Mini Garden Projects To Make With Your Kids

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With most families on quarantine, I know you are looking for garden projects for kids to keep them busy. You are not alone! A lot of parents I know are starting to lose patience and ideas to keep everyone occupied. After all, we all want the young ones to stay productive and entertained while we are making sense of things.

Whether you are a stay-at-home or WFH parent, there are some fun ways you can try with your children to pass the time. In fact, I'm listing down some of these great gardening projects you can do with your kids.

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Cool Garden Projects for Kids and Parents

1. Garden Sensory Bin

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If your kid's too young to be in a garden, have them practice with a ground coffee sensory bin. It's a good way to develop their sensory and motor skills.

2. Homemade Sprinkler

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The kids will enjoy this PVC sprinkler as the Summer sun starts to intensify.

3. Seed Bombs

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With the Spring rain in sight, get ready for some rainbow explosion in your hood with these easy-to-do seed bombs.

4. Bean Trellis Teepee

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Camping and gardening combined will sure make the outdoors green and fun. This is one of the garden projects for kids where they get to appreciate what we do in the backyard.

5. DIY Air Plant Terrarium


Refrigerator magnets have never been this refreshing and cool. You can make these air plant terrarium as gifts to your friends.

6. Pressed Flower Arts

@kenzihollandpressed flower jewelry!

♬ 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy) – Remastered Version – Harpers Bizarre

Don't just let those beautiful flowers go to waste. And the possibilities of ideas are endless — from necklace to phone cases.

7. Jack and the Beanstalk


Reading the story is one thing. But growing an actual beanstalk makes it 10x more interesting. Go full-on with a magical kingdom on the clouds.

8. Mini Pond

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Are you looking for an interactive and nature-inspired activity for the kids? A small container pond in the backyard can be an incredible way to get your little ones to learn more about wildlife.

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9. Rain Chain


Replace the boring gutter downspout with some unique and creative rain chains made out of interesting materials.

10. Wind Spirals

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Is your vegetable garden troubled by winged creatures? Scare them away with these DIY garden projects for kids.

11. Mermaid Garden

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Take your fairy garden to the next level. Or more appropriately, take things under the sea with mermaid gardens.

12. Garden Lighthouse

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I know you and your kids are missing the beach and the ocean. Some pots and paints will do the trick. You can brighten your yard even more with a “functional” lighthouse.

13. Face Pots


Do you talk to your plants when you tend to them? With your kids' help, you can now put a face to the name plant. And the kids will be more interested in them.

14. Unicorn Garden


Another magical creature that caught our imagination when we were little is the unicorn. I'm sure the little girls will love playing with their own mythical garden.

15. Worm Hotel

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Introduce them young to composting and the ways of nature. This science-inspired experiment may sound icky but your kids will be fascinated.

16. Bee Bath


Help your flowers propagate by inviting little allies to your garden. The kids can make a fantastic bee water feeder with some pebbles.

17. Upside Down Vegetable Garden


Aside from the famous tomatoes, other vegetables can be grown inverted. Other choices include baby eggplant, pepper, bush beans, and cucumber.

Watch as Red Ted Art demonstrate how to paint stones to make garden markers:

These garden projects for kids are but some of the many things you can enjoy doing as a family. What's important, I think, is we make good use of the time we have to be with them.

They'll soon be growing up! I sincerely wish that through projects like these, you rub off some of your love for gardening.

Which of these projects will you try with your kids? Let us know in the comment section below.


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