How To Build A Rose Garden For Small Spaces

Are you planning to build a rose garden of your own but have limited space? Look no further, we will teach you how to build yourself one even you have a small space. We'll show you how to maximize your area and still create a beautiful one.

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Learn How to Create Your Rose Garden in a Small Space

What Is a Rose Garden

A rose garden, sometimes called a rosarium, is a space to showcase different kinds of roses or other species of the said flower. In building your own rose garden with small spaces, raised beds or hanging plants are often considered.

Step 1: Decide and Plan

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First, decide where you should put your garden. If it is in your balcony, patio, or just a small portion of your yard, decide how you would place the roses and how you would line up the plants.

Next, plan and write down the materials you will need and what kind of roses you wish to plant. You also need to consider the season on when to plant for your mini garden. If you're in the colder regions, it is ideal to start your garden during spring or fall.

You also need to plan the exact location of the garden and consider the spot where it gets ample sunlight and good drainage.

Step 2: Plant Roses


As stated above, you need to consider the season and temperature especially if you're in the part of the country where it gets extreme weather. Roses need to be in the ground before the first frost of fall or just after the last frost of spring.

Step 2.1: Choose Your Variety of Roses

The most popular varieties of roses are Floribunda, Grandiflora, Hybrid Tea, shrub and landscape roses, climber roses, tree roses, and miniature roses. Some roses require more attention during warm weather.

You can pick the colors of the roses you want to see in your garden. A red rose garden will look lovely.

You can also choose different flower sizes for your rosarium. A Grandiflora rose breeds large blossoms and can grow three to five perfectly shaped flowers. While miniature roses can grow to only 6 to 10 inches tall.

Step 2.2: Bare Root or Container Roses?

Bare Root

Bare root roses do not have flowers at the start. But when planted at the right time (six weeks before the average last frost and not later than two weeks after) and right method, you'll be seeing more flowers blooming in no time.


Container roses must be planted during late spring or early summertime. At this time, most roses will be seen on sale and should be safer to get and easier to take care of since the frost is over and you'll have to worry less about it.

Step 2.3: Mix Compost and Soil

When planting a bare root, mix compost and soil after digging.

Step 2.4: Place Bare Root and Fill With Soil

Place the bare root in the middle and fill the gap with the soil and compost mix.

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Step 2.5: Water

Gently water the root and let the water soak into the soil. Make a mound afterward to avoid creating air pockets. Gently stomp on the mound when you're done to ensure the soil is packed.

Step 3: Taking Care of Your Roses


Step 3.1: Add Mulch

Add mulch as much as 3-6 inches worth to avoid weeds from growing. This will also help control the temperature and the moisture of your plant.

Step 3.2: Prune

Prune weak branches and leaves. Pruning prevents overcrowding and will help the plant to grow healthier and stronger.

Step 3.3: Protect From the Cold

During the colder season, you will need to cut your plants to about 24 inches to protect them from ice and the strong cold wind. Add loose soil around its base or even add a layer of straw or hay for added protection.

Step 4: Design and Arrange


Arrange your garden the way you desire. Just make sure there is symmetry in your arrangement. This will give your garden a neat layout to beautifully showcase the roses you have.

Make sure there is a focal point either in the middle or at the end of the garden. You can add a centerpiece such as a small fountain or if space will allow, a bench.

Watch this video from Garden Tips to learn how to grow roses and more tips in making your own rose garden:

Building a garden from scratch can be difficult at first. Just follow these tips and you'll have your own rose garden in no time. Make sure to design it the way you like it and always take care of the flowers.

Do you already have a rose garden idea of your own? Share it with us by leaving a comment in the section provided below.


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