How To Make Compost Gardening A Fun Activity

Composting and enjoying are two words that don't seem to belong together. While you may now know the benefits and how to make compost fast, easy, cheap, and effective, you might still think it too much of a bother.

Composting is a really simple process. Organic matter rots; bacteria and fungus take over, and the end product is what's hailed today among gardeners as black gold.

Take out the dreariness in composting, and take it to a whole new level of excitement by focusing on the exciting and fun part of learning how to make compost. Check out this quick list.

How To Make Compost Gardening A Fun Activity

The Joys Of How To Make Compost

I've previously shared several topics about composting with you. On organic composting, on composting in winter, on composting ingredients, on composting using lawn clippings, and even on worm composting. Yet in spite of all that, many gardeners still find composting rather tiresome.

So I've listed down some reasons to inspire you to go on with composting (and gardening in general).


Do It With Kids

Kids have a way of making a task enjoyable. So let them join in your composting by giving them that task of throwing in scraps or segregating compost materials from the non-decaying materials, which they'll surely enjoy. You can play expert, and tell them how nature works and just how compost works with bacteria and fungus feeding on the scraps.

There really is no guide on how to make compost with your kids. Just make sure you get to enjoy this gardening activity while allowing your tots to learn and have fun with you.


Think Of The Scraps You Aren't Wasting

Always go the positivity route! Think of all the “waste” you can still use for the growth of your garden.

Almost all your kitchen scraps can be composted. From vegetables and fruit peelings, to egg shells and coffee grounds. However, you must avoid throwing in your compost dairy products, meat, and animal bones as they'll invite pests instead.


Think Of The Pretty Plants You Will Be Growing

Nothing makes a gardener happier than seeing the plants they've grown thriving nicely. To effectively apply compost, check first the type of soil your garden has if you are planting directly from the ground.

If your soil is hard and compacted with a poor drainage, dig a depth of 12 inches, and apply your compost. If its already loose with easily-drained water, you can just layer your compost, and till your soil to mix in compost.


Think Of The Money You'll Save

Think Of The Money You'll Save | How To Make Compost Gardening A Fun Activity

How much does a bag of compost in the garden supply store cost? You'll surely be happy to cut your compost expenses when you can have your own compost in your own home for free.

More important than that, when you're making your own compost, you're able to keep track of the waste in your household. Knowing how you've been uneconomical might help you consider changing spending and consuming habits to ultimately save more money.

It'll be exciting thinking you've tricked bad spending habits away through composting.


Think Of The World You'll Save

Who doesn't want to be a hero? Well, you're not saving the world from an alien invasion, but we've been trashing the earth one trash bin full of garbage at a time.

So to minimize trash, start composting those kitchen scraps now. There are other less obvious ways composting helps our environment.

Just the thought of being able to contribute to your society in your own little way is enough to make composting fun and interesting.


Watch How To Make Compost the fun way in this video from Green Living and Green Products:

Gardening doesn't have to be an all out serious business. Take time to enjoy, or at least make a gardening activity such as composting fun and exciting. But don't stray from the real purpose of composting. Always make sure you're doing it right. Find ways on how to make compost be both productive and enjoyable.

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