15 Easy DIY Garden Trellis Projects

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A garden trellis is one of the most charming elements in a yard. It is functional and can give your plants more space to grow.

I've rounded up the most effective and impressive garden trellis ideas even a novice can build. Find the one that will perfectly suit your garden needs.

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DIY Garden Trellis Projects | Easy & Functional

1. A-Frame Trellis


An A-frame trellis is two cedar frames hooked together using hinges. I suggest using chicken wire instead of the hardware cloth to give your plants larger holes for them to dangle off the trellis easily.

It is effective, easy to build, and can cost less than $50.

2. Obelisk Garden Trellis


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Obelisk trellis' vertical appearance resembling a pyramid structure provides a framework to train your plants to grow upwards.

It is perfect for vining plants in a vegetable garden or a flower garden. You can build one using bamboo, wood, or sturdy branches.

3. Honeycomb Trellis


This honeycomb trellis project will add a new story to any boring corner in your yard.

All you need are pine boards to form trapezoid pieces. Build hexagons using the trapezoid pieces, then connect them together and lay them out in different patterns to create a beautiful honeycomb garden trellis.

4. Chevron Lattice Trellis


Lattice is a structure of crossed wooden strips arranged to form diagonal patterns of open spaces. And chevron is a seamless zig-zag pattern to incorporate in your outdoor space.

You can build a DIY chevron lattice trellis using simple items you might already have in your house.

5. Teepee Garden Trellis


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You can build either a complex teepee trellis or a basic one with three bamboo poles tied together.. It is handy for growing vining vegetables like peas, cucumbers, as well as ornamental flowering vines.

This trellis project should be at least 6-8 ft. tall and can be assembled out of branch cuttings from your yard to make it more simple and economical.

6. Arched Trellis


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An arch trellis or arbor is a plant support with two side panels and an arched roof which creates a tunnel-like passage. It works best for invasive plants which tend to take over a big space in your yard.

Aside from providing sturdy support for your plants, arched trellis also creates picturesque entrances for your garden.

7. Ladder Trellis


Hardwood lumber is the best choice for building ladder trellis. Although you want to keep it simple, you also need to make it long-lasting. That's why using a wood strong enough to support dense vines and growing fruits is ideal.

But if lumber is out of the budget, you can repurpose an old ladder and turn it into a functional garden trellis.

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8. Copper Garden Trellis


Copper trellis is any plant support made with a standard copper water pipe. This project requires some soldering skills and a bending technique, so if you're willing to do some extra work, then this is perfect for you!

A copper garden trellis can add a natural and warm note to your outdoor space, whether tarnished or shiny.

9. T-Posts Trellis


T-posts are great materials for building garden trellises. Aside from being inexpensive, they're also strong and make steady plant support that lasts for years.

One good thing about T-posts is that you can build various garden trellis structures using the same T-post you used last year.

10. Wire Wall Trellis


Wire wall trellis is ideal for flowering vines like a climbing rose, sweet pea vine, and clematis. You can install this trellis on your wall garden to give it a beautiful focal point.

Stainless steel cables are the best material for a wire wall trellis. It provides strong support for heavy vines and won't rot from changing weather conditions and water exposure.

11. Pallet Trellis


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Did you know that a trellis made out of wood pallets is an inexpensive alternative that can give enough strength to support vining plants like squash, peas, zucchini, and melon?

By using simple materials such as twine thread and fixed wood pallets, you can easily build a sturdy A-frame to support your plants.

12. String Trellis


This simple garden trellis requires a wood frame and some durable strings. It is simple yet effective in handling climbing plants such as morning glories, tomatoes, and sweet peas.

Dye the strings with bright colors to create a more aesthetically pleasing garden display right before the vines take over the entire string trellis.

13. Rustic Garden Trellis


This trellis idea is one of the easiest and most practical ways of decorating your garden and providing support for your growing plants.

Rustic trellis makes use of sturdy branches lying around your yard. But be sure to pick the dry ones and not those branches that are nearly rotten so your trellis can be used as many times as needed.

14. Garden Tools Trellis


Create a clever garden trellis using old farm tools such as a garden fork and a shovel. All you need are some scrap wood and strong thread to attach them all together.

This easy DIY trellis idea provides a creative touch and primitive decor to your artsy vegetable garden.

15. Bike Rim Trellis


Bike rim trellis can be built using two old bike tires, an upright post, and a durable twine. This trellis idea is fun and cost-effective, which you can use to grow plenty of berries, peas, and cherry tomatoes.

Not only does it add charm to your garden, but it is also an indigenous way to upcycle old bike tires.

Watch this video by Josh Sattin on how to build a simple, cheap, and mobile trellis system in 5 minutes:

You cannot go wrong with a garden trellis. It is a space-saving element that can provide both strong plant support and additional enchantment to your garden.

By using any of these materials: wood pallet, wires, twine, string, copper pipe, or old bike tires, you can build an easy and functional garden trellis—no fuss!

Which among these garden trellis projects would you love to recreate? Let us know in the comments section below.

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