Growing Apricots From Seeds | A Practical Garden Season Guide

Growing apricots from seeds much like apples, peaches, and nectarines may not end up successful but I'm here to help you out! Read on to know how simple and easy growing apricots from seeds actually are!

Growing Apricots From Seeds The Simple And Easy Way

Fruit seeds end up in the dumpster after enjoying the pulp or juice since they won't do in the compost bin. The gardener in me sometimes wonders if they ever grow out in the city dump. I guess they don't–so I tried growing a few of them at home. Lucky me, I've found out some people prefer fruit bearing trees in their landscape over the more common landscaping trees. They like trees such as cherry, apples, and plums with lovely blooms in the spring. So I also found a way to get a few bucks from trees grown at home. You too can grow trees and start growing apricots from seeds with this garden season guide here.


How To Germinate Apricot Seeds Fast

What You Will Need To Germinate Apricot Seeds


  • Apricots
  • Nutcrackers
  • Paper Towel
  • Zip Loc Bag
  • Water

Step 1. Collect Apricot Pits

  • Take apricots and squeeze the fruit to break it in half.
  • Enjoy the fruits and set the apricot pits aside.

Step 2. Take Apricot Seeds

  • Take an apricot pit and put in place in the nutcracker.
  • Squeeze the nutcracker gently so as not to damage the seed insides.
  • The seeds will look like almond nuts and this is what you will try to germinate.

Step 3. PrepareApricot Seeds For Germination


  • Fold a paper towel across and place the almonds on top.
  • Fold the paper towel to enclose the seeds.
  • Wet the paper towel thoroughly by spraying with water then place it in a Zip Loc bag.
  • Label the bag with the date and the name of the contents.
  • Place the seeds in a warm and dark place then wait.

There you have it, how to germinate apricot seeds in three easy steps. Watch the full guide in this video from Home Gardening:


Growing Apricots From Seeds In Pots

What You Will Need To Plant Germinated Apricot Seeds


  • Germinated Apricot Seeds
  • Potting Soil
  • Garden Pots Or Planters
  • Water

Step 1. Prepare Pots


  • Check the seeds you have germinated in about a month to see whether the seeds have sprouted.
  • The seeds will have grown roots or some tiny leaves although the growth pace will vary from seed to seed.

Step 2. Plant Apricot Seed Sprouts


  • Take out your pot or planter and fill it with potting soil.
  • Poke or dig a small hole in the middle of the soil.

Step 3. Grow Apricot Seed Sprouts


  • Place the germinated seeds in the hole with the roots down.
  • Gently cover with soil and give the plant a thorough watering.

Apricot Seedlings In A Week


So there you go, planting apricot seedlings as easy as one, two, three! In just a week, with continued watering and enough sunlight, your seedlings will have grown more leaves. You can transplant the apricot seedling in a larger container when it has grown four true leaves. This will allow the seedling more room to grow until it is ready for transplanting out in the garden.


Check the part two of the tutorial for growing apricots in this video from Home Gardening:

Growing apricots from seeds may not produce fruits at all. But as we all know, we can never have enough of trees so why not grow more! And besides, apricot blossoms are lovely, it's worth all your effort. With seeds readily available from your kitchen food scraps, you can grow fruit trees all you want!


Did you find growing fruits from seeds you would often throw interesting? Tell me how your own tree planting went by posting it in the comments section below.

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  1. Why wouldn’t they not produce fruit? I have some trees, some 18 feet high, and they barely have a few blooms in the spring. Definitely haven’t seen any fruit.

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