11 Stunning Rose Variety Without Thorns For Hassle-Free Gardening

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Enjoy beautiful and trouble-free gardening with this list of rose variety without thorns!

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Our Favorite Rose Variety Without Thorns

Make Rose Garden Maintenance Hassle-Free With Thornless Roses

“Every rose has its thorn” is what the old adage says that we console ourselves to when jabbed by those prickly thorns. How curses come out of our mouth with the sting and the sight of the rose-red blood.

Well, don't despair, there are thornless roses you can plant everywhere (instead of in the farthest area in your garden) because they're safe to touch. Time to forget about the thorns and think of rose romantic quotes instead.

Thorns or prickles, whatever you call it, are such a hassle when you're pruning or when you have to buy a new set of garden gloves just for that purpose. Worse when your kids or pets accidentally run into your rose bed or hedges.

Although roses are not completely without thorns or prickles and a totally thornless variety is a rarity, we have varieties of roses that are almost without thorns, you won't notice until up close.

Check out this list of thornless roses and know which variety is for you:

1. Irene Marie Miniature Roses


This dwarf or miniature kind of rose is easily a big stunner with its bright yellow color and bold orange edges. Aside from being thornless, caring for it is easier because it is disease-resistant.

2. Cinderella Miniature Roses

Cinderella Roses may be small but it's not terrible because they have no thorns in them. In fact, they are the pretty and cute kind that's continually blooming and is slightly fragrant.

3. Amadis Thornless Rambler Rose

Amadis Thornless Rambler Rose | Stunning Rose Variety Without Thorns For Hassle-Free Gardening | thornless roses lowes

This one's great for training in arbors and pergolas being a rambler type of rose, another variety without thorns. Though thornless, the downside of this variety is that they're not fragrant and they don't bloom for long.

4. Veilchenblau Rambler Rose


Being almost blue, these rambler roses are sometimes called “blue rambler” or “violet blue” which is much easier to say. They are not completely without thorns, almost thornless so to say.

5. Yellow Lady Banks Climber Rose


Working on a huge mass of climber roses will be more difficult with thorns. Thank heavens, this fabulous variety lady banks is thornless and blooms heavily in spring.

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6. Climbing Pinkie Rose


For those who love perpetual blooms in their garden, this one's best for you. Don't worry if they grow about massively, there won't be much of a hassle when working with it.

7. Smooth Prince Hybrid Tea Rose


This red hybrid tea variety is from smooth series of roses developed in the 1980s. It blooms with such vitality and the scent is fruity.

8. Oceana Hybrid Tea Rose


The Oceana Rose‘s pretty color and form make it a choice cut for flower arrangement and bouquets. Having no thorns makes it easy to handle and is pleasantly fragrant.

9. Outta the Blue Shrub Rose


Growing this thornless variety would need special care and attention. But it's worth the lovely magenta colored blooms that are rose and clove-scented. Bare roots are sold online or at some specialty garden shops.

10. Hippolyte Gallica Rose


A hardy, old garden rose type that will tolerate the shade, unlike most roses that need at least six hours of sunlight. This variety with an interesting shape and petal arrangement is very fragrant.

11. Leander Hybrid Tea Rose


Being a hybrid tea rose, growing this will need special maintenance and care for it to live longer. This thornless, apricot-colored rose is fruity-scented that blooms throughout the seasons.

Check out this video about growing roses organically by GrowOrganic Peaceful Valley:

Growing rose variety without thorns will let you be free from the hassles of prickles or thorns.

If it can't be helped and you want varieties with thorns, then you'll just have to plant them in areas where your pets and children can't be in harm's way. But to grow a rose variety without thorns can be preferred with the excellent choices we have for you.

Think you can grow these thornless rose beauties at home? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on October 17, 2019, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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  2. My favorite, roses are without thorn. Cinderella, Yellow lady,Climbing rose ., Blue shrunk rose. It’s part of my study about organic plant.

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