7 Exciting Ways In Preserving Flowers For Winter Delight

People with an innate love for flowers will surely love preserving flowers. Especially as the winter season closes in, giving flowers the chance to bloom their last.

Whether it’s flowers in your garden or flowers you got as a present, you’ll want to preserve them for their sentimental value.

Especially for rare and exotic flowers, the urge to preserve is rather strong. That’s why I’ve come up with a list of different methods of preserving flowers you’d find rather handy. Read on to learn all about it.

Preserve Flowers This Winter The Exciting Way

I love preserving flowers! For me, it's the easiest and most sentimental way to create a keepsake of wonderful memories. Whether it’s your precious bridal bouquet or an amazingly beautiful get-well-soon arrangement from your best friend, drying flowers (this is my favorite method) is just one way to preserve their beauty and sentimental value it comes with.

Preserving flowers is something anyone can do, especially during the winter season when flowers outside start to wither and it's Christmas the merriest holiday of all holidays. It's the perfect time to decorate.

Dried flowers make good decorations, from paper crafts to potpourri and candles, to holiday wreaths. They simply bring incomparable natural beauty indoors. And with these methods to choose from, you can preserve any kind of flower and use them for other projects.


1. Pressing Flowers

Pressing Flowers | Excitingly Creative Ways In Preserving Flowers | Gardening Ideas
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There are tons of things you can do with pressed flowers. And there are several ways to press flowers too. You can either press them in non-glossy books like the yellow pages or old books, iron them to press, or make a DIY flower press tool.


2. Preserving Flowers In Wax

Take caution when doing this as it will require you to use melted paraffin wax which can be very hot. The preserving flowers in a wax method are only applicable to fully-opened flowers with thicker petals, as flowers with delicate petals will only wither in the wax.

Preserving flowers this way make for lots of good souvenirs.


3. Hot Air Flower Drying

Hot Air Flower Drying | Excitingly Creative Ways In Preserving Flowers | Gardening Ideas
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Hot-air drying is used by professionals for commercial purposes. Flowers are hung in a ventilated room with a temperature not below 30 degrees celsius, for many hours.

This method is ideal for dense flowers like chrysanthemums, zinnias, and marigolds.



4. Preserving Flowers Using Silica Gel

To preserve flowers in silica gel, you’ll need an air-tight container. Flowers must be completely covered in the powder. You can re-use silica gel for many years to come for preserving flowers.

Anemone, tulips, alliums, and roses are just some of the flowers ideal for this method.


5. Preserving Flowers Through Freeze Drying

This is a rather complicated process involving a special machine which not only freezes the flowers but pumps out moisture in the flowers through a vacuum. But while it’s complicated, flowers preserved through freeze-drying retain their natural shape and color. Therefore this method is best for preserving rare flower varieties.


6. Microwave Or Oven Flower Drying

Drying flowers in the oven or microwave may be costly, but it’s handy when a special project calls for dried flowers immediately. This method can be tricky as you may overdo the process.

Dense flowers like sunflowers, cornflowers, zinnias, and roses are ideal for this flower-preserving method.


7. Air-Drying Flowers

This method is the simplest and most ideal for beginners.

It’s simply drying the flowers in a well-ventilated area, away from direct sunlight. Flowers like celosia, amaranth, strawflowers, and goldenrod are tied with a rubber band and hung upside down for at least a week–depending on the flowers.


Watch this video from HomeClick for a step by step guide to preserving flowers:  

Learning to do different arts and crafts like preserving flowers proves there’s no limit to what we can do. Most of all, you get to keep mementos from your garden in these preserved flowers through a fun and creative process. Have a fun time drying flowers and crafting them green thumb!

Planning to preserve those hydrangeas and roses in your garden now? Let me know by adding your comment below.

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