15 Best Red, White, And Blue Flowers For Your Labor Day Decorations

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Set up red, white, and blue flowers on Labor Day to express your gratitude to the amazing people who work day in and day out to help the country become better and more progressive.

This list will help you out decide which red, white, and blue flowers are best to add to your Labor Day decorations.

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Red, White, and Blue Flowers to Stun Your Guests on Labor Day

Red Flowers

1. Roses

red roses bouquet of roses | 15 Best Red, White, and Blue Flowers For Your Labor Day Decorations

Give your home a classic and romantic vibe on Labor Day with red roses in any variety you adore the most. If you love dark colors, Crimson Glory is the best rose variety that looks gorgeous with its deep red hue.

A climbing rose such as the Blaze red rose will also be great as a home or garden decor especially when you're able to create a stunning climbing wall out of its prolific blooms.

2. Peonies


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Red peonies have stunning color variations that are show-stoppers in a home garden. Some color varieties are tomato red, deep burgundy, and raspberry red, while others have purple overtones and copper tints.

Add red peonies in bouquets and wreaths or make a few cuttings and place them in a large glass vase to add a lovely touch of red to your Labor Day celebration plus a delightful fragrance in your home.

3. Zinnia


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Zinnia flowers have bright, daisy-like flowerheads on every single stem making them perfect for flower cuttings. They come in a wide range of colors, but the prettiest variety would be the Profusion red. Their blooms will look gorgeous as a table display or a floral wreath for Labor Day.

4. Petunia

petunia flower flowers nature | 15 Best Red, White, and Blue Flowers For Your Labor Day Decorations

Petunias are one of the most loved flowers grown in every garden because of their wide array of shapes, colors, and patterns.

The red petunia flowers are fragrant and mostly used in many patriotic flower arrangements. You can choose from red petunia varieties such as Aladdin red, capri rose, hurrah, supercascade red, and more.

5. Carnation


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These classic blooms look like cabbage with ruffled bold and gorgeous petals as gifts or decorations.

Red carnation flowers signify deep love, admiration, and pride. They're also the perfect choice for your Labor Day display. You can create a beautiful garland or a simple bouquet out of these beauties.

White Flowers

6. Daisy


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White daisies can bring a calm and dainty look to your home space and outdoor garden. A rustic daisy wreath would be perfect to welcome your friends, guests, and loved ones.

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7. Lily

flowers lily white lilies | 15 Best Red, White, and Blue Flowers For Your Labor Day Decorations

White lilies are classic blooms with eye-catching lime tints at the center of the petals. Each flower has a unique trumpet shape and sits atop of a tall, upright stem.

Elegance aside, white lilies also have a notable fragrance that can instantly change the mood of any space.

8. Tulips

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White tulips are perfect for any occasion. It is classy and adds sophistication to any flower display. In the language of the flower, white tulips stand for “claiming worthiness.”

If you're looking for a white flower for Labor Day, setting up white tulips with a few tulip bulbs in a glass or ceramic vase will be very charming.

9. Iris


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Iris is a hardy perennial flower that blooms from mid-spring to early summer. Blue and purple are the most common colors, but white iris is also a very good choice. They are usually used for bouquets, floral arrangements, and table centerpiece.

10. Amaryllis


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Amaryllis, also known as the naked lily, produces blooms that are 4 to 10 inches wide. This beautiful trumpet-like flower sometimes has multiple blooms in one long, single stem. White amaryllis flowers symbolize purity, radiant beauty, and innocence.

They are the best accent for classic holiday decor. You can add a pot of blooming white amaryllis in every corner of a room to give it a luxurious touch.

Blue Flowers

11. Hydrangea

hydrangea flowers rainy season | 15 Best Red, White, and Blue Flowers For Your Labor Day Decorations

The blue hydrangea is the favorite among its varieties. They come in striking tones and sometimes subtle shades such as sky and powder blue.

Did you know that the blue color of a hydrangea flower is achieved through the proper alkalinity of the soil? It's interesting and absolutely a stunner!

12. Clematis

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Clematis is a flowering climber plant that can transform a boring wall into a beautiful display.

The blue clematis produces big blooms from June through early September and has other varieties including Arbella, ice blue, and crystal fountain. They say blue clematis signifies ingenuity and courage.

13. Calla Lilies


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We usually see white calla lilies in tall glass cylindrical vases displayed on center tables in weddings and other special gatherings. But did you know that it also comes in the striking shade of blue?

Blue calla lilies are majestic looking flowers with exotic shapes and are said to express feelings of gratitude and appreciation making them the perfect blue flower to add to your patriotic display.

14. Grape Hyacinth

nature spring flowers | 15 Best Red, White, and Blue Flowers For Your Labor Day Decorations

Grape hyacinths are very unique bulb-shaped flowers that grow in clusters through mid-spring.

These spring bloomers are so pretty, they create an impressive display in your garden. The blue grape hyacinth will definitely make a beautiful home decoration for Labor Day.

15. Delphinium


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Delphinium flowers come in an array of colors, but have the most genuine shades of blue. During summer, delphinium flowers show off their blooms and overlooking stems that add a strong vertical interest to a garden.

These flamboyant dolphin-shaped blooms signify levity, heartedness, ardent attachment, and fun in the language of flowers.

Watch this video by Eddie Zaratsian Lifestyle and Design as he shows us how to incorporate red, white, and blue flowers in patriotic decorations:

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed this roundup of the best red, white, and blue flowers for your Labor Day decorations. Labor Day is a very special day dedicated to all American workers and also one of the best times to express your appreciation for them.

By setting up beautiful patriotic flower arrangements and a lovely home and garden display, you can add a zing to your holiday celebration.

What are your favorite red, white, and blue flowers to display at home? Let us know in the comments section below.

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