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Why not make a succulent wreath for your holiday decor to change it up this year? Whether you’re a certified green thumb or a budding one, you’ll love this succulent wreath for your holiday decorations. Find out how fun and easy it is to make a succulent wreath here!

Make A Succulent Wreath For Year-Round Holiday Decor

True, holidays are celebrated only once a year, but I’m sparing my wallet the outrageous expense. As a true-blue gardener, I might as well trade glitters and sparkles with organic decor ideas, or at least, some of it. So, I’m making this exciting succulent wreath to hang on my door for the holidays. Why, I can hang it now for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year (just indoors though) so I won’t have to spend time making a different one for each one of the holidays. Trust me, they’ll generate more interests than all of your usual fancy decor combined.


Let’s Get Started!

What You Will Need:

  • A wreath form with back clamp
  • 1 burlap sack
  • 17″ by 17″ round coco fiber for lining
  • A pair of sharp scissors
  • Cactus soil mix
  • Different variety, sizes, and shapes of succulents or cactus
  • Moss
  • Hot glue gun
  • Wreath hanger and greening pins (optional)

How To Make A Succulent Wreath

Step 1. Set The Base

Take a piece of burlap sack or bag (old ones will be better), and lay it over the top of the wreath form. Mold the sack to the inside of the wreath form a bit so it makes a trench.

Step 2. Pour Soil

Take out your cactus soil mix and pour it over the trench around the center of the wreath form. Pack the soil in the wreath form really nice and tight.

Step 3. Cut Around Burlap Sack

Take a pair of sharp scissors and start cutting all the way around the excess of the burlap sack, following the outline of the wreath form. Leave off at least 3 inches of burlap sack from the wreath form outline so you still have some spare to flip it over.

Step 4. Cut A Center Hole

Next, cut a bit of the burlap sack in the inside, again, leaving some extra. Use a pair of sharp scissors to cut through the center of the burlap sack and use this slot to cut a small circle in the center of the sack. Your wreath frame will look like a donut now.

Step 5. Set Coco Fiber

Take your coco fiber lining, and place it over the soil. You can cut the coco fiber to fit in the wreath form. Also, cut a circle in the center which corresponds to the ring in the wreath form.

Step 6. Assemble Succulent Bed

Now, fold in the excess burlap, and using a hot glue gun and a pair of scissors, bind the excess burlap sack to the coco fiber. You can cut slits in the burlap sack so they stick to the coco fiber easily. Do the same with the excess burlap from the center.

Step 7. Secure Frame

Make sure all sides are bound and secured before you start planting. You can now place the back clamp so the frame is all set. With your wreath frame all set, you can now start planting the succulents.

Step 8. Planting Succulents

Make a small cross cut on one side of the succulent wreath and use your fingers to move the soil around and create space for the roots of the succulent plant. Start with one of the larger ones and pop it out of its container. Remove most of the dirt from the root ball, then take a succulent and gently pop into the hole. Use your finger to gently tamp and firm the soil around the plant. You can use greening pins to secure the larger succulents in place.

Do the same with the rest of the succulents. Use your imagination to design your wreath. Make sure all areas are covered and the succulents well distributed. Halfway through this step, you can now attach the wreath hanger so you don’t plant succulents where the hook is placed.

Step 9. Finishing Touches


Lastly, you will see gaps in the wreath frame allowing the burlap sack to be visible, which is, of course, unsightly. To remedy this part, take some moss, dampen them, and use them to fill the gaps around the wreath frame.


Viola! Succulent Wreath For Your Home Decor

Succulent Wreath For Your Home Decor | How To Make A Succulent Wreath | Garden Season Decor Ideas

There you have it, practical green thumbs! A succulent wreath you can plant and hang as decor all year-round. When the weather gets really cold, move your beloved succulent wreath indoors. It should make a lovely hanging garden for an otherwise bare indoor space.


Follow the easy step-by-step guide on how to make a succulent wreath in this video:

Certified and budding green thumbs alike will definitely love this charming succulent wreath. Manifest your gardening passion to the world with a succulent wreath decor in your door. Whatever is the occasion, this versatile wreath will certainly work. Make and grow one for your home now!

How did you find this succulent wreath? Share with us your thoughts about it in the comments section below!

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