15 Inspiring Herb Garden Ideas For Newbies And Green Thumbs Alike

Growing herbs is one of my gardening pleasures and I am constantly on the lookout for interesting herb garden ideas. In fact, growing herbs was one of my first gardening feats, and I now grow all sorts of vegetables. Thanks to these herb garden ideas, my family now enjoys clean, fresh, and homegrown vegetables!

Herb Garden Ideas You'll Love For Your Own

As a homemaker, it is important I serve my family good food and keep the home organized–yes, even my garden. It is satisfying to see my friends and family impressed with my herb collection. Maintaining a home and garden can be a challenge, but great tips and ideas from green thumbs can help. Recently, I've found more exciting ways to grow and preserve herbs, which I am excited to share with you. I'm sure you'll find these ideas inspiring too. Find out what project you can jump right into with these inspiring herb garden ideas.


1. Spiral Herb Garden


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If you think this spiral garden is just for aesthetics, it really has a practical purpose to it. Not only is space beautifully maximized, the sloping plant bed serves a smart purpose. Arid herbs such as rosemary and thyme can take up the top spot. Moisture-loving herbs like mint and basil, on the other hand, take the place at the bottom. This allows water from the top to trickle down the bottom part, thus giving the bottom herbs enough moisture and shade.

2. DIY Tiered Herb Garden

You don't need to be super skilled at wood crafts to make this tiered herb planter. You just have to be an adventurous green thumb willing to discover new skills for your gardening pleasure. Neat and appealing to the eyes, you'll definitely be inspired to grow more herbs even in your apartment balcony with this tiered planter!

3. Herb Marker Ideas

Sometimes even the green thumb can get their herbs mixed up, especially if you've got an extensive collection. There's a lot of super simple plant marker ideas out there. I like this nifty rock herb markers idea the best, which is organic and blends into a garden setting.

4. Container Herb Garden

Don't you find this one-stop shop container herb garden just amazing? You can choose your favorites from the garden and plant them in one container with sections. This way, you can have your herbs super fresh, like seconds-from-the soil-to-the-dish fresh.

5. Vertical Herb Garden


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Transform a bare wall whether outdoors or indoors into a living piece of art with a vertical herb garden. All you need are water pipes, either PVC or metal, potted herbs, and a sturdy material to make this medium with pockets to hold the herbs. Who knows what more vegetables you can grow using this method!

6. Terraced Herb Garden

Terraced Herb Garden | Inspiring Herb Garden Ideas For Newbies And Green Thumbs Alike

This terraced herb garden idea is great for patios and small space gardens. Having your potted herbs in an ascending setting will ensure each potted herb get sunlight and moisture, plus they will be better appreciated this way. Caring and harvesting your potted herbs will be more convenient, too.

7. Preserved Herb Ideas

Besides drying herbs and making herb-infused essential oil, one other great idea for preserving herbs is by freezing it the homesteading way. You can put butter, olive oil, or chicken broth in an ice cube tray. Throw in some chopped herbs of your choice, then pop it in the fridge. Voila! Herbs ready for use in any of your favorite dishes.

8. Stacked Herb Garden

As your gardening space gets smaller, you'll have more luck growing them in a higher container. These stacked pots are a swell idea for herb gardening. Again, make sure that drought-tolerant herbs like thyme and rosemary are planted at the top, while moisture-loving herbs like basil and chives get the shaded lower tiers.

9. Herb Wheel Garden

Who says you can't grow herbs for ornamental purposes? Try growing them in a landscaped garden and you'll be amazed. Take this herb wheel garden and grow lovely flowering perennial herbs like lavender, chives, chicory, and rosemary.

10. Window Box Herb Garden

Whether some like it or not, herbs can be the star of the kitchen. So, bring them closer to home by having them right by the kitchen window. This way, you can just easily pick your herbs while you cook and plate your meals.

11. Herbs In Teacup Planters

Do you have some old and chipped teacups in storage? Don't waste those amazing treasures; make this herb teacup planters garden instead. You'll love this herb gardening idea in dainty teacup planters. The herbs will please your taste buds and the charming teacup herb garden will satisfy your need for something pretty!

12. Hanging Herb Gardens

There are many ways to make a vertical herb garden. This vertical herb garden is perfectly suited for terra cotta pots with a brim to hold against the pot slot. You can also try these DIY vertical gardens for your herbs where you can use mason jars as planters or hang terra cotta pots differently.

13. DIY Indoor Herb Garden

Whether you're growing in small hydroponics or the ordinary container gardens, keeping herbs indoors has its perks. You can keep your kitchen smelling pleasant, besides its contribution to your culinary pursuits. With the atmosphere indoors suitable for plants, you can maintain indoor herbs even in winter.

14. Wall Pallet Herb Garden

There is no end to the many uses of pallets in the home and in the garden. A simple pallet wall garden with slots for your herbs should be easy-peasy. The more of these vertical garden in your home, the merrier, right?

15. Stacked Planter Box Herb Garden

Stacked Planter Box Herb Garden | Inspiring Herb Garden Ideas For Newbies And Green Thumbs Alike
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Give raised bed gardening a twist by literally twisting them in this stacked planter idea. It follows the same planting principle as the spiral herb garden and the stacked planters. Drought-resistant herbs get the topmost spot and the moisture-loving herbs benefit from the shade. What I love about this idea is how each kind of herb gets its own growing space.


Help yourself to more smart and helpful herb gardening ideas in this video:

Boost that herb garden of yours with these great herb garden ideas. Growing and picking your herbs will be much more enjoyable with a nifty herb garden inspired by these practical and lovely herb garden ideas!

Did you find the ideas inspiring? Let me know your thoughts about the herb garden ideas by posting them in the comments section below.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in December 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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