Container Gardening | 15 Container Gardens Perfect For The Holidays

Container gardening isn't only for easy and convenient planting. They also make great decorations since you can easily move them around to suit your mood or the occasion. With the autumn season closing in, I'm sure you're as excited as I am for some fall garden decorations. So I've hunted down and listed some great ideas for container gardening. I'm sure you'll find some helpful tips for your own home and garden.

So now, it's time to take out your native and favorite plants. Then incorporate these ideas into some eye-popping container gardens perfect for the holidays.

Container Gardening | 15 Container Gardens Perfect For The Holidays

Time sure is fast with being over and fall season now greets us with cool weather and warm colors. I just started packing up my summer decorations and now I'm already preparing Halloween decorations.

With my hands full, I'm looking for convenient ways to decorate for the holidays. And these trusty container gardens helped me with instant decor ideas.

And maybe adding a container garden to your patio, porch, and even window sills with these fabulous container ideas will be perfect for you this Halloween or Thanksgiving. You can probably even keep them until Christmas.


1. Whimsical Window

You practically have all the elements needed to make this interesting window box in your garden. Some interesting dead branches, pumpkins, rose cabbages, and some dark and silver-colored foliage garden plants.

Mix all those together, and voila! You've got one head-turning window box perfect for this season and well into Halloween.


2. Shades Of Green And Gold

This is one window box garden perfect for September. I'm sure you'll love just how amazing your green asparagus ferns and Swedish ivies turns into gold. And vice versa of your dried hydrangeas and vincas.


3. Elegant Edibles

Beauty and functionality make up this almost edible fall container.

Who says veggies are only for the plate? You can keep your herbs such as chives and thyme with your kale in a container garden. This will make a great decoration in your home for the season.


4. Fiery Foliage

Use the thriller, filler, and spiller technique to create this interesting fall container garden. The water canna serves as the point of interest or the thriller. And the bright coleus is the filler that adds structure. While the trailing sweet potato vines are the spiller.


5. Dark And Bright

Create an interesting contrast in your fall container garden with plant selections in silver and dark foliage. You can plant hardy silver threads and silver Artemisia with dark heucheras for an interesting contrast this season.


6. Dramatic Duo

Invest on some interesting planters which are decorations themselves.

Check out the hot pepper rocking these fall container gardens. I sure could use this idea since hot pepper plants are practically invading my garden.


7. Amber Autumn

Use the glowing colors of autumn in your container gardens. Your pumpkin and corn harvest make good decorations for the holidays too.


8. Graceful Grass

You probably wouldn't think so, but grasses make great container plants with their durability and versatility. They especially create texture in your container garden, making it more interesting.


9. Charming Trio

With a lot of plants turning in for the winter, turn to hardy and evergreens to keep your garden vibrant. Yellow sweet flags, sedges, heucheras, wintergreens, yew, and junipers are just some plants to choose from. You can especially grow them in containers grouped in threes for a merry garden.


10. Frosty Frills

Create contrast in your container garden with plants of varying leaf structures. With vegetables such as kale, cabbages, and sweet potatoes that have pointy and frilly leaf edges, you can create an interesting container garden.


11. Show-stopping Steps

Make your porch steps vibrant with container gardens of vibrant flowers and foliage. Warm pansies, oxalis, and heucheras will give your porch a statement fitting of the season.


12. Big And Bold

Plant those contrasting bold chrysanthemums, huge purple kale, long grasses, and tiny pepper plants altogether. The stark differences in appearance make the ensemble all the more interesting.


13. Fancy Plumes

This simple color and variety combination make a statement with the plumes sticking out the pot like fireworks. The warm, gold colors of the flowers make this container garden perfect for the season.


14. Pine Flare

Don't you think this a great idea for container gardens?  I surely can keep and display this through winter. If you've got evergreen pines with pine cones lying on the ground, then you can create this container garden with berried junipers in your favorite indoor plants.


15. Airy And Cheery

This is one container garden I'm excited to do this season. Skimmias, choisyas, euonymuses, and polyanthuses look like they're having a party in this container garden.


Watch this video from Al's Garden Center for more fall container gardening ideas:

Start with container gardening now to give your plants time to set until the holiday celebrations. With these ideas, I'm sure creating your own container gardens will be easy-peasy.


Got an idea or two in your mind for fall container gardens? I sure would like to see your own amazing creations. Let us see it in your comments below.

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