13 Pretty Fall Flowers To Plant In Your Autumn Garden Right Now

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Fall flowers are equally showy and are a perfect way to keep your garden and pots appealing throughout autumn. Check out this compilation of beautiful fall flowers that are a perfect transition into fall.

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13 Eye-Catching Fall Flowers to Level up Your Garden


1. Ornamental Pepper


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Add a festive pop indoors or outdoors with the colorful blend of ornamental pepper varieties. Though grown as annuals, you can grow these beauties as perennials in warmer frost-free climates.

2. Croton


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If you are looking to add some vivid foliage with a rich and vibrant colour palette, then Croton is your go-to flower this season.
Though not frost resistant, Croton will thrive indoors during winter. Otherwise, it makes beautiful shrubs in frost-free areas.

3. Russian Sage


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Your autumn flower theme garden cannot go wrong with the deep silvery-green foliage and purple flowers of the Russian sage. This perennial is a hybrid that tolerates the harshest weather and poor soil conditions and will attract hummingbirds to your compound, encouraging pollination.

4. Helenium


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Helenium is your go-to flower if you are looking to add some saturated deep shades of yellow, red, and orange to your garden this fall. Butterflies love the “sneezeweed,” making it the ideal choice for your butterfly theme garden.

If you do not want to grow it exclusively, planting it on borders of other fall flowers will give an eye-catching pop of colors later in the season.

5. Black-Eyed Susan


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Brighten your front yard, decks, or indoor garden with these bold daisy-shaped golden-yellow flowers that blend well with asters and mums.

Black-eyed Susan will also do great in a butterfly garden, but you will love them more if you practice bee-keeping since bees adore them.

6. Shrub Rose

beautiful shrub roses growing outdoor | 13 Pretty Fall Flowers To Plant In Your Autumn Garden Right Now

Roses are known for being fussy and complicated to care for, but not all roses are the same. Shrub roses are easy to grow and require minimal maintenance.

While their flowers are not as showy as traditional hybrid roses, the shrub rose will still fill your garden with an array of warm shades from snowy white to deep purple flowers.

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7. Aster


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The Aster is hardy in most zones and an outstanding perennial as is annual. Its beautiful blue, pink, lavender, and purple flowers attract and feed bees and butterflies.

They are the perfect transition of the end-of-season color pallet since they like to show off when everything else in your garden starts fading.

8. Chrysanthemums

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Mums are the most popular flowers for fall gardens, yet the easiest to grow. Their main requirements include being aerated, rich and well-drained soil, and full sunlight. There are hundreds of varieties to choose from, depending on sizes and shapes with these beauties.

While mums love full sunlight, move them to shade when the flower buds form.

9. Marigolds

marigolds mixed color | 13 Pretty Fall Flowers To Plant In Your Autumn Garden Right Now

Marigolds are the no-fuss annuals that will light up your garden with the color of sunshine, not to mention ladybugs, butterflies, and bees. Give these flowers well-drained soil and a full sun spot in your garden and watch them bloom.

Marigolds come in three typical varieties, French marigold, African marigold, and the edible Signet marigold. Marigolds repel pests and predators,  hence a perfect companion for your veggie garden.

10. Cosmos

pink flowers with white background

Do you consider yourself a brown thumb? Cosmos flowers do great even with a bit of neglect and will thrive in your garden despite your skills. Also, cosmos flowers will give a breathtaking carpet of picotee, red, pink, white, orange, and yellow hues amid lacy greenery without flopping over.

11. Canna Lillies


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Cannas are easy-to-grow and have blooms of cream, pink, orange, red, and yellow flowers and long broad leaves in multi-colored, bronze, and green patterns.

Grow your Cannas from rhizomes, and they will thrive on highly organic soil and full sunlight.

12. Dahlias

flower closeup plant | Pretty Fall Flowers To Plant In Your Autumn Garden Right Now

If you are looking for diversity in size and blooms, then the drop-dead gorgeous dahlias are your go-to fall flowers. Dahlias come in just every color imaginable and range from small to the gigantic “plate” varieties.

Dahlias are mostly grown on the ground, but that does not mean you cannot grow them in your cool planters. But be sure to stake them to avoid tipping or falling over, and fertilize regularly during the growing period.

13. Dusty Miller


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Level up your flower garden's color palette with this favorite neutral go-to that will contrast your blooms yet shine in its own right.

For busy gardeners who enjoy gardening, the dusty miller is pest-free and drought resistant and will add sparkle to your garden without much of your touch.

Watch this video from Diane Mumm on how to grow mums this autumn season:

There you go, green thumbs. There is a wide array of fall flowers to choose from, which can be overwhelming, but you cannot go wrong with this list. Also, why choose only one if you like five?

Uniform fall flower gardens are beautiful, but assorted ones are more appealing!

Which of these flowers will you be growing this fall? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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