Container Gardening Ideas: How To Make Concrete Planters

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Do you want to make your own concrete garden planter? Make your green thumbs happy and make this awesome container gardening idea.

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Container Gardening Ideas: How to Make Your Own Concrete Planters

Are you tired of seeing the conventional pots in your garden? Concrete planters are the answer! Its design is modern and you can do it yourself. Here’s how:


  • An old cabinet
  • Quikcrete 5000
  • 2” Thick XPS Rigid Foam Insulation
  • ½” Spigot
  • ½” Brass Pipe
  • Heavy-duty casters
  • 3/4” Scrap plywood

How to Make Concrete Planters

Follow these steps from HomeMadeModern to learn how to make your own.

Step 1: Cut the Foam

Concrete Potted for Flowers and Plants | Container Gardening Ideas: How To Make Concrete Planters

Cut the foam to fit inside the cabinet. There should be a 2-inch space between the foam and the cabinet walls. Use construction adhesive to glue the foam together.

Step 2: Measure

Measure the distance between the foam and the top of the cabinet to mark the place where you need to drill a hole to insert the pipe. Cut the foam to make room for the pipe.

Step 3: Seal the Pipe


Unscrew the spigot, insert the pipe, and tape it down with duct tape. Use silicon to seal the pipe.

Step 4: Check for Cracks

Tie a strap around the box to keep it from folding out. Seal any cracks or holes with duct tape. Mark a line 2 ½” above the foam.

Step 5: Mix Concrete


Start mixing the concrete. Fill the cabinet with concrete up to the line. Push the wet concrete down through the cracks and corners of the cabinet and vibrate it with a hammer.

Step 6: Add Plywood

Press the plywood into the wet concrete. Let the concrete cure for at least 48 hours.

Step 7: Remove Walls

Remove the cabinet walls and dig out the foam.

Step 8: Almost Done

We’re nearly done! Put the heavy-duty casters at each corner. Screw on the spigot and seal it.

And there you have it!

Put gravel at the bottom before putting the soil.

Now you have a concrete garden planter! You can plant anything in it and place it anywhere you want. It will surely look good in your garden.

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Ideas for Concrete Planters

1. Cast Into Geometric Shapes


There are so many ways to cast your concrete planters and make them a part of your home. One is to cast planters into geometric shapes. This will add a different texture to a plain room or desk and a great design for your room.

2. Add Color to the Concrete Mix

Add a dash of color to a neutral-colored room by mixing color to a concrete planter. Painting a concrete cast can be a lot of fun. It is best to use acrylic paint as it will have a great effect when painted on concrete.

3. Use a Balloon for Mold

If edged planters are not an option, create a round container by using a balloon to mold the concrete. Use a cement mix then paint it on the exterior of a balloon, rather than filling it up. It will be easier to manage that way.

4. Add Wooden Legs


If a normal rectangular boxed concrete planter is not your style, add wooden legs on each corner to create a stand. The mix of concrete, wood, and green will be great as well.

5. Hanging Concrete Planters


A great idea for hanging concrete planters is creating obscure shapes and instead of placing it on a tabletop, you can add strings and hang it from the ceiling or a wall. A great idea for this is creating cone-shaped concrete planters and hang it from the ceiling.

6. Water Bottle Mold

Going for the recyclable route? Use water bottles to create a mold for concrete containers. Cut the plastic bottle in half to create the base of the container.

7. Marble Effect on Concrete


Tired of the usual concrete finish on containers? Try creating a marble effect on concrete planters by using artisan concrete and silicone molds.

8. Concrete Base

How about using glass as a container for your plants? Create a concrete base instead to carry the planters in glass containers. Water gets absorbed longer in glass containers than using concrete containers.

9. Flat Planter

Yes, flat like a plate. Not all planters are shaped like normal containers, some are flat. Use succulents on flat planters since these types doesn't really need depth to live and grow.

10. Cinder Blocks


Want a quick and easy way to create a container? Use cinder blocks to house your plants. Just paint the outside if you wish to add a design to it.

Watch this video from Home Made Modern for more container gardening ideas:

The garden planter you just made can plant various herbs and shrubs. You can also try a planter with a different shape! Isn’t that nice?

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