost easily. So rather than wield a garden fork that seems like you're after an ogre every time you want your compost aerated, you can build a compost bin instead. With just a few strike of your hands, you can make a good compost with this homemade compost tumbler. Read on to find out how!

Garden Season DIY: How To Make A Compost Bin 

Making a good compost needs a regular loosening and aerating to regulate humidity and temperature. Learn how to make a compost bin that's convenient for you. Here's how:

You Will Need:

  • 45 Gallon Food Grade Plastic Drum or Barrel
  • 1″ x 36″ Metal Pipe
  • 2 2″x6″x 10′ board
  • 2 spacers
  • 2 pipe caps
  • Screw nails
  • Measuring Tape
  • Hand Saw
  • Drill Bit


How To Make A Compost Bin:

Step 1. Measurement

First of all, you will need to measure 3 sections on both boards for the stand. Measure 42 inches for the legs, 34 inches for the crossbars, and 45 inches for the arms.


Step 2. Cutting Wood Sections


Then, cut the sections with a hand saw, and lay them in pairs according to their height. You are now ready for assembling the compost tumbler stand.


Step 3. Assembling The Stand


Next, measure 14 inches from what's going to be the top of the leg boards, and mark the centers of both board sections. Then, drill a hole in the marked area of the boards intended for the legs. Since you'll be using a 1-inch metal pipe, make sure to drill the holes in the boards a bit larger for the metal pipe to fit through.


Step 4. Fitting Pieces Together


Assemble the sections of the frame with the cross bars parallel to the arms. This is to support the stand. Then, prop up the board sections intended as legs against the arms (as illustrated in step # 3). Finally, secure the board sections in place with screw nails.


Step 5. Attaching The Compost Bin To The Stand


Prepare your plastic barrel and make sure that your barrel is food grade. Meaning, it wasn't previously used to store chemicals that could be harmful to your soil and plants. Then, measure 20 inches from the bottom, and mark the area where you have to drill the holes for the metal bar to be inserted through.


Step 6. Drilling Holes For Ventilation


Next, drill several small holes all over your barrel for ventilation. This is to regulate humidity and aeration. Therefore preventing your compost from giving off a foul odor.


Step 7. Assembling The Compost Tumbler


Now you can assemble the whole structure by fitting the pipe through the opposite holes in either leg boards and in the barrel. Then, attach the two spacers on either side of the compost bin through the metal pipe.


Step 8. Finishing Touches


You're almost done. All that's left to do is to fasten the pipe cap in the opposite ends of the metal pipe to secure the tumbler in place.


Now You Can Tumble Your Compost Away!


With this design, extracting your compost from the bin will be easier. Just make sure that your lid shuts tightly to avoid spillage when tumbling your compost bin.


Check Out The Full Video Tutorial From Iphotostuff Here:

Finally, you now know how to make a compost bin that's so easy, you don't need to be a carpenter. It's also so simple, you won't need complex power tools. And most of all, it's cheap enough to allow you to save more than half of what you'd usually spend on a store-bought compost tumbler. You also get to have bragging rights for being self-sufficient and creative!

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