Garden Season Tips: How To Make Organic Fertilizer From Compost

Isn't a dish from your own garden more appetizing when the veggies look nice? You can grow healthy, nice looking plants by feeding them the right nutrients found in organic fertilizer. Here's how you can make organic fertilizer from equally organic compost.

Organic fertilizer is the best way to enhance your soil, and promote plant growth. As you may already know, organic fertilizer is beneficial to our environment, and safe to use in your garden. We want to grow our own food so we can be sure it's got no chemicals from pesticides and fertilizers. In this article, we're going to make homemade organic fertilizer from compost tea. Our purpose here is to take advantage of the beneficial aerobic bacteria from the compost to boost your soil, and enhance plant growth. Learn how to make homemade fertilizer as you read through.

Garden Season Tips: How To Make Organic Fertilizer From Compost

Homemade Organic Fertilizer For Your Garden

You can grow nice healthy looking vegetables and plants without using non-environment friendly chemical fertilizer. Learn how to make organic fertilizer compost tea from your own homemade organic compost.


Materials Needed For Your Homemade Organic Fertilizer:

  • 5-gallon bucket
  • Aquarium air pump
  • Small piece of 1/4″ tubing
  • Small piece of soaker hose
  • Weights
  • Compost and water
  • Fish fertilizer
  • Seaweeds
  • Molasses


Here's How To Make Your Own Homemade Fertilizer:

Step 1. Dechlorination

The first step in this procedure is to make the water chlorine-free through aeration using the aquarium air pump, soaker hose, tubing, and weights. You can get an aquarium air pump from pet stores. To know if your hose is a soaker hose, check if it has hundreds of tiny holes. These holes are where oxygen is released, causing chlorine to evaporate.


Step 2. Mixing Compost

You can now add your store-bought or homemade compost in the bucket. A good amount would be 1 part compost per 10 parts water. It's important for your water to be aerated for at least two hours before adding your compost. Your water needs to have enough oxygen to prevent your compost tea from developing a foul odor–which is not good for your plants.


Step 3. Mixing The Rest Of The Ingredients

Next, add the rest of the ingredients, fish fertilizer, seaweeds, and molasses which you can buy at grocery stores. The fish fertilizer and seaweeds will add more nutrients to your organic fertilizer. While the molasses will act as food for the bacteria.


Step 4. Stir Mixture

Then, simply stir your mixture.


Step 5. More Aeration

Continue to aerate your compost tea within 24 to 72 hours. You will observe your tea turning frothy, a good sign the aerobic bacteria is multiplying with the aid of oxygen and molasses.


You Can Now Apply Your Homemade Organic Fertilizer!

Finally, you can now apply your compost directly on the base of the plants. You can also foliar apply your compost tea organic fertilizer using a spray bottle.


Watch the full tutorial in this video from California Gardening


Wasn't that procedure simple and definitely doable? You can now watch your plants growing nice and healthy because of your homemade organic fertilizer.


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