19 Creative Raised Garden Bed Ideas: Yard Decor For Every Season

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Looking for some trendy raised garden bed ideas? Help yourself to these creative raised bed ideas worthy of your front yard landscape design. You can also transform your backyard to look more like the front yard with any of these raised bed garden ideas!

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Raised Garden Bed Ideas for Every Season

Raised Garden Beds

I used to maintain a raised bed for my fall vegetable garden as a season-extending tool. With a raised bed, gardening hassles such as weeds, pests, and insects are limited.

But looking at these design ideas, it's surprising how raised bed gardens can actually make a great garden decoration even in the front yard. With careful planning and some helpful design ideas as I have listed here, a great raised bed garden for yard decoration is possible.

Find out how a raised garden bed can totally transform your gardening approach and garden design as you read through.

1. Outdoor Living Table Raised Garden Bed Design


Although this is an elaborate raised bed garden with a hydroponic system of growing plants, it's uniqueness is just stunning. It can be a fish tank where an ecosystem can be at work. It takes a lot of researching and careful planning but it could be just what your garden needs.

2. Raised Bed Vegetable Garden


Let's admit it, stooping down on an in-ground garden gets to be a hassle as we grow older. Sitting down or standing up while gardening is no longer just something to wish for.

With a raised bed garden this becomes possible. A well designed raised bed can be worthy of your patio too or as a focal feature in your garden.

3. Square Foot Raised Garden Bed


Make no more excuses for growing a few vegetables. You can grow your own food with a raised bed by growing a different plant every square foot. Small space is neither an issue with a raised bed garden.

4. Stacked Raised Bed Ornamental Garden


Growing some ornamental plants directly on the ground can sometimes have a habit of spreading about uncontrolled. A raised bed can tame these plants into submission in their limited space.

However, make sure plants have sufficient space to maintain healthy growth.

5. Tiered Boxes Raised Bed Gardens


Raised beds are synonymous with small space gardening. In a stacked or staircase raised bed garden, you can divide plants according to their types. Vegetables in one level, flowers on the next, and herbs on another.

6. Wood and Concrete Raised Garden Bed


To maximize space in a patio, leave space along walls for growing plants in before building a retainer. This design manages space well with a built-in bench, raised bed garden, and a fire pit.

7. Wooden Raised Garden Bed


Wood pallets and reclaimed woods are some of the most practical resources for your garden. You can get wood pallets for free to make this raised bed design.

8. Raised Stone Bed Flower Garden


Making a raised bed from stone slabs can be tricky. But stone slabs are such elegant long-lasting materials, they're really charming in the garden, such as this raised bed design.

9. Concrete Raised Garden Bed Design


Concretes are such sturdy and long-lasting construction material. You can run to them as inexpensive materials for your gardening projects. What's best is that they are versatile and practical.

10. Wooden Raised Bed Garden And Bench


I'm definitely building one of these for my garden and I'm growing herbs in those raised planting beds. I can imagine myself sipping cocktails and picking some herbs straight into my drinks. Now wasn't that inspiring?

11. Easy Assemble Stone Raised Bed


Garden supply and construction stores have pre-formatted stone blocks you can easily install into planters, wall retainers, or raised bed gardens.

If you want a long-lasting raised bed, even with a price a bit higher than other materials, it still is worth it. And there's just something about stones which makes the garden look more organic.

12. Garden Edging Raised Garden Bed


Why not create a garden edging and plant a raised at the same time? Keep your lawn edges prim and keep your flower garden away from the grasses in a raised garden bed with a neat garden edging.

13. Maze Design Raised Bed Garden


Simple building materials such as wooden blocks can be stylish with a unique garden design. Take this octagonal maze raised bed garden design and beautify your raised beds.

14. Sandstone Raised Garden Bed


What's great with raised beds built from stones beside their durability is their aesthetic value to a garden. It makes a garden look more elegant and attractive.

15. Spiral Raised Garden Bed


What's great with a raised bed is the less work which comes with it. You don't have to cultivate as much as you would when growing directly in the ground.

It's an energy and water saver too where the water can trickle down the raised bed as you water the highest part.

16. Stacked Flat Stones Raised Bed


During the fall and winter weather, few vegetables thrive yet the Holidays call for some outdoor activities. Transform this raised bed garden into a fire pit and plant again when growing season returns.

Think of the healthy soil your raised bed will have with all those wood ashes.

17. Wooden Blocks Raised Bed Garden


Wood blocks and reclaimed woods are great materials to upcycle into a raised bed garden bed or planters. They're organic and flexible, you can form them into different shapes for your raised bed.

You can either form them round, square, or just any other shape possible for a raised bed.

18. Corrugated Steel Modular Raised Bed


Give your galvanized trough planters a whole new look–modern and stylish with this design. It doesn't take much, but a bit of your imagination and creativity. Give it a good paint to make it look chic and durable.

19. Round Raised Bed Herb Garden Ideas


This is how you can upcycle some wood blocks into a round-shaped planter or a raised bed. This makes a great herb gardening idea too, I'm totally eyeing this one as a next garden project.

Learn how to make a DIY concrete block raised garden bed in this video from Burpee: 

Found just the right raised bed garden ideas you're looking for? Well I'm pretty sure you did. I sure found mine in the wooden raised bed garden and bench idea and the round raised herb garden. Your yard, whether it's the front, back or sides will see some upgrade with these raised bed garden ideas for decor.

Let me know your thoughts about the raised bed garden ideas. Feel free to share your ideas and suggestions in the comment box below.


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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in December 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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  1. It’s wonderful type of gardening. I tried this in my front yard. I planted different kinds of vegetables like sweet potatoes, hot pepper, bitter melon and malabar nightshade. For my tomatoes the fence served as the trelies. The tomatoes is so attractive. It’s a good source of vegetables.

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