10 Sweet Mother’s Day Plants And Flowers For Moms

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Mother's Day plants and flowers would be the perfect gifts for green thumb moms. More than any other kind of gifts, I personally believe potted plants for Mother's Day are the best. For one, she'll be able to enjoy and appreciate them all throughout the year. More importantly, plants and flowers are very reflective of human emotions.

As a mom myself, I'll be listing down my top 10 favorite Mother's Day plant gifts I would like to receive (and give to my mommy friends).

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Your Mom Will Love These Mother's Day Plants

1. Pretty Lady Rose

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Let's start with the classic. Roses are traditionally the flowers for Mother's Day. This variety is inspired by Lady Rose, an elegant and strong character in the hit TV series Downton Abbey. Like her namesake, this beautiful rose is bred to enthrall its beholder. Pretty Lady Rose carries a certain aristocratic charm and fragrance your mom would love.

Care Tips: Like most floribundas, the Pretty Lady Rose requires a lot of exposure to the sun and ample watering. Pruning should be done early in Spring to allow it to bloom in the growing season.

2. Azalea Topiary


The lollipop-shaped Azalea is both chic and gorgeous! It exudes a feminine vibe that provides a gentle touch to a room. Azaleas bloom in Spring making them a top choice for Mother's Day plants gifts.

Care Tips: This shrubbing plant thrives well in cooler places. Keep it hydrated by watering from the top several times per week. Trim off flowers and shoots to maintain its pleasing shape.

3. Espresso Orchids

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If your mom is a woman with sophisticated taste, this petite potted plants for the Mother's Day celebration is what you're looking for. Espresso orchids are ideal for small spaces such as the bedroom or the office.

Orchids are also known to symbolize fertility. They're great gifts for young or expecting mothers.

Care Tips: This pocket-sized orchid dries out pretty frequently, so always check if it needs watering. Place it in a bright and humid place, but away from direct sunlight.

4. Anemone Peonies


Another in-season plant during Mother's Day is the queen of all flowers – the peony. The peonies can represent the mother's eternal love oftentimes surpassing one's lifetime. The unique petaloides of anemone peonies add extra texture to the flower.

Care Tips: If peonies have any faults, it's their weak stems. You might need to support the gigantic flowers as they bloom. Watering every other week is enough.

5. Red Anthurium

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You may know anthurium from its other name, flamingo flower (from its looks). The bloom can last up to eight months which make these flowers great Mother's Day plants.

The heart-shaped flower will remind mom how much you love her.

Care Tips: Anthuriums need little attention to maintain its form. They don't like direct sunlight but would like a bright room to bloom better. During Summer, you may need to water at least twice a week.

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6. Grafted Neon Cactus

@neogarden*moon cactus* ##neogarden ##mooncactus ##cactus ##cactuslove ##rareplant ##1millionaudition ##viralvideo♬ Tu Bhi Royega – Jyotica Tangri

If there's one word to describe neon/moon cactus, it would be ‘interesting.' Naturally, this succulent lacks chlorophyll necessary to survive. Thus, it needs to be grafted to rootstock of green cacti. That is a fitting analogy for the special bond we have with our mothers.

Care Tips: Extend the succulent's life by grafting to a new rootstock. Only water once the soil is completely dry. Locate the plant in a place with bright indirect sunlight.

7. Aloe Pink Blush

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Aloe plants are good succulents for Mother's Day if she is into wellness and beauty. The plant is an excellent source of vitamins and nutrients beneficial to skin, hair, and general health.

Care Tips: In late Spring and Summer, place it outside for full sunlight exposure. Otherwise, it can be placed inside. Like all succulents, don't let the roots sit on stagnant water.

8. Aromatic Lavender

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Known for its pleasant and calming fragrance, lavender is among many's favorite Mother's Day plants. The fanciful purple flowers can brighten up your mom's day always. She can place the plant in her bedroom for a good night's sleep.

Care Tips: Lavenders are drought-tolerant and too much water can kill them. The plants need full sunlight to bloom as well.

9. Herb Garden


If mom is the queen of the kitchen, then an herb garden gift suits her well. You can start with the essentials like oregano, basil, thyme, parsley, and rosemary.

Care Tips: Indoor herb garden needs at least six hours of sunlight to thrive well. Water regularly but be careful not to overwater as well.

10. Dwarf Lemon Trees


The ultimate plant you can gift on Mother's Day is a fruit-bearing tree. Meyer lemon is a good choice because the fruit is a bit sweeter than a regular lemon. The tree, which grows to an average of 8 ft, can thrive indoors with natural light.

Care Tips: Regularly keep the soil moist but not wet. For indoor gardening, misting the leaves help as well. Though citrus loves the sun, too much direct sunlight can hurt.

Bonus: Lucky Bamboo

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This plant, considered by Asian tradition as lucky, is technically not a bamboo. It's actually called a dracaena. The significance of this common Mother's Day plant gift rests on how many stalks you have. Any number from 1 to 10, is considered lucky, except the number 4.

Watch this video tutorial for DIY Moss Terrarium from Emilie Lefler:

We can argue on the best gift to give, but one thing is certain. A mother is one of the best things to have in our life. She has done and sacrificed so much to help us be the best possible version of ourselves. She cared and nurtured us. No wonder, most moms are great gardeners. They surely know how to cultivate.

On the special day for her, I hope you let her know how much you care for her. The above-mentioned Mother's Day plants are meaningful and can do just that.

What's your special gift for Mom on Mother's Day? Let us know in the comment section below.


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