10 Best Garden Theme Ideas To Freshen Up Your Garden

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Gardening doesn't have to be all soil, dirt, and mess. With these garden theme ideas, you can create beautiful and specialized garden spaces that meet your specific goal, while adding to the aesthetics of your patio, or even backyard.

Check out this compilation of the 10 best garden theme ideas for a fresh garden.

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10 Dashing Garden Theme Projects to Inspire You

1. Vegetable Garden

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Vegetable gardens are the most common types of garden to pursue. Most gardeners practice these for food sustainability and to reduce the number of store-bought vegetables.

With the risk of terminal and lifestyle diseases increasing daily, your best bet is to take up as much organic foodstuff as you can get.

Vegetable gardens require effort and dedication to produce a good crop. Still, starting with veggies such as okra, summer squash, peppers, eggplants, and tomatoes, your summer vegetable garden will be bountiful.

Tip: Inter-cropping is an excellent pest control method when growing veggies.

2.  Fruit Garden

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After vegetable gardens, fruit gardens are the second most common garden themes most green thumbs invest time in.

Fruits gardens may seem like easy gardening projects to take up, but they require a lot of work – from getting the ground ready for sowing to maintenance and harvesting.

Some sun-loving fruits that would make a great fruit garden include various strawberry varieties, peaches, apples, blueberries, melons, raspberries, or figs.

Tip: While all these fruit-bearing plants love the sun and will be great in summer, select those with the most similar requirements.

3. Herb Garden

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Though herbs can also be grown for medicinal purposes, most gardeners today grow herbs for fresh spices and ingredients in their cooking – fresh seasoning in soup dishes is oddly satisfying.

If you are a gardening lover who also loves cooking, an herb garden is what you need to be satisfied to your heart's content.

Basil, oregano, rosemary, dill, coriander, thyme, mint, parsley, sage, and chives are some important herbs you can start with.

Tip: Familiarize yourself with each herb's basic requirements before planting.

4. Succulents Garden

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If you are more into aesthetics, a succulents garden should be your garden project theme this season. Succulents are happy in the sun, which guarantees you success this summer.

With succulents, little to no maintenance is required, as long as you get the potting soil composition right. Depending on what you are looking for, there is a wide variety of succulents to choose from, including roseum, aloe vera, crown of thorns, burro's tail, or flaming Katy.

Tip: Unless you have the budget for individual planters, go for ground raised beds instead.

5. Flower Garden

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Nothing beats fresh cut flower stems from your floral garden, be they for centerpiece arrangements, bouquets, or simple daily pick-me-ups. Go for long-stemmed flowers to make arrangements easy.

The first step towards a flower garden theme is deciding the kinds of flowers you want to grow then making your garden's conditions conducive for growth.

A raised bed of cosmos flowers looks fantastic, but also do marigolds, mums, white roses, orchids, tulips, sunflowers, or violets. Flowers in recycled planters will give your garden a rustic look.

Tip: Ensure an all year round supply by going for varieties that bloom at different times.

6. Tropical Garden

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Tropical garden theme is to die for. The near-natural arrangement of tall plants in the rear and those with denser foliage in the front, with hot and bright colored ones with large leaves in between is a surreal sight on any front yard.

Tropical gardens are, however, high maintenance – requiring lots of water and high temperatures for the plants to thrive.

However, with an irrigation system, your tropical plants will get all the water they need. Temperatures are the only other issue you will have to deal with when it starts getting chilly.

Tip: Even with an irrigation system in place, let your tropical garden sit near a fountain waterfall to give it a more authentic look.

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7. Star Gazing Garden

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Who wouldn't love a stargazing spot endowed with aromatic and moonlight reflecting plants? While there are several night-blooming plants you can choose for your star gazing garden theme, I have found angel's trumpet, moonflower, night phlox, and evening primrose to be the best.

Herbs and white vegetables are perfect for the evening foliage and mock orange for the fragrance.

Tip: Throw in one or two mosquito repellent plants like lavender and citronella to make your moon watching blissful.

8. Scent Garden

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Had a long day? Spending some time in a fragrant garden can be therapeutic and relaxing.

Choose between plants that release fragrance when stepped on, such as golden sweet flag and dwarf chamomile, or flowers that can be used for potpourri when dried. Plants you can use in your scent garden include ten weeks stocks, sweet lavender, violets, and red roses.

Tip: You can also cut these plants for house arrangements if your garden is a small space.

9. Medicinal Garden

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Even with improved technology, there is nothing wrong with growing a garden of medicinal plants. It worked in the ancient days, and they still work today for minor illnesses like colds, flu, headaches, or chest pains.

There is a wide array of medicinal herbs to choose from, ranging from peppermint, sage, fennel, sweet marjoram, or spearmint.

Tip: Start with the taller herbs in the rear and move forward with the shorter varieties.

10. Butterfly Garden

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Do you fancy beautiful butterflies fluttering around, especially when you have playful children? Make a garden with plants and flowers that caterpillars and butterflies like feeding on, and you'll have yourself a butterfly garden in no time. Lay stones around the garden for the butterflies to land on.

Tip: Go for host and nectar plants for the butterflies to feed.

Watch this video from Home Art and More on white garden ideas for landscaping:

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There we have it, fellow gardeners, garden themes you can consider doing. With these ideas, you can either have an edible or an aesthetic garden – or both if you have space. Take advantage of the weather right now and have fun in your green space!

Which of these garden themes will you be making room for in your front or back yard? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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